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    We need more stunts and disguised blitzes. Our dline is not what it once was.
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    I am not a Coach, but I knew that Rasul 04.06 Speed was no match for Diggs 04.04 or Thelans 04 .038... 40 times... Gotta put my players in positions to be successful. After Cousins bomb to Thelin for a touchdown I would be thinking as a NON Coach how to slow down that speed. Hell I am not a NFL coach what do I know.?
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    Cousins sucks and will never win anything, bookmark it. The problem here is our secondary sucks worse it’s the worst in the fing league.
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    He will get around what Wentz got and then they will both be over paid. these guys are not top shelf QB’s yet. They both have played better then their teammates. They will be judged on their record though. That is part of the job.
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    Lack of talent on D is the issue. It's sickening watching no name guys on other teams make plays week in and week out, and that's gotta do with the Coaching. Jim is so headstrong on his scheme and making sure guys do what he wants, instead of what there instincts tell them to
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    The lack of pressure from the D is on Jim and Howie. The 4 man rush is not generating any pressure, they've all regressed. Graham is better inside, Cox - idk what the hell is going on but he's been non existent, Barnett's gives up the edge on every fricken play, falls for the play action, Ridgeways been ok. Bradham is looking awfull, Brown is a run stopping lb who fails at stopping the run, Gerry's been ok
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    It's several things. It's poor scouting and drafting. It's poor teaching/coaching. It's scheme. It also falls on the players. How do you bite on a 1 yard out route on a 5 yard TD fade pass? Howie has to make a trade though if we are going to compete for the playoffs. We simply don't have the pass rush and CBs to hold up. If the Vikes did this to us today, what will Brady, Edelman, Russell Wilson and better teams do to us in the next several weeks?
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    Would you rather be embarrassed by Kirk Cousins after calling him his opponent's greatest weakness, or would you rather lose to one of the worst teams in the NFL? It's a metaphysical dilemma.
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    I can't believe the Girls lost to the Jets. Now I don't feel so bad about the Vikes loss.
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    I feel we celebrate as much when Dallas loses as we do when we win. I'm definitely guilty there.
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    Just when I began to get into ‘this miserable week mind set...The Jets saved me. JETS...Jets. Jets .Jets yaaaaa. Howie Trade deadline is coming need HELP... COW#ITC....are next .....Yaaaaaaaa....JETS.
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    I often wonder if professional athletes are embarrassed by a performance like this or do they just go buy another $100,000 toy to drown their sorrows.
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    Brandon Graham inside pass rushing against a G has been an incredible matchup. His size( and especially height) I would have never guessed it. But he dominates inside.
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    Good thing Cousins has a weak arm, or we’d be in trouble 😒 IDIOTS
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    Nothing can cure Diggs displeasure like facing our corners
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    The only game I felt he coached poorly on the defensive side was against the Lions. Against the Redskins, it was clear the entire team was rusty until they woke up the second half. Against the Falcons I thought he coached really well and blitzed more than we've seen from him in forever and it confused Matt Ryan. Unfortunately he blitzed probably one too many times and it costed them in the end. Against the Lions he went blitz heavy again and it rarely worked. The Lions easily picked it up and had easy throws/completions. If we're going to blitz that heavy and not get home we at least have to force the QB off balance. On a TD they gave up they blitzed the house, the Lions picked it up such that Stafford stood like a statue in the pocket to deliver an easy completion for a TD. Against the Packers I don't think he coached horribly. Jones wasn't exactly good before going out, and then Maddox was epicly bad. They couldn't do anything right in coverage against Adams. Against the Jets I think he took advantage of a young QB who didn't have preparation. While it was easily our best defensive game of the year, I thought he coached a better game against the Falcons even though it didn't go our way. Honestly I don't know if we blitz enough, or too little, or too much. I do know that in general our blitzes haven't been effective. Whether that's been the players executing or his coaching it's tough to say. But if we aren't blitzing well, i'm more inclined to not blitz. Nothing is worse than sending pressure that doesn't get home.
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    Wouldn't it be really funny if this video title backfired on Shango and Darnold beats the Cowboys?
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