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    GB finally got tired of a couple straight jackets on the board and decided to take a time out. Without mentioning any names there are couple people on the board that give the impression that it belongs to them. LOL Some folks have to have the last word on any topic no matter what. They can't accept another persons opinion without correcting them with their own. They keep nagging you until they get the last word. I think everyone knows who those individuals are by now. It really doesn't matter really. Most of us stay on the board because we get enjoyment out of it. When the enjoyment goes away so do the comments for awhile.
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    Either way no JP and likely no Big V leaves a massive hole in that backup T role....Having a good backup swing tackle is important seen it in 17 saved us a few times this past season as well...
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    Yes Stine has an email thread going. And there, here or anywhere I think it’s important for everybody to voice their opinions. We’re all educated and knowledgeable Eagles fans. Doesn’t mean we have to agree. Sometimes people need a little thicker skin...and sometimes people need to harass less. I believe in disagreeing but trying to be respectful about it. I value differing opinions. But I’m also very opinionated. So sometimes I might come off as a D...don’t mean anything by it. Just giving my two cents.
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    I’ve felt we’ve kept Peters several years too long. But he did come through and play solid last season. V is all but gone in FA. Somebody will make him a starter. So we need a backup T. Can’t rely on Mailata alone. So I’m actually flipping and thinking to try and keep Peters one more season. Johnson, Dillard, Peters and Mailata is a good way to go at the position. Good balance of ages and experience. The only issue I have is it’s hard to put Peters on the bench. But I can’t justify stunting Dillard’s growth. He needs to start and play. If we don’t keep Peters then we have to bring in a backup vet. Peters provides great leadership and coaching for Dillard. That’s one of the main reasons I want him back. He knows all these pass rushers playbook. And he obviously knows how to prepare during the week.
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    welp. I am off!! New Orleans should be allot of fun. Never been there before and staying right next to MArket street.... See you when/if I get back....
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    Welp, My plane to NO leaves tomorrow Morning. Howie told me to have a sit down with Klein and Apple. Of course I said no problem. They will be looking for your call after 4PM March 18th! I got it covered!!
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    If they played games on Fridays, there would be no conflict with 60 Minutes. You wouldn't have to have a double singleheader so that fans in Chicago could watch both DAL-NE and GB-SEA and watch the Bears versus the Giants, complimenting the double singleheader with the Jets, who would open up as the Chiefs opponent so that the NFL gets the coveted New York market on opening night AND get the Jets' primetime game out of the way. Of course, you would then have to move the second game of the double singleheader to 4:45 and have the regional games start at 4:25 so that each game does not finish at the same time, AND the prime game starts after the 1:00 game finishes, with regional games finishing before the prime game finishes. With an extra Jaguars' game in London, you would have a 10:00 AM EST start time, further staggering games and having less competition in the 4:00 spot, even though some games would have to start at 4:15 and some at 4:25, with the prime game starting at 4:45 to allow the coveted New York market to tune in. You could further stagger games by having the Rams play in the coveted 10:00 PM spot on Sunday night, but the game would be on CBS, allowing 60 Minutes to begin at 7:00. NBC would relinquish control of the Sunday night spot in this case, and would have exclusive control over the Sunday night of the Oscars in return. This 10:00 game would be hosted by the Rams because it would be a great chance to have celebrities at the game on national TV, since they go to game to see and be seen. This 10:00 PM spot would further be coveted because Millennials increasingly watch TV on THEIR time, and late games have drawn in big ratings, as evidenced by the 2002 World Series and 2003 World Series. That would give you two West Coast prime time games at different times, which would pull in the coveted West coast markets. But don't forget, a double singleheader on the Wednesday after Labor Day to open up the season, then having two of the teams play the next Tuesday, and get TWO bye weeks after that, would possibly open up the chance for each team to get TWO primetime games per season under this scenario. That would let the NFL showcase the Jets and corner the coveted New York market even more.
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    My goodness, I knew they had some moves to make but damn. Yeah I don't think franchising Dak would be wise. Looks like it would make their decision process on other guys more difficult.
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    Can't argue with that buddy. For where we drafted him he has been a steal.
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    Mardi Gras watch out...here comes stine. Have fun! Be safe.
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    So what do the Eagles do with JP this year I mean he is a FA I know but he doesn’t seem to want to retire yet.... Think we should consider bringing him back if he is willing to take A. A hefty price cut from what he is used to and B. Willing to take on a backup role.
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    Yeah Wrang, you and BG summed it pretty well. Thank you for your reply! 👍
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    Believe Mills gets way more of a bad rap then he deserves....Dude is a solid CB should not be lining up against #1 guys but put that on coaching.... I’ve also watch few games where Mills is getting blamed for a deep pass when you can easily tell from replays he is trying to cover up another players mistaken in coverage so he is trailing. Not saying he doesn’t have his own faults as well bit handsy gets so-so calls on him(some are terrible in the regular season though), double moves have been a weakness as well.
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    The truth is probably somewhere in the middle there buddy. I don't personally think Undlin did enough with the corners he had. He was given some talent and not of them improved. But I think some of it is scouting and the fit. I mean Douglas is, I think, a good NFL corner but he's not a fit in this scheme.
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    I think they'd need to trade up to get either though even if Miami pass on a QB. But hey FA could change a lot.
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    If you remember the excuse from the coaching staff was that they didn't want to play Whiteside until he learned all the WR positions which is BS. My philosophy is that with every completed catch a wide receiver gains more confidence. Let him get his feet wet early with some of the easier receiver patterns to get some confidence which leads to more understanding of the more complicated pass patterns you break into when the defense changes up at the line of scrimmage. Of course we will never know how it would have worked out but now the kid has all kinds of pressure on him to succeed and if he doesn't this year the fans will conclude that he was a bust and be on his case just like Agholor and when that happens a lot of young players shut down completely from the negatively of the fan base. To me this was just another case where our annual change at the WR position is affecting the offense in a negative way. Its about time the Eagles get a receivers coach that knows what is going on and lets not forget that experience is simply the name we give our mistakes and every pro bowl player has made a number of them getting there.
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    Ham, I don' watch college at all... but had to flip on some of that final due to the QB getting all the hype. The pocket he had to throw the ball was huge. I said right there, if we end up with one of the Guards or C from LSU, I would assume that is a good player. Never seen anything like it... hat QB is in for a rude awakening come the pros.
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    I just wish the NFL made more money so it could compete with juggernauts like 60 minutes.
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    3.5 million in Dead money from that Bradham cut... moves LB into my top 3 Draft picks... is this some of the influence of the New coaches?. could we actually prioritize Lb’s? ....nah, maybe Joe Ostman will make the cut this year and fill that spot.
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