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    You may find this interesting GB. It is the league blitzing numbers and categories for 2017, the year the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Apparently the Eagles didn't blitz 78.9 percent of the time. 19 percent of the time they blitzed with one guy. 2.1 percent of the time they had a 3 man line and 9.5 percent of the time they blitzed with a DB. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/pressure-number-pass-rushers-2017
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    Rooting for a Eagles/Jacksonville Super Bowl.
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    IMO the best case scenario for the Eagles would be if Jones and Maddox would win the outside CB positions outright. Everyone knows how I have felt about Douglas since he was drafted but I think he would be best suited to be trained in the Jack of all trades CB positions. I would like him to be able to fill in at "any" CB position. Sometimes your greater value to the team shows up better in a jack of all trades kind of capacity rather than just one position.
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    I like the pickup but I like Bradham better
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    All I want is SOLID play from the secondary.I just don't need to see a re-run of teams coming back on us dropping 50 yard dimes.If the D line can pressure more,that will help the secondary,but Schwartz rarely blitzes.I'd like to see him turn the dogs loose a bit more
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    Besides Height, Douglas's strong suit is his route recognition which is why he can take a chance every once in a while and go for the pick. That is part of the reason he should be on the field on a regular basis. However, he is no faster than Mills speed wise. I like him being the first guy off the bench to give everyone else a blow. That could turn into a lot of reps during a game.
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    I will watch with interest,how we work Sanders/JJaw into this offense.They are both too talented to ride pine(unless they can't transition).Sorry,but as of now I have no clue with the available talent on offense we have,how any D is going to be able to cover it all
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    I tend to think differently than most.Did Wentz win a SB? Not to me(Foles did).Was he(Wentz) part of a winning SB team?Sure and thats the difference for me.Sure he helped get us there,not in question,but until you actually put your hands on the ball in the game,I can't say you won it.Not that I feel those that don't should get "participation" trophies,because they all put the work in.So,it's just how I view things.I'm sorry he got hurt and could not complete the SB run that year and I just want to see him do it all.This could be the year that happens
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    BTW, I think Maddox starts somewhere from game 1. Enough is enough now, just play the best player, and I think he stays on the field. Where he plays will depend on the other guys. He can start outside, then move to nickel... start at FS if McCloud isn't ready then move outside or to nickel. But my guess is that he stays on the field.
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    Oh man that's tough. Actually no it's not. I don't like either but it's Dak and it's not close.
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    That’s what I also said I felt was our best lineup.
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    I honestly feel, based on Avonte's progress last season and just what's possible for him making the jump to year two that he's gonna work his way into the starting LCB spot and LeBlanc will man nickel. Also feel that Rasul will push for RCB. If Darby ends up not starting then he may not get on the field 'cause Douglas will play well enough that the coaches won't want him taken off of the field.
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    Nah, if Wentz plays in the pro bowl that means the Eagles aren't in the Superbowl. So we don't want anyone actually playing, but just get voted in.
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    NE gave Kenjon Barner a ring for the 5 games he played with them. Had high hopes for him when he was with us but had a tough time behind Murray, Mathews and Sproles. Good returner then IR'd out.
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    I’m going back to Punter. I know it isn’t sexy but our punter is a beast. Cameron Johnston is ,at least arguably ,the best at his craft in the world. He makes the Pro Bowl this year.
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    Cowboys have choice to not pay Dak. I don't think he will be worth it. I think Wentz is worth what he got. And watch that talent evaporate with contract Dak and his agent want. He's no A. Rodgers. When Elliot got suspended he was mediocre and struggling. He wasn't so good before A. Cooper came along. With that contract, how can they pay for Elliot, Cooper, and others. Look at what happened with Lions and Vikings. With transition tag, they can either match offer another team would give him or get good compensation for him.
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    I used to read the article and that was my first comment, in response to DS thoughts. Then I would read everybody else’s comments and respond. Did that for years.
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    As a Cowboys fan I was scared when Philly signed Chip Kelly. All the talk about how the NFL would be changed forever. Every team would be years behind Kelly trying to figure out his system. When that blew up and Philly got Peterson, I really didn’t know anything about him other then the Eagles fans base were not very happy so I was like ok no problem. Well he has obviously turned into a very good coach and maybe even a great coach some day. Just not sure I have that feeling about Garrett and that’s not a good thing. I love Dallas team and I believe Dak could be an elite QB in the league. Time will tell
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