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    Seems like a pointless question seeing as how we don't have Mariota here. I imagine it's easy to say Wentz because he's here now. If we had Mariota here for a couple years and Wentz were somewhere else, I'm sure most would answer Mariota. There's a natural bias that's going to be difficult to remove from the equation.
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    Salute to all those that have fallen fighting for our freedoms. May you never be forgotten!
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    Great PR move ... Lurie wasn't happy letting Dawkins play for another team over $$ that could have easily been paid to him without having any effects at salary cap space. Peters is the next guy on that level that players can now see ... "if I perform at this level, I will be taken care of and retire here" Great move in that regard. Hopefully it also helps the cap this year and next year. Otherwise, not good business strictly from the business side. If Howie made the deal work... that's great! Lane is paid, Peters is paid... however they want to line up now won't have effects on their pay, so they can go play now.
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    Wouldn't it be a RBs dream to run behind Lane at LT and JP at LG?
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    Hey again, fellow old timer die-hard Eagles fans. I'm stoked on so many levels here. I've been reading your comments, always gleaning knowledge from your wisdom! I'm especially proud of our DB's keeping up with the huge revamping of every other area of the team. Seeing Troy Vincent's comparison to Bobby Taylor brought to mind one of my all-time fave Eagles moments- Do any of y'all remember the 1993 game against the Jets when we lost Randall to a knee injury and the Jets were about to score from our 6 yd line; and ERIC ALLEN juked the receiver, intercepted the pass, ran 94 YARDS, looking like Wilbert Montgomery; He scored the game-winning touchdown, kept running right to Cunningham, on crutches, and handed him the ball. THAT'S how we play ball in PHILLY. Welcome to all of our new players, fans and especially CHEERS to we, the green-bleeding fans whose TIME HAS COME! (Here's a link to thee NFL video of the Eric Allen "gift" to Randall Cunningham... Ef28VF7k6Rw
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    To my fellow veterans thank you for your service, your sacrifice, best wishes to your families on this day of remembrance.
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    Haven't signed into this site in YEARS! I think..... who knows.... wow, the emptiness over at "the Eye" is a whole new level of depressing. When a part-timer like myself gets nostalgic and emotional about it, it makes one wonder how the regulars are all holding up..... *sigh*.... all I have left are memories of the old boys.... I like to think that Bri is somewhere in a shed, screaming at the faltering wooden planks that are barely holding it together.... I like to imagine Southy is sailing the seas somewhere majestic w/ a crew of Don Pardo, Broz, and maybe even that curmudgeon JB..... alas.... the quite solitude of singularity leaves me speechless these days.... and a bit poetically scriptive.
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    Like what I am hearing about Hollins. He could be a great 5th round pick up.
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    Persepctive about our WRs. 1. When was the last time we had a #1 like Alshon? I think T.O. 2. When was the last time we had a #3 as good as either Matthews or T. Smith, whichever you consider 2 or 3? IDK, Greg Garrity...LOL Maclin and DeSean were nice, neither a #1, and not much else behind them at all. Neither particularly great in the red zone, although I'll take Maclin with the route running and the hands, he wasn't a guy you always need to double team in the red zone. To me its probably the best 3 by far, throw in Sproles and Ertz, with some decent options behind them, and it has to be the best unit we have had here. Doesn't mean the results will be as good as other years where we were top heavy, but will be fun to see.
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    I agree Swoop. DP needs to do better Play selection this year. There were many times he left me scratching my head. I wasn't the only one too. Sometimes it is OK to be predictable if you have the horses to make the play work. I really think he outsmarted himself a few times last year.... Here is to hoping he does a great job!! Cheers (Drinking a beer down)
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    I don't ever remember having a WR group with this much potential.
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    I don't know. You have Stout saying Peters is coming off his best season(since he's been Oline coach). And I tend to want to agree. Or at least it's arguable. He finished strong last season. Getting out of the Chip go go go mode really benefited him. And Pedey has shown a very good knack at understanding each individual and not burning him out in practice. That's one thing you don't hear enough about our Head Coach. He's good with people. Players want to play for him.
