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    sorry but I'm not turning my back on guys I went to war with for football and he should not be asked to do that either.
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    Let's not get ahead of ourselves...but who would I LIKE to play? The Browns.
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    If I'm there with the guy that got hit, the little bish who hit him is getting carried out of there. No one stepped up Just watching this pissed me off to no end, and fandom has zero to do with it.
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    It also helps when Jeff Fisher isn't the head coach anymore.
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    Ive seen some stupid pointless threads before ... this one might contend to be in the top 3 .
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    OP practices french kissing on his Dak Prescott fathead.
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    YO Eagles fans! 10-6 was my thinking at the start of the year (without seeing the oh so meaningful preseason games) ...my mindset was winning the division for the first time in what would be a few years in a row as we establish our team going forward. The QB and the DL to me are the positions that can impact the game the most. I liked our situation then, and I like it better now. After the statement game vs AZ, it was obvious the key game of the season is this Washington game coming up... so I looked at Carolina as a bonus. Didn't expect the physica domination that we put on them, even though I thought we had a 50/50 chance of winning because I liked playing at home at 1pm whle they had to travel back from Michigan, I think it gave us an advantage because Monday would have been an easier day for us. Anyhow, the Washington game regardless of the Carolina result is key. Beating them twice gives us the tiebreaker. Also basically forces Dallas to have to sweep us or it's tough for them to catch us. I'm still focused on the division, which means the next game is my focus. If along the way the the bye or the top seed is in play, then great, but I just want the NFC EAST for now. When your team is good, it's fun to focus on the now. One game at a time this year is even better because each game I see something else I like! The LBs stepped up huge. The young CBs struggled, but for the first tiem in years, they actually keep fighting! Give me that anyday, while they actually turn around to look at the ball....lol. Run defense is setting up everything else. The QB seems in control, never more evident than when you see him audible out of a pass play into a run play that works! Unselfish leaders on this team. And the kicker is hot! I love it!
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    Let's see...the 2002 Eagles beat the Bucs in the regular season and trounced them the two previous postseasons before being routed in the NFC Championship at home. The 2003 Eagles beat the Panthers on the road in the regular season before being routed at home in the NFC Championship. The 2008 Eagles DESTROYED the Cardinals in the regular season before losing to them in the NFC Championship. How many of you were calling "SUPERBOWLZZZ" when those matchups presented themselves? You'd think this fanbase would have learned some tact. I get being excited. And I am. But, this team has flaws and it's 6 games into the season. We don't need 8 threads talking about how this team is the Super Bowl favorite when they've beaten the 1 win Giants by 2 points and the 2 win Chargers by 3 points and every game besides one (Arizona) has come down to the final possession. This team is a 61 yard field goal, a Chris Long strip sack, and a Cam Newton bed whetting from being 2-3.
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    LMAO.....McCaffery has played 6 games and philly fans are declaring that he wasn't worth a 1st round pick. He still learning the offense and adjusting to the pro game along with being used just like sproles. In today's NFL, a player like McCaffery is a dangerous and versatile weapon......he's going to be difficult to defend in the coming years, despite the idiotic comments on this board.
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    KC. Why? Reid will never win a Super Bowl, that's why.
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    This guy took Carolina's 'keep pounding' phrase literally. Unfortunately for him his fellow inmates will be now following that motto.
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    Not sure I like that idea. If we were to lose to AR in the Super Bowl I would get sick......
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    They're not happy on the panthers boards, some admitting we were just a better team, some want to "hang shula at dawn". They all want to find the guy who sucker punched another fan in the stadium after the game, which I find rather amusing after all their talk about how bad Eagles fans are. They wanted a trench war, they got one.
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    OHHH I will tip my helmet to Bradham as well.Some key plays early
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    Anybody still want to trade Kendricks for a third day draft pick still? Thought not. 17 tackle monster game last night
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    DRC is the kind of player you don't want around when things are not going swimmingly. Eagles know this all too well unfortunately.
