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    When I have trouble with anything concerning the computer or my phone, I turn it over to my 5th grade grandson. A man has to know his limitations.
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    GBFL making good progress on new pad. Waiting to hear when he get www hook-up. They got his lines embedded underground. He was able to get on PE.com, but not able to get on bored. So IDK??? I don't have a smart phone. Can't help him much. Even harder to help him not being able to talk since he can't hear. ☹️
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    So prejudice not to mention the LS, P & K position LOL.
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    My bold prediction is that the second wave is less impactful because we will finally have our ship together so here goes: The NFL will kick off with a huge Football Feast Thanksgiving weekend. They play an abbreviated schedule - maybe 10 games - with a playoff tournament kicking off in early February and the Super Bowl in March.
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    I know but still funny they have been wanting this for how many years and now they get a shortened season lol
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    Always a possibility.... even 2nd. Same with S... until I see it in the 1st (I was 6 years old the last time LB, never remember a S being picked first) .... so I always cross that off my list of possibilities.... plus don't think they would go RB unless they picked like 30th. So LB, S and RB, I cross off the list .... QB wont happen, neither will TE. So ... WR, CB, OL or DL should be pick 1... from there anything goes. At this point I doubt it's DL, but who knows. Dont think it's OL this year, if it is... what does that tell us??? So CB and WR seem to be the remaining choices... that would make me lean towards WR. I think they like to draft linemen first for the most part... just doesn't seem like it this year though... take away QB ... so WR or CB. I just think they allow the young CBs to battle it out. But 2nd round all options on the table IMO... except QB. (hopefully I don't have to mention no P, LS or K either...lol)
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    If it's 3rd down and a passing situation... the offense has 3 WRs on the field, why would you keep 3LBs? Like you do realize that the defense usually reacts to the offensive switches?? What are you really giving away? That you put a better cover man out there? BTW... the 3 down LB is needed unless you plan on going 4 DL and 7 DBs. So our goal should be to have a few 3 down LBs. Still need 2 in nickel coverage and you are better off having backups due to injury. I don't expect LB with the first pick... and never will until I see it first ... Jerry Robinson in 1979 ... the last time the did it. I would love to see LB or S drafted 1st one of these years to break that trend, if it happens then you know for sure it was their BPA. I think Edwards is the sleeper here ... or they bring back Bradham for cheaper price for one year.
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    Because I really don't think they prioritized it via the draft. IMO, you can tell a lot about how a team thinks with how they draft. You see what we prioritize.... QB, OL, DL. I think they missed on Agholor. other than that, no commitment to that speed option other than the free agents... Smith, Wallace, DeSean.... I think there needs to be 2 drafted... and not a 5th or 6th round Shelton Gibson type. I would prefer earlier picks here in the next 2 drafts. I think we need 3 WRs to go along with JJAW and Ward. Enough with the mid level FAs. They commit via draft, multiple picks.... then things should change. That is what has been missing.
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    My prediction is best case scenario, we get a shortened season. Maybe 10-12 games. Very possible too many games will be missed and they just decide to scrap the season altogether. I see very little, to no chance we get a full 16 game season.
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    NFL.com ranked the top five corner duos in the NFL. Somehow we didn’t make the list....I’m sure we were sixth...
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    I am assuming that the Eagles will be trading Douglas this year. If not, no need for another CB. Although I am not counting on any players but Coleman, LeBlanc Maddox, Jones, Slay and Douglas to make the 53 man roster. If one of the kids do. it will be a pleasant surprise.
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    Joe Staley is getting really old. So Oline is the wild card.
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    Really noticed the change in the NFL game coinciding with Trotter’s career. As he got older and slower the game was changing to make this less acceptable from your LB.
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    Since Schwartz has been here he’s really made me think about how we should target S more. We can utilize them in the S roles. Can utilize them covering the slot. Can use them as LB. The downside is you’d think S wouldn’t be able to hold up as much as LB to the grind of a full season. But you could up the numbers of quality S to counter this. Which is basically what ended up happening. Got Kamu, Gerry, Jenkins, McLeod, Graham, Sendejo...maybe even bending to use CB in some of these roles. Maddox, Mills, Douglas..... But we still could use one big time LB.
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    We won the SB with Bradham and Kendricks as our two LBs. It’s become a huge fad to use S converted to LB. Gerry and Kamu were converted S. Used Jenkins at LB. We don’t use 4-3 but so much anymore. Goaline/ short yardage is where we utilize the most LB. So we play a ton of Nickle. We also seem to have liked Dime a good amount. How much of that is Schwartz preference vs personnel driven decision making? So I think we almost only have interest in a three down LB type. If he can’t cover teams will target him and pass on him. If not straight play called it will be audibled.
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    It'll be interesting to see what happens at the LB positions. We only have 3 on the roster I think and only 1 who has played
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    He’s better as a third DT now though I’ll definitely admit. If Malik still has any juice left....that’s what he would have been But I’m with you on liking The Gravedigger
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    Timmy’s contract was bigger...so not sure that’s a universal thought. I think the Gravedigger is better. Way better than ever was...not going that far. But I thought when on the field Jernigan still looked good. Just durability questions now with that vertebrae injury.
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    As for Timmy come on dude was a shell of himself....I will say without a doubt Hargrave is WAY BETTER then Timmy ever was even at his best.
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    Do I think he is better then Cox no....But he is a massive dude that played NT and generated decent pressure while going up against double teams on a regular.....So I don’t think it is so unrealistic to think he will still demand double teams or teams will pay for it. As for the coverage part our guys were not great(though we haven’t had a healthy secondary in 2 years) but they were not as terrible as everyone makes them out to be either.
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    This is kinda a tough ask.... Really can’t say which would be a bigger impact....If Hargrave can come in demand double teams like many are thinking and help leave Cox 1 v 1 on the inside pass rush is getting MASSIVE BOOST.... That boost in pass rush doesn’t allow for as many big plays to happen on the D end....
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    ‘The comeback was ignited by a 44-yard pass play to Tyreek Hill on third-and-15 with seven minutes, 13 seconds remaining in the fourth.’ According to Bleacher Report
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    Same options there was always been no one good
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