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    I prefer it to catsup on a hot dog.
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    I like Andy reid. He's a great dude and brought us some of the best eagles football up until 2017. I harbor no ill will towards him and I would gladly cheer for him against any NFC team left. Hate the seahawks and don't care at all about the packers or 9ers
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    It's probably the easiest path to a Lombardi that he's ever going to get. Having said that, never underestimate his ability to come up small in big moments. I actually wouldn't mind seeing him finally get the monkey off of his back, but color me skeptical.
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    I mean, one dies their hair ombre, so I don’t think we needed the commercial to figure out that dynamic
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    Congratulations Harold Carmichael. It certainly was a long time coming. As a reward for making the Hall of Fame, Howie Rosemen will let you pick all the wide receivers for the Eagles in this years draft.
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    With Kuechly, it was the concussions, with Luck, it was the rest of his body. now I don't want to dismiss Luck's injuries, but with Luke, the head is the most important thing, and if that goes, life really after football really don't mean a thing.
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    I'd also like to get a secondary coach who gets players to play the ball
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    Sproles offers good coaching potential on ST as well. Maybe more so.
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    Hate the Cowboys but that was touching. Good for JJ on the Hall of Fame. F the Cowboys though.
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    The matchup the NFL is hoping for is Packers-Chiefs. They celebrate their 100 year anniversary only to have the SB be the same two teams in SB1? Marketing gold. Then you have Mahomes and Rodgers and if you have Reid, one of the most respected coaches in the league, win the SB - it would be a gold for the NFL.
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    I'm glad McDaniels didn't get it. He doesn't deserve a HC job after leaving all those assistant coaches hanging out to dry when he reneged on the Indy job.
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    Agreed. Can’t understand the AR hate here. He was nothing but a class act while he was here and put us in contention year in and year out. It was time for us to move on and I only wish the best for the big walrus. Only team right now I would hate to win is SF can’t stand Richard Sherman
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