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    And we're still getting a draft pick for him next year.
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    He'll have to wear one of those plastic collars to keep him from biting his ankle
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    Is it me, or has the FaceBook change ruined the community?
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    Andy Reid exists to let me down
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    I'm very happy for the win. Props to Agholor! He is catching the dang ball this year....aka....doing his job. torrey Smith needs to ride the pine because he can't catch and is costing his team. Props to Beau Allen! Nice game. Wentz and the running game played very well! Blount! Way to run the rock! Improvement needed: I knew Douglas was not ready for prime time. He shocked me last week, but he got absolutely schooled SEVERAL times yesterday. He needs more practice time. I really hope Darby's ankle heals quickly! Need Cox back as well. Fitzgerald CANNOT beat the Eagles this coming Sunday. He has KILLED the Eagles in past games. Do NOT let him beat you! Props to the OLine!
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    Forget about the stats and scores. These are games the Birds found a way to lose last season
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    This entire thing is turning into a complete joke. People don't even know the f they are protesting for...just doing it because it's the new thing to do.
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    I'd like to see Sproles come back for one more year. It'd be a shame for him to go out like this.
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    Making the change to Warmack is shocking he clearly has potienal to be a good G but has not shown it and lost the battle in camp.....Would think of we made a change would go Wis but maybe Warmack has been showing signs in practice.....All I know is the OL play has to get better Wentz is under way to much pressure and the ground game has to get going
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    Yes 20MM for shooting down drones over my swamp ! :)
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    Glad to see this kind of game. Reminded me a lot of yesteryear when the Birds could hang on to a lead. But 100% satisfied with our defense and along with the offense getting better with the running game that will tremendously help out Carson Wentz and good special teams play especially from Kenjon Barner filling in for Sproles, not to forget about our kicker Elliot (Kudos) This has been the best start I've ever seen in my time. Great job, Go Birds! PS: BTW- Who were those guys officiating ?......10 penalties to 1 ? WTF !! Again our Eagles beat them too !! These kind of officials need to be fired !
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    They out and out said they didn't know which was worse, the refs incompetence at calling penalties or their incompetence at rigging the game
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    Oh and Elliott’s suspension begins HaHaHa all is good
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    Pete Marelli's head is being called for after last night's game. 125 yards for Eagles- 1 yard for Panthers..... Enuff said! We won against 12 last night.
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    GREAT GREAT win. That was some of the most piss poor officiating I've seen in the NFL
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    I say we bring in a female at linebacker. Newton won't know what to do for fear of losing another sponsor!
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    Have to admit the injuries had me nervous about this game. Looks like we found our LG in Wis against a pretty good D. Do we now have a controversy at K? Elliott performing beyond my expectations.
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    Amen Bro, a fellow brother in arms. Greatest social injustice was that committed against the vets returning from Vietnam. Those who never served in combat have no clue as to what 24/7 sacrifices are and were made with the resulting horrors and injuries that will never leave you. But to be spat upon, called baby killers and murders upon returning after risking your own life for your country is a social injustice to the max. I sympathize with the players and their social injustices whether real or perceived but the flag is too sacred to me to be used as a symbol for your protests. To me it's despicable.
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    Him and Doug were trying to out-dumbass each other today.
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    I wanna see Clement get at least 5 carries vs the gnats. Based on film study from NY's perspective of the Eagles' first 2 games, their focus on Clement should be minimal. Just because NY has an impressive D front is not a reason to not give him a shot. I would like to see Blount get 10-15 carries, NOT out of the shot gun. Maybe even have Blount next to Wentz under center and (like MJK said) direct snap to Blount. One more thing,I really liked that shovel pass play design by Big Red from Alex Smith to Travis Kelce. Why not try something to that effect with Celek or Burton? The coaches must start using all of these versatile O weapons!
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