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    Too early to say, but MM is clearly the better QB so far and really, it's not close.
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    ask the question in 2 years
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    Very early,but nice to hear guys are making plays on both sides of the ball and some are "unknown entities".Appears we did majorly well in the offseason as well as in the draft.Seems to me there is much more solid play going on here that we have lacked in awhile
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    "you love it when runners have complimentary styles" Me too. The more variety an offense has, the harder they'll be to defend against. But, at some point I expect the Eagles' offense will come down to how well coached they are (injuries excluded), and whether coach Pederson is clever enough with his offensive play calling this year to out coach the Eagles' opponents or not. I hope last year was a valuable learning experience for him. As it now appears he's got most of the necessary ingredients to have a very good offense in 2017--that is, with the recent & much needed addition of Blount. All the rest will come down to whether the players do their utmost to stay out of trouble off the field. Since those kinds of incidents, whether it's illicit activities in night clubs & the mistreatment of women, or substance abuse, or putting NFL banned drugs into their bodies, can seriously hurt & let down a football team, as we unfortunately witnessed last year.
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    Love it Tommy! So pumped to see this offense roll this season, and make no mistake, with the level and depth of talent on this team, there is no reason we can't. We stay healthy and we're in the hunt for division title, no question.
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    There were times last season when Coach Pederson would go high tempo,like if he saw the D getting gassed or to try and get the O into a rhythm. Other coaches do it too,just not all game like Chip. I'm very eager to see Sproles & Pump,Sproles & Blount,Blount & Pump,and Gordon leading the way at FB for them. I think they could try this at anytime,but like you said,I think it would be best suited for during a 'Hurry-Up',or 2 min.warning when the D has no chance to bring in a different set! We did really well when we ran the no huddle last year. I would like to see more of it this season.
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    Curses be damned - the Eagles will win the Superbowl when they deserve it - and it's coming sooner than we think.
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    I do enjoy players that love the game more than playing for the fame.
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    If I went from playing for the Philadelphia Eagles to playing for the cowboys Id get drunk as a skunk too
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    I don't get the concern about Pumphery size limiting him in the NFL he faced many of those same players as a College standout...This kid surpassed HOF Marshall Faulk's college records all college players have to get stronger coming to the NFL...the fact that quite a few players of Pumphery has had success in the league... I am expecting big things from this kid. Traditionally many of us old heads were raised with the #1 back/ Lead Back getting majority of the touches, Ricky Waters , Duce etc...the game has evolved from a Safety/ Longevity of RB position and efforts to keep that position healthy. As much as I would love watching Blount punishing Defenses it is of greater importance to keep him healthy and share the load, if a playoff berth is possible. Times change, this is one change I can embrace.
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    Should be exciting times ahead! But we have been down this road before so expectations need to stay level headed. Just ready for TC.
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    Oakland jumped the gun just like the Colts did.
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    Short of dropping your pants and taking a dump directly on the flag, I don't care what you do during the national anthem. I see nothing wrong with what Kaepernick does during the anthem. Yet Kaepernick did announce at a press conference the reason why he kneels while the rest of the team stands. He was looking to make a protest.
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    I hope Nelson makes the final roster and somehow blows us all away with stellar play in 2017. We've seen enough 'glimpses' to know he's got it in him, but the time is almost up to show he's a good NFL WR. All the praise in the spring won't mean a thing if he doesn't become the guy drafted at #1 to play like a #1 draft pick. That said, I hope to see an improved offense with #11 getting a full offseason/preseason with first team snaps and building chemistry with some potentially highly potent weapons up front and in the backfield. I don't set expectations over 8 or 9 wins, but if the team can gel and tune up some of last year's glitches, then they may just get into the postseason. Go Eagles!
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    I've said this before, as a resident San Diegan, we Eagles fans are going to be very surprised and pleased with Pumphrey! We've seen him for four years here - he didn't just break all of Faulk's records, but did so convincingly and with great flair.
