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    Seattle couldn’t run the ball on us...except Wilson scrambling.
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    Lmao and this means what when we didn’t opt to sign Anderson....If we signs him and he got injured then what???? To me Anderson is the end all be all of WRs....We didn’t sign him move on
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    Looking at last year alone are we better if we never lose Djax... How about if we have our right side of the OL vs Seattle.... Do we lose if Wentz isn’t knocked out... I don’t know the answer to these questions but I like our odds a lot more if we have those guys
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    I mean backing into the playoffs riddled with injuries isn’t the worse thing in the world...
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    Yep... and inside the 20 ...where was he good? Where did Schwartz play him? On the outside. But one thing I will be curious... if Mills does move around more .. wonder how he is on the blitz? Funny thing with DBs blitzing. Jenkins you could see get better as time went on ... but man were we spoiled with Dawkins! #20 could blitz, had that timing down and could both avoid and muscle through blocks. Certainly finished well once he got in there too. Mills seems to have that mentality ... but we shall see if he gets the opportunity, and how he performs. McCloud I thought had his best year making plays near the line of scrimmage too... so it should be fun.
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    You know, the way the NFL has changed in the past 5 or 6 years there are very few CBs who can be effective. If you fart close to the top receivers you get a PI call This may be part of the Eagles thinking regarding the secondary. Limit the time a QB has to throw because the backfield is likely to get burned anyway.
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    Okay by me if they want to go in the youth direction however if they are intent on bringing another veteran in here I am stating that I would rather have Johnson than Ryan. Sometimes decision are made due to what is going to be available in the draft. This Year receivers and Offensive linemen are the strong positions. CB not so much unless you get the first two or three. I would see nothing wrong with another older veteran as long as that individual is on a one year contract. I'm okay either way but I think we need another CB, S ,LB and DE on the field. Of course Rome wasn't built in a day!
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    Id rather draft a guy over getting another older guy.... We have Slay and Coleman who are 29 and 28....Stick with the youth movement
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    It was time for a leadership change. Jenkins is a strong smart personality...but he brings a bunch of his ideas with that. Not all great from all perspectives.
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    I am more interested with how much more pressure the D-line gets on the QB this year. They didn't pass the eye test for me last year. I am not going to dig up all the stats again to prove I am right or wrong but for a defensive coordinator who predicates the success or failure of the entire defense by how much pressure the line gets on the QB, something was definitely lacking last year. Now so far we have the equivalent of two new DT's with Jackson and Hargrave. Plus if the Eagles can get Ngakoue, that could be all it takes to make these existing CB's and safeties look like they actually belong on the field. Can Mills take the place of Jenkins? I don't see why not. The Saints definitely aren't getting the same free agent safety back in Jenkins that the Eagles got from them. As far as I am concerned what kept Jenkins on the field was his intelligence the last few years and not his skill set. He looked reluctant at times to tackle in certain situations and he also let some of our CB's down at times in coverage. Yes he was a swiss army knife for the secondary but the fact that he had to play all those rolls with his diminished skill set was because the Eagles drafted poorly or signed lousy free agents. I will give the guy all the praise in the world but his time was up. I have no problem with Mills taking over for him. I believe for the first time in his Eagles career Mills is positioned correctly.
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    Brockers and Dennard deals fell through. Weird offseason where teams haven’t gotten all the medical checks and paper work signed yet.
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    Hope GB makes it ok. Couldn't believe 1) their bars were open and 2) he went out. Laws have been loosened here so scripts they usually can't mail can be temporarily. Pondering whether to go food shopping early or having it delivered. They open early just for "elderly". Everything's freshly sanitized. Delivery's being hogged up by the summer people who didn't stay in place and came here 2 mos early, bringing the virus with them. Self centered and irresponsible.
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    Yep, had a "Dr" prescribe them when I was sick once, didn't take them and fired him immediately
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    Thanks for the Lancaster info TD. Debs' Mom lives in a condo at Masonic Village in E-town where the restaurants are closed and they're delivering meals to each residence. Not an easy task as the place is the size of a small town. This whole thin's been mishandled from the beginning. Sure wish we could have closed the bridges - isn't legal. All the states around us are under shelter in place, yet there are record requests for summer residents water to be turned on. We begged them not to come but now the cape will be lost as well. Wish we could buy a boat big enough to stay at sea for 2 mos
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    LMAO see you guts know me too well.Shutting comp down now.Next time I am on the bored I will be in Panther(GRRRRR) country.TC all
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