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    As he rightfully should! Hold out for $40 Million, Dakota!
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    You aren't paying attention. We want him to sign for more than Wentz. We want the Cowboys to be cap strapped. If you guys want to sign an average QB to big money, we would love it.
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    The Eagles got a Lombardi for their cap expenditures over the past 5 years. What have the Cowboys gotten for theirs, in that span?
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    That's insane they offered him $30. That's hilarious he turned it down
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    Give him 5 or 10 minutes, he'll get himself re-suspended.
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    The boys should just let him play out the season; they have nothing to gain by signing him now. A boys fan that gets it 👏
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    Gowton's been having fun today, bunch of Dak comparisons which show just how slightly above avg he is. Dak has a swelled head. If we'd been healthy last yr, we would have won the div. They have a good roster and they will get these contracts done, a good GM would have had it done already. Seriously, playing for Americas' prison team is some sort of priveledge? Playing for a winning team yes, playing for them not so much.
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    Wasn't he Rookie of the Year - when that other rookie on the team carried the offense? I think $50 million sounds more like it.
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