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    Gotta go Calvin Johnson at WR. Rice had Montana and stick-em oil. Calvin Johnson was the most dominant WR ever.
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    Too tired to read it now but I'll try to come back to it later. Just based on what I already know of the situation and the people involved: this is what happens when a player becomes more important than the game or the team. And oh-by-the-way: Rodgers' family life has problems as well.
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    @GreenbleedinFLJalen Mills arrested in a fight against a 06’08” ex basketball player in DC. The basketball player was treated at the local hospital. was in the following article.
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    IDK I'd look at Quinton Spain also(OG-Titans)
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    If we are drafting a player early I think they have a specific spot in mind. If later I think they look for more versatility.
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    other than to annoy the crap out of people. what's the point of those stupid laser lights anyway?
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    Could have used another term other than 'wash'. I had an issue trying to remember who the Redskins have at WR.
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    Ertz restructured... saving more cap space. 2 things come to mind... Wentz new deal Howie has a big FA or trade target and he is opening up cap space. I'm thinking post May 7 if it's a FA to preserve the comp picks.
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    Bradbury is also a G. I’d say more elite at C though.
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    Its always a hard thing to figure when drafting positions, which should be taken in the first round and etc. After the QB position, which other positions are valued the most? I understand what GB is saying about most years a Center is not valued highest in the first round over some other position players however neither are DT's. It just so happens that this year there are going to be a number of DT's going in the first round because that is where the higher talent is. It should be interesting. Are you better off drafting one position over another in the first round? Based strictly on precedents and trends, we set out to discover which positions have traditionally produced the most pay off compared to those that have come with the most risk early in the NFL draft. We studied every first round between 1986 and 2010, using a 25-year sample as well as a 10-year sample that covers just the first decade of the 21st century. Then, based on All-Pros, Pro Bowls and career starts, we determined how often players at each position become successful compared to how often they fail to deliver. Entire First Round 25-year trends Let's begin by looking at how frequently first-round draft picks at each position have become All-Pros. All-Pro rates among first-round picks, 25-year sample Position Drafted All-Pros All-Pro rate LB 87 23 26.4% S 35 9 25.7% C 12 3 25.0% G 32 7 21.9% OT 84 16 19.0% DL 170 28 16.5% RB 96 15 15.6% CB 91 14 15.4% WR 99 15 15.2% TE 28 4 14.3% QB 57 3 5.3%
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    No sir old buddy Stiney, I was not, however I was a Supervisor at a Power Plant (fuels department) with (PPL) and had 28 direct reports so there was obviously a whole lot of debating going on through the 33 years I worked there. Whether it be sports or the daily tailboard, I always encouraged debate in my department so my direct reports would take more ownership in their jobs with the company. I guess I had a different management style with my subordinates than most of my peers but the job always got done and I never had to be a spy to make it happen. Not to mention that a lot of the guys who worked for me have come down to visit me since I retired to Florida so I must have done something right. Nothing wrong with a little debate or arguing once in a while to let an individual defend a point of view, or change their point of view according to what they may have learned through a debate. At least that is what I learned during my working career. The common denominator with all of us folks on this board is we are Eagles fans. Young, old, newbie fans or Dinosaur fans, everyone has a view point and it is refreshing for this guy to hear them all. You can learn a lot by just reading the comments on here however, you learn the most by participating in debate with others on your viewpoints. Seek first to understand, then to be understood - Stephen Covey
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    I thought it was going to be a stupid teenager or something.... A grown man ought to know better.
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    What a jackhole. 64 year old acting like a 11 year old.
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    $21 mil a year for a non-DPOY contender is ridiculous, way to go Dallas. Now please pay Dak 30m+, and Cooper 18m+.
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    I think I saw this on sports science. That when Brees throws a deep ball it has the absolute perfect "wobble" to go maximum distance. Like 5.5 revolutions per "wobble". I dunno but it was interesting. Made me think of the javelin in Revenge of the Nerds.
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    I never like Rodgers. Hes a cocky sob when hes winning and just a a whiney little ***** when hes not getting his way.
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    I mean, OK, but those are still good numbers and not too much better than Brees average. It’s not like he’s had a steep decline. He’s always been a weak armed QB with phenomenal accuracy and field vision. Especially for his height. You can’t discount how much worse he is outside the dome either. He’s a HOF QB but I also think he’s a little overrated. He’s great but not top 5 all time great like some say.
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