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    As for Sunday's game ... a few things ... not as simple as I say, but overall its the big picture. 1. Darby... killed us for 2 games. 2nd half of ATL when he wasn't playing we gave up the bubble screen and not much else. First drive Detroit had, they picked on him all the way down the field. He came out and not much. It's not all on him, but the proof is there, our D isn't bad at all without him. 2. Wentz played well enough... more than well enough, to win all 3 games. Drops, but to me more importantly, his coach doesn't help him wiht the use of the running game. Again, 3:14 with 3 timeouts, 4 down territory (as proof that he went for it) zero runs to make it easier to get 10 yards. Ball on 50 with 1:40 and a timeout left.... zero runs. 8 passes and zero runs at the end... just get a few yards and have a manable 3rd and 4th down play. What's the rush? Plenty of time. Get in field goal range first to tie it, from there, then you look to get into the end zone. The idea should be score with little or no time left anyway. This is the Doug myself and many feared ... Andy Reid 2.0 ... no clue about the clock and refusing to run at all and making it an uphill battle for the QB and the offense. Hard to drop passes when its a handoff. Not sure why Howard is in Doug's doghouse? 3. No pass rush. A bigger move instead of all the DBs you guys want... would be to get pass rush help. This particular D rely's on the front 4. On top of lack of rush, these guys can't seem to tackle. It's like 4 Darby's playing DL. Big picture, this scares me long term more than anything else. Without the depth, these guys are gonna wear down. A for Thursday... I'm hoping for lucky bounces, and some GB missed tackles. As for any positives... at least the young kids are getting experience. Also.... now I am starting to lean with some of you ... perhaps the loss of Frank Reich was bigger than I thought. A guy needs to be in Doug's ear... RUN THE BALL!!!
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    FYI... Eagles drives and 1st play of each drive... run vs pass. Trend continues. 4 scoring drives ... 14 points after starting with a run, another FG after starting with a pass to a RB. The one TD drive started with a pass, was the only pass of the drive. 3 out of 12 drives started wit ha run. 2 TDs and a 34 yard drive ended with a fumble. 9 drives started with a pass. 10 points ... all the punts started with a pass, both failed 4th down conversions had all 4 plays that were passes. It's COINCIDENCE .... AGAIN! lol 1st .. starts with pass to RB = FG 2nd .. pass to Ertz = TD ... ONLY pass of the drive! 3rd .. Wentz scramlbes ... punt 4th ..Run .... fumble (34 yard drive at that point) 5th .. pass ... fumble 6th ... pass ... end of half 7th ... pass ... punt 8th .. run = TD 9th ... pass , sack ... punt 10th ... run = TD 11th ... pass ... punt ... 4 passes 12th .. pass ... punt .. .4 passes.
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    It looks like the metro doesn't see a point running through the entire game
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    That's one hell of a quirky trend. BTW, great job compiling the facts! They don't prove anything but makes it DAM hard to disprove.
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    So far 10 punts = 9 of the drives started with a pass. 4 drives ended with turnover on downs = all started with a punt 4 FGs = 2 started with a run .... 2 started with a pass to RB 9 TDs = 5 started with a run ... 2 started with a pass to a RB Doing Math ... (not including fumbles, interceptions or end of half) 14 drives ended with a punt of turnover on Downs. only 1 started with a run 13 scoring drives ... 7 started with a run, 4 others started with a pass to a RB. 8 drives started with a run ... 5 TDs, 2 FGs and 1 punt 19 started with a pass ... 13 ended in punt or turnover on downs.... 6 scores, but 4 of the 6 scores started with pass ro RB Just coincidence! But for a goof .... how about we start flipping it and see what happens.
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    It's very strange, but I'm not upset about SB at all (as long as there's no long term damage). This is not a playoff team, so get the young QB some reps and save the superstar RB some wear and tear.
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    I'm enjoying this as much or more then maybe anyone but lets be real. It's one game. Lets check back after 5 or 6, then if he's successful lets check back a year after that to see how he's handled that success, then if he's still successful lets see if he can perform at a high level in a playoff game. This is the beginning of a long journey. He does look great so far.
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    IMO this is the last year you see Gruden as Skins coach(he may not last the year out although the FO is the problem)
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    Problem is many are looking at being 1-3. Hard to think the depleted squad can go get a victory at Lambeau.
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    It’s only been three games...let’s not call it a career yet or anything. He dropped what would have been the play of the game. It was right in his bread basket and he flopped. This kid can make catches. Just not 100 percent NFL ready. Goes for Sanders, Hollins and Goedert also. But these are the guys we NEED to step up. Almost no choice about it. These are the young skill players setup for the team’s future. Gotta develop them regardless. Glad they are getting reps and opportunity now. They didn’t shine yet but you can see that all of them have the ability and can do it. These four stepping up takes this team to the next level. Wish it was a bit more now than the future though.
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    They drop passes just like all WR's, the difference is the Pats O is so precise that they make you forget about a drop here and there, precision doesn't exactly define the Eagles O. It's so funny, Brady played during the preseason and most on this board thought it was a good idea for Wentz to not play, maybe Doug will re-think that foolishness.
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    It always warms my heart to read about the Skins continuing being a mess
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    I think this is basically the approach all Giants fans should take. Sure it's fun to point and laugh at the talks heads and rival fans the Monday after a big win, but the kid could very easily lay an egg this Sunday. It takes years of sustained success before a QB can be considered a franchise player...unless of course you're Patrick Mahomes. Goff just went to the Super Bowl and he looks very shaky this year. Wentz hasn't been hitting on all cylinders. Trubisky has been up and down. etc, etc. Let's give it time, but I'm optimistic as well.
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    1-2 go 3-3(or better)in the next six game stretch and get healthy should be able to make something happen...Wishful thinking maybe but also not ready to call it a lost season yet either....Going to let things play out some more lol
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    https://www.footballdb.com/stats/teamstat.html?group=D&cat=T&sort=netpassyds IDK pretty sad when you rank AFTER Miami in passing yards allowed lol
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    Jullian Edelman was 6th in drops last year James White had 5 / tied with Ertz with 5 Josh Gordon had 4. So factually this thread is completely wrong
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    He doesn't suck, he is just really inconsistent. Sometimes, he flashes brilliance. That TD run showed how well he can move with the ball. His speed is good enough for him to get open a lot. His problem is that for every outstanding play, he's got 2 that make you shake your head. He had a few really bad drops yesterday. If he could eliminate those mistakes, he would be an outstanding football player. Our problem is that in his 5th year, he should not be making these mistakes anymore. Some of that would be understandable from a rookie or maybe even a 2nd year player, but a vet receiver needs to figure things out. We also had some uncharacteristic drops by guys that normally would make those plays. How many of those TD passes does Goedert drop? Maybe just a bad day. Guys worked harder in practice than they were used to?
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    In before this whole topic turns into how it's Wentz's fault.
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    Just another player MF'ing their horrible fan base. Nothing to see here.
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    Exactly. If every team in the league has 0-3 ties , suddenly the likelihood of same records decreases immensely. We just saw this last year, where 8-7-1 Minnesota missed playoffs to eagles 9-7 while Pittsburgh's 9-6-1 missed it to 10-6 Colts/Ravens.
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