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    If Agholor actually caught anything we could have sold him to the Pats instead.
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    Hard to just throw short passes when the defense is only worried about covering ... short passes.
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    With the lack of production from our receiving unit don’t know why we don’t just lean on Howard....He gains 4-5 yards just about every time he touches the ball he always falls forward.... No shame in it give that man 20-30 carries I know that isn’t Dougs style of O but as a coach have to go to what works and right now he is a lone bright spot on the team....Wentz for all he can do can’t make WRs catch the ball or get open etc.
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    Only reason we won in GB was because I was there..... I have a good record watching Eagles...
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    Since they are pretty much done. How about Ridley for a first? 🙂 I mean they already paid all that money to Julio
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    Well that’s good. I was starting to worry our secondary may have an easy day when the Pats come to town.
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    Ham, now that's funny! Agholor catching a pass.....
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    New England won 33-0, and when Belichick woke up he felt like he was missing a WR.
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    I'd like to see Ward get a chance. At least he'd give some effort.
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    I think I'll pass. Not quite in the mood for football.
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    well there you go thats 2.5 mil between us and we are as effective as the 19 mil(or whatever it is) posers they are paying
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    Usually not a fan of it but hell would not be against firing Groh now mid-season promote Duce to the OC role....At least feel like Duce would help keep a healthier balance on O...Be in Dougs war enough to tell him to stick to the run when the run is what’s working for us etc.
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    Yep and enough of the Wentz is better then Dak. Last night at the game they posted Wentz numbers since 2017. He is below 500 and does not look like a top 5 or even top 10 QB. Wentz is talented no doubt but he lacks leadership and just can’t seam to lift the players around him. Dak has far exceeded his 4th round pedigree and deserves to be paid. The problem is he has a game like last night and then last weekend. Need to be consistent.
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    This is the defining moment for this team. Not the terrible loss in D-land. But how they respond. Could be exactly what this team needed....a complete beat down. Now to a man they know they need to get their head out of their a77es! The team will either galvanize or tear apart. Unfortunately I believe it will start with finger pointing and infighting. Can they come out of this together as a tight knit group/family? Or does it become every man for himself?
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    I know the run game is vital; but it seemed a bit too forced last night. Several 3rd and medium were runs that came up short. Let's not let Alshon off the hook here. He's had several drops as well. Agholor is not getting many opportunities, so ripping on him is pointless. Wentz had a below average night. His last throw into triple coverage with his WR falling down? What was that all about? Throw it out to the RB and give yourself a chance. It was a team beatdown. Can't blame it on one guy. Goedert's fumble. Lane's missed block resulting in a fumble. game over based on what the Eagles scored last night. Rasul Douglas has lost confidence and gets worse. Mills played the best football he has played here. The WRs including Ertz are either not getting open or Wentz isn't finding them. Which is it? I'm not at the games to see. TV doesn't really make it possible to know. If DJax is the fix, then this team is in trouble. I predict him playing three or four games the whole season. The defense really missed Bradham. Even though he has not played up to his standard this year, he is still the best LB by far on this team.
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    "Hi,thanks for coming.We suck, have a great day thank you"(the 10 second presser)
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    Peds presser in 10 mins.No clue why it's even needed. Will say the same BS as usual,like all coaches do.Pressers are a waste of time because reporters are getting them to state the obvious,which we already know
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    Of course the armchair morons are out in force "We never shoulda lost Foles" lmao.
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    Many things are off.IMO it was a professional display of lackadaisical ineptitude
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    Here is a thought. The OL is two years older... not as good at the moment. The DL is 2 years older, not as good at the moment. Also... we seem to be playing offense with 10 guys. Torrey Smith ... we miss you buddy... getting zero from a #2 WR spot, playing with 4 skill guys on the field instead of 5. Coach needing to mix in the RBs instead of a clear Howard on early downs and Sanders on passing downs. Playaction would be nice . Team needs to get healthy ... the season is old school Andy Reid... we can get the 4th seed by winning a crappy division or not make the playoffs at all. Shooting for the bronze medal again!
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    Early in the game Howard was blasting 4 and 5 yd runs... Suddenly Miles Sanders is in the game... I get Peedy love Miles versatility....and want him on the field...but at that time Howard was establishing some tempo...Sanders while returning kicks was making poor choices instead of taking a knee he brought the ball out twice when he should of taken a knee and lost yards. Howard was becoming effective when we decided to put in the versatile Sanders who proceeded to give us 2 yd plays that changed the Tempo. Like Big Red we continue to outsmart ourselves use the Hammer the obvious tool...NOT US we’re toooo smart to use what was working.
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    Lane Johnson says there is no discipline in the locker room. Ags makes no effort on the long TD pass in the 4th. He should be a healthy scratch next week. Maybe we are just not as good as we all thought. I now have no playoff expectations for this team..... It is not the loss. It is how they played in a game that was huge for both teams.
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