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    Not life threatening, and not paralyzed, but could miss the season and possibly a career ender. I want to say something else happened to this guy, but i just can't put my finger on it...........
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    You people are terrible. Can't believe you're making fun of a guy who was just in a car accident because he lacks the amount of fingers required to text and drive
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    ZERO sympathy for Reid. Hill beat the hell out of this same woman while pregnant with this same kid and Reid overlooked all of that, drafted him. Any human being who punches a pregnant woman in the stomach, chokes her, throws her against the wall no matter how talented they could be should be in jail, not warmly welcomed months later onto a NFL roster. I believe in second chances but what this guy did was horrible and he could've lost his unborn child. Reid was willing to instantly overlook that and ignore that it ever happened. So again, no sympathy at all for Andy Reid when there were massive red flags and he decided to ignore them.
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