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    Keenum had a passer rating of 5.1 when under pressure against the Saints. If he thought the Saints gave him pressure....welcome to Philadelphia!
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    Yeah, you know I thought of all the intangibles, as I always do, and I generally throw them on the ground when the game begins. Minnesota will be ready to play. The fact is, the Eagles have to play their best game of the season to win, as does Minnesota. Home field helps. I feel like the Eagles are better at the line of scrimmage. Can't turn the ball over, can't commit penalties and must score TDs in the red zone. Simple and very difficult all at once.
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    I was waiting for that
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    Much as I dislike Belichick he has the right idea. Just do your job. If everyone does that I like our chances.
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    I’ve said it all year ... this Eagle team, is " the most Complete Eagle team,” EVER? This Next Man Up cliche, fits this team like no other previous team. There is a Real Possibility this team, built from the lines out.... some might say, built the right way. The perfect mix of Youth and Veterans, peaking at the perfect time. Roseman getting his due. If Doug wins this weekend, he could be the Coach of the year. All this success may be Tooooo much for us suffering Eagle fans to handle 😂 lol. We won’t, can’t let ourselves believe that after losing Carson this team could still be the Best team in the league? We know No One Else believe we can win it all, but a few of us Fanatics. Vikings are in our way.
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    I think the Eagles show everyone this week that their defense is better than the vikings’ d. Keeping them off the field will be huge for getting nick comfortable this game.
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    Trini, I hope you're right about Foles having a good game, being spot on with his targets so they can pick up as much YAC as possible. 'Cause my ideal scenario is having the Eagles' OL & DL completely dominate the Vikes' respective lines. That is no cliche' about the lines, it is truth that it all starts in the trenches. We have the players that will allow everything else to pan their way if the lines can rule. The other part of my ideal plot after the lines imposing their will is that the Eagles' can jump out to a 2+ possession lead (2 TD's!) and then the D can pin their ears back like the dogs that they are and completely disrupt Keenum by forcing him into mistakes. After that the Vikes' game plan will slowly unravel and the Birds will be on their way! Fly Eagles fly, on the road to VICTORY! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!
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    I get D gotta show up... counting on it😍. I just think Nick aka Shaggy is going to play his best game of this Fairytale season. OLine has to give him time, Vikes DB’s roughed up our WR and RB last time we met. That cat Smith is the real deal. Howie has seriously upgraded both those positions, expecting a better result this time around. I hope Sydney Jones show us some of that talent we’re expecting. I wonder if we gonna see Shelton Gibson on the field. Doug gonna have a few plays up his sleeves😎😇. Win Baby just Win. Howie... Executive of the year. Doug... Coach of the year. Wentz... MVP 1st Lombardi.🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
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    Davis Webb is highly regarded by who? The HC and GM responsible for drafting him are long gone and Webb was inactive for all but the final 1-2 games. I liked the pick but this notion that the Giants brass are really into him is far fetched.
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