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    The legend of Nick Foles continues to grow. Lol
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    Swartz had a successful Season in 2017. But not so in 2016, 2018 or so far in 2019. 2016 12 points against 13th yards against; 2018 - 12th points against 23rd yards against; 2019 25th points against 23rd yards against. Swartz is not a bad DC. He is just too predictable. He needs to be more flexible, but does not seem to be able to adjust. He either sends no one or everyone. Why not try one extra man but hide who it is? Look, we could do much worse for a DC, but I am not going to say Swartz is the answer. He is good, not great.
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    JJ was the man! Can’t say Schwartz is of that talent. But he is pretty good. Changing from a 3-4 to 4-3 and finishing 12th his first season is impressive IMO. Not too mention how the offense wasn’t doing any favors that first year starting a rookie QB with little rushing. Then finished fourth the next year. Had to deal with significant injuries too. Defense lead the way to get to the big game in the postseason. Then last year the injury bug was atrocious. I’m surprised he could finish twelfth. Still pulled it together pretty nicely with hodge podge guys off the street. This year is a different story. Injuries have been bad. His starting outside corner Mills is injured(still not playing yet). Darby didn’t really practice before the season started due to recovery from injury. McLeod didn’t practice while recovering all offseason. Cox didn’t practice due to recovery. Barnett didn’t practice due to recovery. Bradham didn’t practice. Then LeBlanc probably the starting Slot Corner gets injured to start TC. Kamu starting LB after that. The big free agent Malik injured immediately. Jernigan injured. Darby injured. Maddox injured. Jones injured. So much of our starters didn’t practice and gel together this preseason. Many of the ones that did got injured already. Can’t just squirt out any football player and expect him to be part of a cohesive team defense. I thought Schwartz called a heck of a game adjusting to attack Matt Ryan. Maybe didn’t start great but really ratchet things down after that. All up until that very last play(you know where Julio took a one yard pass to the house on fourth down). Want that play back. And then the very start of the season against the Skins. Are you really going to judge a defense on their first half of play for the season? They looked bad. But like I said they hadn’t really even practiced together hardly. Picked it up in the second half. Take away that first half of the whole season(which isn’t very indicative of anything really) and that one Julio play on fourth down to win it and things don’t really look too bad. Injuries have bitten. Losing two DT hurts. Not going to lie. The backups Ridgeway and Spence are new but getting acclimated now(miss Hester). Cox hasn’t really got to speed yet this year either. I don’t blame Schwartz for that. Just think his best player isn’t fully healthy. The corner injuries hurt also. Just no denying that’s a bunch at one position(Mills, LeBlanc,Darby,Maddox). Getting Kamu back now though. So finally going to have the starting LB playing for the first time. That matters! I’m not judging Schwartz so much on what has happened this year. Got to get a team identity going. What happens going forward is really all that matters. Took some hits but now they are adjusting...learning and moving forward.
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    This year has been absolute entertainment from the Skins.
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    Except for he kinda had excuses .... in 2016, 2018 and 2019 ... right? A little bit of an excuse when you have all those CBs and DTs out? and in fairness... the 2016 defense was going back from 3-4 to 4-3 and was not very talented or deep? Not a big Schwartz guy ... but fair is fair here. And to be honest.... that's great that he does ok with a brutally injured team.... I want 2017 ... do great with great players. So yeah, let Howie get him some players and the inuries be managable. Then we can either complain or call him great.
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    Wow Rams drop another! Back to back losses. And I'm not sure what to make of Seattle either. Every year it takes weeks to figure out if they are a good team or not.
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    Should he have also bought his own helmet and shoulder pads? Players don't buy their own equipment.
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    That's a Sunday night game. I'm pretty sure each team only plays 1 thursday game a season.
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    Russel Wilson firmly established himself as an elite Qb about 3 years ago. He is now clearly the best Qb in the NFC and he had a great game last night.
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    Jim Johnson had 5 top 5 scoring defenses in his 10 years in Philly. 7 Top 10 Scoring defenses. On Yards allowed, he had 2 top 5 and 6 top 10. That is solid stats. I am not saying I expect that from Swartz, but give me more than 1 out of 4.... I will give him another year to see if he can improve. Howie is good about getting players so he should not have any excuses.
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    Eagles @ dallas thurs oct 20th is going to be a great one. As long as we win
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    Carroll has really about blown this game. Terrible not going for it on fourth down and inches before the half. Missed the field goal and the Rams came back and scored on them...right before the half. No balls! Several other mistakes. But then running out the clock with the lead after an incredible interception. Run for solid yardage. Run for solid yardage. Then third and two. Just run it up the gut again. Should be thinking of going for it on fourth even if they don’t get it. Four down territory for the win. But no...do some out wide late qb pitch and lose all that yardage. Going on fourth now would seem like desperation. Hawks players balled out. Carroll got bailed out by Zurlein missing a fairly normal game winning kick.
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    Jmatt with the niners.Could mean a draft pick for us
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    Stine you bring up an excellent point. Our S are getting up there also. Rosie has admitted to not doing well drafting S. So maybe we should make priority on getting secondary evaluators hired. Go into the draft looking for two or three secondary players.
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    Because he still has big time speed and is going for 100 yards a game
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    SOOOOOO since GB lost a heartbreaker to us at HOME,would love to see them take out their frustration on Dem belles.Beat the jets, Belles lose to GB who we BEAT and now suddenly you are in their heads(It's a plan anyway)
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    On top of the fact in our bad CB group I think he has easily been the best he is the only one of our CBs that stays healthy....
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    Think just keeping Big V versatile....Seems like our plan is to keep him on the interior moving forward....On top of that if Kelce were to miss time Doug and Stout prefer to only have to replace one guy not have two guys starting in new spots....So if we could plug Big V in at C that would let us keep Semaulo at G...Otherwise we would have to move Semaulo over to C then have Big V at G.... This also likely has to do with the fact we usually only dress 7 OL so a guy like Herbig who could also be a C likely doesn’t dress for the active game day roster so having 7 OL that can play as many position as possible is huge
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