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    My heart and prayers go out to everyone here on this board along with their families and to those healthcare workers, first responders, pharmacy and grocery workers and several areas of the banking community, among many others who are on the front lines of Covid 19 and can't carry out their responsibilities remotely. Stay safe and be aware of disinfecting and social distancing. We'll get through this as we persevere and keep practicing sane habits under these circumstances. I only go out for groceries and medications. They say social distancing is helping to stem the rise but IDK for sure. Hoping it does. GBFL good luck on your move to NC and starting up your Eagles Cave !!
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    LOL really!!!! I will be on for awhile tomorrow.I will keep comp on and get on when I have to rest.Used to load and drive my own truck every day,but I'm finding out I'm not 35 anymore
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    Hope everyone stays safe... remember what you can do to help at this time...
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