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    On the Radio yesterday they were talking about DP's mistakes. B Westbrook brought up that he made some rookie mistakes but also made some mistakes No other HC would make, like challenging a play for 2 yards, when it did not give them a first down. That is why I am concerned about him. That is why I say let someone else handle the play calling so he can concentrate on the flow of the game. I hope he does well as do all Eagle fans, but I cannot keep from wondering if this season is gonna be a waste because of 3-4 bone head decisions that cost games.....
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    along with an improved deep air attack and help on the ground from blount and pumphrey, i expect lots of third and log conversions and red zone TD's from our 3 fine tight ends.
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    Everyone escaping the heat? Hope you all are doing well. Good to hear from Cookie and a few newbies - must be close to camp - Sun for the rooks, Wed for the Vets. I'm still a Montana guy. Maybe it was the times or being in my youth. Bill Walsh changing the game vs Bellichik. Hey - you could hit a WR back then! Liked Tark as well Stine - the 1st true scrambler, although he was running for his life half the time, not to try to gain yrds. As for CB, well the entire team actually, falling back on Bud & Lou - we'll see what we see when we see it. Personally I thought we were a playoff team last yr, the diff being a handful of plays went/called wrong. The CB position is already better, that's not saying much. Jenkins will have to cover yet again and deserves a bonus, the guy does above and beyond. Healthy old timers at several positions will determine this season. Bring on camp! I'm still out of the area but will check all the usual outlets for clips. Gotta love Americas' Prison Team http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/07/20/cowboys-rookie-jourdan-lewis-headed-to-trial-next-week/related/ Gurls bring in Durant off his suspension. Hey Dullass - OJ's available!
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    Well, I guess that's better than criminals...
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    Right... So you watched Wentz closely did you? You saw the o line he was playing with and the WRs he had?! I mean that couldn't have anything to do with his sign struggles?