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    Not life threatening, and not paralyzed, but could miss the season and possibly a career ender. I want to say something else happened to this guy, but i just can't put my finger on it...........
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    <<casual observer disagrees with you.
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    You people are terrible. Can't believe you're making fun of a guy who was just in a car accident because he lacks the amount of fingers required to text and drive
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    Cousins is not close to Brees though. The next big game Cousins wins will be his first. Stop looking only at stats.
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    Dude you care. A lot. Just admit it. We all have feelings. Sometimes we are happy. Sometimes sad. You are feeling anger and resentment and a bit of embarrassment. It's ok. You will feel better if you talk about it. 👍
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    Sure,but he will toot his horn until then lol.I'm sure the FO also wants other players to develop in a real game environment,which is cause for the rotaions.if he is unhappy with his playing time,then he will go away,or if the birds decide he needs his time reduced,there is a reason for it.So let the FO make the calls,they have been good at it for the last few years
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    See this year its easy to fit him in. you give him a $60 mil signing bonus and its only $12 mil vs the cap this year ... but then its $12 mil going forward plus the salary.... the 2020 salary... if its $10 mil .... that keeps the cap hit at $22 mil ... but then 2021 salary can only be maxed at $13 mil (30% raise) ... that's too low. Then 2022 would be $16.9 mil ... too low again ..... 2023 would be $22 mil ... too low again. Yet with all those low salaries ... the cap hits would be $12 mil more each year from the signing bonus. $25 mil , $28.9 mil and $34 mil. Those are high cap hits for Wentz to only get $62 mil of salary in years 2 through 5. I don't like it for either side. Wentz doesn't get enough and his cap hit is too high.
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    so hearing Howie first hand..... "We want to sign Carson long term, that is the plan, if the deal needs to make sense to both the Eagles and to Carson, we will do it" My interpretation ... while also looking at the CBA. There may not be a deal right now that works for both sides $$$ wise and cap wise. Basically admitting that the better deal for one side, or the better structure for one side, might not work for the other. Don't really think that puts anything in Wentz's court. Howie is basically saying its not that simple like it would have been a few years back. I'm looking at it from an Eagles perspective... I can't figure out how the Eagles will benefit... ie save cap space the next 2 seasons when they are tight compared to afterwards??? Wentz cap hit is $8.5 mil and $22.8 mil. .... I can't see how Howie does a deal while staying under those numbers and not having to pay big $$$ going forward????
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    I don't think he's likely to get more snaps anywhere else though. I can't see any team taking on a 34 year old DE who's always been a rotational guy and making him their DE #2?
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    I'd give him a 17% chance of being a journeyman starter with occasional good games like Fitzmagic, a 10% chance of being a mediocre starter and a 3% chance of being a top half of the league guy. 70% chance he is a bust because the NFL is way harder than college and he was a bad college QB. like Josh Allen was a bad college QB, of course they are not identical but Allen had a huge upside asset in his arm Jones has that he was taught by the same guy as the royal Mannings. That guru has taught ZERO successful NFL QBs that did not have half of Archie Manning's DNA This includes the mighty Heath Shuler. The problem is trying to debate with people who can't see that draft slot, draft capital, and rookie contract salary all matter. Add in that they are butt-hurt ultra-sensitive Giant fans and hijinks ensue. The Giants will likely have between the 22nd to 28th worst QB group this year and they will pay them just under 30 million dollars. They don't have a blue chip player that could have been taken at #6. They don't have the extra picks that trading down to the 9-14 range could have gotten them. They went to the store to buy a 5 dollar scratcher and paid 50 dollars for it instead. The one ticket may be a winner but they could have had 2 more tickets this year and the money to buy more tickets in the future. Pretending that there was a guy or two in line behind you who was going to pay 45 dollars or 30 dollars for the same scratcher is pathetic. Here's more in depth analysis that deals with those pesky statistics based in reality and not 11 throws in a fake game. https://www.sbnation.com/2019/4/23/18310437/daniel-jones-nfl-draft-hype-why Executive Summary: Jones was not actually a bad college QB... he was a terrible college QB. I could see similar levels of NFL success as of that in college... pretty good against defenses outside the top 30 🔥🤡🔥
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    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/08/nfl-network-cuts-costs-slashes-shows/ The less Neon Deion, Michael Irving, Troy Buck, the entire Good Morning Football cast - the better! Less about fashion and more about actual football! How about shows that teach proper technique to youngsters and more advanced stuff to us? You know, actual football. NFLN - a great idea that's now 80% garbage.
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    He's an absolute joke. Makes stupid posts like this then runs and hides when they turn out to be as idiotic as we initially thought.
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    This is how I see it. There are only 2 credentialed WR coaches left in the job hunt. One is from U of SC, the other from UNC. The Eagles actually hire Gunter Brewer because Hollins is the youngest WR with the most potential. They didn't want the coach from U of SC because Alshon doesn't need a position coach. Agh doesn't need one either 'cause they planned on trading him in the near future anyway. Wallace didn't need one because they knew he'd never play in a single game in 2018. Somebody had to play Steppin' Fetchin' to take care of the logistics of running hot dogs and beer. Wallace couldn't even do this so the Eagles kicked him down the block.
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    THIS is the dude arguing with me about my evaluation on JJAWn?! Kirk Cousins isn’t the next anything...other than the next crappy Vikings QB in a long line of them going back to um, I guess Culpepper? @nottingham14 you’re clown shoes bro.
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    Belichick is smart.He grabs guys, makes them relevent,then lets them go,and does this over and over
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    Jimmy Kimmel nailed this: "This is the 2nd worst thing a Buffalo Bills Running Back has ever done."
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    And it started a trend of that chick not being able to keep her clothes on in a movie, so there's also that.
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