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    They should sign Ray Rice that’ll really give them that one two punch
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    Holy shitballs, so the Browns have Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt? I don't know much about Freddie Kitchens, but if Hunt can keep his head on straight I think the Browns are going to take over the AFC North. Steeler fans are beginning to sweat right now...
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    Man, youguys must be bored sports wise... the other 3 sports teams making moves here recently has at least taken up some time while the Eagles have been in hybernation. Wentz and Alshon were at the Sixers game yesterday, that's the football news... lol.
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    Brandon Brooks‏Verified account @bbrooks_79 Big day today. Cast off and scooter retired. Back walking ppl!!!!!! Well in a boot lol
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    Week 2 will look a LOT different.
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    AAF beat the NBA in head to head TV ratings. So much for NBA taking over as America's #1 sport. It just got its a** kicked by a bootleg football league. https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/tv-ratings-saturday-february-10-2019/
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    Not everyone likes, follows, or watches those sports. Especially baseball.
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    It was what was posted, plus I had this picture in my head and thought, man, Rice has the hands Hunt has the feet, if you combine the two, they'd have Bruce Lee. I know it sounds dumb, but it caused me to laugh harder than I should have lol
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    10 weeks, the final regular season game is April 14. Four teams make the playoffs and will play April 20 and 21. The championship is April 27, time is to be determined but if they are smart it will be 7 or 8 p.m. EST to avoid going up against the draft.
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    Good luck to Hunt. Good luck to Cleveland. And unfortunately good luck to the people, and especially women, of Cleveland.
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    Laughter is good for ya Don.
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    I laughed way too hard at this.
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    Congratulations. I'm 64 and have never been asked to participate in a poll. IMHO most polls are designed to shape public opinion not reflect it anyway
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    Lot of former Eagles in this league. Our old buddy Josh Huff is playing tonight.
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    Granted, this was partly because of the interest in the new league, however it's still rather impressive.
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    I think it is waaaaaaaay past time for professional minor league football as the primary development league for NFL. College football is AMATEUR football and has no business even resembling the NFL product. I have thought this way since like the late 80's, never needed the CTE scandal to figure out that college and high school kids should be playing the equivalent of Olympic boxing. The villain is the NCAA but maybe finally their day of reckoning is on the horizon.
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    Wonder if Spurrier will do that thing with his lips if the game doesn't go well tonight.
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    I'm gonna watch. The AAF is a development league by their own accord. That's why they scheduled their season during the 4 months when NFL isn't doing anything but weightlifting. The idea is that by the time the AAF season is over the AAF players have film for future NFL prospects.
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    Yeah I mean I think a lot of us thought that after the SB hence this thread. Goff was so bad and so clueless in the SB that it must be a worry for Rams fans. He's a good qb in the right system. But what I'll say is... If Wentz was in that system and played last Sunday it would have been a very different game. Goff has talent and he makes good throws but he can't read defenses and that limits him in the NFL.
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    For the R-words helmet they should make the logo an empty stadium
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    Ray Didinger said as soon as he saw Goff's face near the end of the Star Spangled Banner that he was scared out of his mind having to play that game. If it was fixed, it did everything opposite it was supposed to and that's keep people entertained. A lot of it was how both teams got in. Rams with a terrible non call on a pass interference play and the Patriots because an idiot on the Chiefs' D-Line couldn't line up right. This isn't even the homer in me, but last year's game would have had everyone glued to their seats. Even the one with the Falcons was better.
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    They didn't quite get the color right in 2010.
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    They did more than wear commemorative jerseys in 1994. They wore full blown throwback uniforms. Many of them were really bad, but they were throwbacks, none the less. The league scheduled Week 3 as 'Throwback Week', if I remember correctly and all of the teams wore their throwback uniforms that week. I believe that was the only week that the Eagles wore theirs but other teams wore theirs more than once with the 49ers wearing theirs in the Super Bowl. I was disappointed in the Eagles version.
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