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    DJ'd another party last night.Have a hangover and my one brain cell is sputtering
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    You are correct Hill lasted until he did in the draft because he was a scumbag. KC did not get a steal, they got a talented monster Randy Gregory was stupid enough to get busted for weed the week before the draft. Dallas did not get a steal, they got a moron. Like they did not get a steal by signing Greg Hardy These are not cases of great GMs out-thinking everyone else. Its clowns gambling that they can hide bad activity or control uncontrollable people.
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    5 years, $132 Million. Fully guaranteed!
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    So the details came out about Malik Jackson’s contract. Shocker.... it’s backloaded all the way. Only taking 2.8 mil cap hit this season on a 30 mil contract.
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    If you're gonna stop taking players who have had injuries your pool of vet players is gonna be darn small. A knee injury isn't the show stopper it was once was when we were young
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    They have been pushing dead money forward on him for years. His 2019 cap hit was like 33 with 10 dead cap next year before they pushed even more.
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    If they pass on a QB, id want them to stay in the trenches as much as possible. If they go skill position early, I’ll explode
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    Time to move on to the draft. Setting aside the obvious fact that the Giants need a QB, if they don’t take one this year I’m starting to get behind the idea of using both first rounders on D front 7 players OR the number 6 on DL and the number 17 on the TE from Iowa (if he’s even there). Two TE sets are all the rage these days and that formation would help our two most important players (Barkley and a young QB).
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    There has to be some sort of due process. He hasn’t been charged with anything yet and it isn’t clear how he was involved yet either as far I’ve seen.
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    Not only do they have the worst odds, apparently they aren't even worth mentioning.
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    They gave him entirely too much guaranteed money for being a 30 year old, middle of the road WR
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    I'm not too sure that the Titans aren't ready to give up on him. Maybe not right away, but at some point.
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    Good insurance for when Mariota inevitably misses a few games.
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    So apparently Banner has an axe to grind with Gettleman. He’s been up his butt for years. I have no clue why. You?
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    FYI, OBJ already asking for an upgraded contract...on the one that kicks in this year. Enjoy Cleveland.
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    Sounds like a trade that would be better for all parties to be erased from history.
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    I was never sold on him having NFL level talent.
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