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    Well IDK here.If he was really awful we wouldn't have kept him this long.I'm sure teams are aware of that..Scouts are always scouting other teams players.Also if a QB gets hurt and you have 1/2 a shot at post season,you don't wait until next draft.
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    Neither do undrafted rookies.I mean do you have to see tape to understand a team has kept a player on the roster for 3-4 years? Wouldn't you believe they were at least ok?
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    IDK just when I write off a RB,they do well in practices/pre. Clements turn. Boston Scott plays hard.I 'd like to keep him around.We need to win the SB so Sproles can retire lol
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    Preposterous view, Coach. Thanks for chiming in, but I 100 percent disagree.
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    Since there's a process by which a lab (or whoever it is), can test and approve or disapprove helmets as being safe and acceptable, then why can't teams wear an alternate helmet? All they have to do is have the alternates tested and approved.
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    Yeah, but I mainly wanted any Cowboys fan who may read this thread, to be reminded that we won the Super Bowl and give them the vision of Nick Foles hoisting the Lombardi... and just in case they didn't get that vision automatically ...
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