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    Ok, what's done is done. I know there's a whole business aspect to it from both sides but something that gets overlooked a lot of times is a team's dedication to it's own. Peters has done a LOT for this organization and I'm glad the team helped assure him that he will retire an Eagle, which is what he deserves. Part of me likes to believe there's still dedication from both sides in the league nowadays. So i'll be happy about the deal for that reason. Also, a "long" term positive (two years) if and when he isn't starting, he's one hell of a backup and mentor for his successor. Then there's the obvious cap space saved so that we can resign Marcus Smith. I kid! I kid!
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    I don't know. You have Stout saying Peters is coming off his best season. And I tend to want to agree. Or at least it's arguable. He finished strong last season. Getting out of the Chip go go go mode really benefited him. And Pedey has shown a very good knack at understanding each individual and not burning him out in practice. That's one thing you don't hear enough about our Head Coach. He's good with people. Players want to play for him. Better guys now next to him also,so maybe he wont be double teamed all game.With modern science/medicine what used to be a "running out of gas" player at his age,isn't as much of a concern uless you really see a fall off on the field
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    Posting this because honestly, when is it a bad time to post this Blount run?
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    I really do think that Long is going to be a real nice piece on this defense and actually maybe his signing is being downplayed a little. He's an experienced guy who played a pretty high percentage of snaps for the Pats last year and he's an upgrade on Barwin without doubt. When you combine that with the rotation that Schwartz will use here and the fact that Barnett is going to get opportunities I think we have every reason to be positive.
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    Nice stats! However, Charli Young spelled differently. And my favorite all time player of ANY position, Pete Retzlaff, played halfback his first year - and remember he only played 12 games per year. I didn't include Keith Byars because he played both FB and Tight End plus he lined up in the slot but if blocking is what you want, Byars used to decleat tacklers with some of the greatest blocks in NFL history. LOL Man could that guy block.
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    And Barnett and Graham!! UUUUUUWWWWWWEEEEEEE, Look out!!
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    The closer we get to training camp, the closer this message board loses its collective mind.
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    I think the one player that is very important that you missed is Lagarette Blount. He should be a major factor in both short yardage as well as the red zone.
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    Agreed TD, but I have yet to see this "Willing and able blocker" mentioned in the article. Ertz can catch the ball and be effective as a receiver. That point was never a question.
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    Really need to take NFL away from ESPN, their programing is pure crap, and the talking heads are worse, also MNF should be on regular TV, not cable...
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    I doubt he's a campy body as Schwartz follows the Lions D, and most likely had a lot to do with getting him signed here. Most likely a good scheme fit for Schwartz's 4-3 attacking defense. Competition is always talked about, but it really looks like we are taking it to the next level this year. Good players are going to be cut this season, and that is a good problem to have.
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    Not reading a ton into anything with it just being OTAs but nice to hear that Lane is in good shape and that it seems Wentz/Jeffery seem to have a nice early chemistry with each other
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    MS, definitely, won't be missed. $998k dead, just over $1,483k cap savings. Pull the plug, forget him and move on.
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    lol thank you. I think i've been lurking here for far too long without posting. I'm not a stalker but i've been reading all ya'll for long enough to know where everyone's coming from. Honestly, I think this year is going to kick a** just enough to get us into the playoffs. Which is everything i'll realistically hope for this year. Lately i've been really consuming a lot of Eagles news as I don't have much to do while at work so there's a few guys I've got high hopes for on the roster. BTW, you may like this article enough to lift your spirits regarding the cornerback situation: http://phillysportsnetwork.com/2017/05/29/secondary/ let me know what you think? Thanks again for the welcome, it's great to be a part of it!
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    Damn wrang,you're good at using your search tools coming up with these stats. LOL I have a third grader competency on this computer and suffer every step of the way, but I endure it all to communicate with my fellow fans and friends. Eagles fans are the best!