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    Rams turnover had almost nothing to do with the RGIII haul. Look at the player names that came from it, a few good starters but nobody instrumental in the rams ascension. Michael Brockers was the only name that has been a major player in both 2017 and 2018... and they could have had Kuechly or Cox if they just stayed put. Their current run was far more negatively impacted by the lack of picks from the Goff trade, meaning they’re proof of the opposite of what you said. Same with Browns vs Eagles. Browns May have gotten a lot from us, but we ascended further, faster, by giving up the loot. Opposite of your point. any scenario is beneficial if played right. Trade down, trade up, stay put. Lots of examples of each one working out great and bombing hard.
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    I wish I could would love a Florida vacation. But it's not spring break though my "I'm a cripple show me your n!pple" shirt won't work as well lol
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    I hope everyone is having a good and safe memorial day weekend
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    A lifetime comprehensive health care program for retired players should be the #1 priority of the NFLPA in the upcoming CBA negotiations after the 2020 season.
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    Good read; https://www.patspulpit.com/2019/5/22/18634233/bill-belichick-iowa-state-future-of-defensive-football-nfl-new-england-patriots-chiefs-rams?utm_campaign=markschofield&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
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    Not life threatening, and not paralyzed, but could miss the season and possibly a career ender. I want to say something else happened to this guy, but i just can't put my finger on it...........
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    Still not as good as spring break when they are packed with horny college students lol
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    So if on the off chance that happens you can say "I told ya so" lol Made some Brats.Got some left,c'mon down
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    Nope you are absolutely correct they have 1 player from that haul
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    Oh a debate involving Steeler fans. No thanks...
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    He was robbed of his sack record when Brett Favre laid down for Michael Strahan.
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    Rams literally have 1 player on the team that came from the RG3 trade. The rest were all busts or went to others teams. The browns didn't get anything out of it either and the good ones the did get aren't on the team anymore. The only team that made out in this scenario is the Colts.
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    May ‘lil Danny live a long, healthy life
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    Fast-paced recap with the big crumbs front to back of 2017 main story lines. We're Philly, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Philly, no one likes us, we don't care!
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    The last part is actually pretty big for out of market folks like myself. There are time that the Eagles played Carolina, Atlanta or Tennessee and I still couldn't get the game because of these stupid rules.
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    You people are terrible. Can't believe you're making fun of a guy who was just in a car accident because he lacks the amount of fingers required to text and drive
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