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    Great point. I haven't heard anyone mention this or talk about it at all! 🙄
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    The anti-media routine is asinine. We have an incompetent Administration that is still treating this more as a public-relations problem than as a public health crisis. But the threat is real. This virus is going to kill a lot of Americans - specifically, it will kill a lot of America's grandparents. And it isn't just about making your grandparents stay home. 21 people died in a senior center in Washington because a younger person who had the disease but didn't know it walked in and visited. It spreads mostly through close proximity. And people can have it and be spreading it for days before they have even the first sign of symptoms. With an Administration that can't seem to get its act together, it is the Media that is trying to educate people about the disease. They are the ones who are doing good and taking the scientists and the medial professionals seriously. They are actually trying to help. 5 months is a long time. If we will be smart and listen to the media and actually learn about this, maybe the problem can diminish at some point between now and then. But that means taking it seriously rather than clinging to stupid anti-media biases. BTW - @ OP: Disneyland closed today.
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    The NFL season does not start for another 5 months..... Relax
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    No, what's asinine is the leftist "Orange Man bad" reaction to every damn thing that happens anymore.
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    If this is still an issue in 5 months, we probably won't be worrying about the season. It is alarming how this is crippling the economy so quickly. A relative works for a manufacturer that relies on parts from China and he told me Monday they are running out of inventory fast and doesn't know when the supply chain will open back up.
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    If this is still going on 5 months from now, I don’t think anyone is going to care what happens with the NFL season.
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