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    LMAO, sorry! You quoted DWD who mentioned about skins winning SB and I misunderstood. I was so disappointed when Cunningham went down. Wasn't that Jerome's last season? I thought for sure that would be the Eagles' year. But it just kept on becoming, "Maybe next year." People would rag on me about the Eagles and I always stood up for the team and stayed true 'cause I knew in my heart that they'd eventually get a SB. Except I never thought it would take so long. It sure was worth the wait though, best dog gone SB I've ever seen with the best gadget play (I'm very biased) in a SB thru history.
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    I was talking about our defense though. That was the 91 season with that dominant defense. IMO our best shot to win a SB between 1980 -2002, if Randall or even Jimmy Mac could have stayed healthy.
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    Can't say you'd be wrong there Ham. If Mack isn't ready to go by TC at the very latest he could be in dire straits (good band BTW). All I can think is that he's experiencing post-surgery complications yet from the Sports Hernia. From what I've read about it I wouldn't wish it on a single soul. I've never had sports hernia, but had my share of groin strains from PT. I wish Hollins the best of luck. I'm confident he'd be a great addition to the team. He's a hell of a gunner on ST's too. You were speaking of seeing if the young DE's can bring it or not. TC can't get here soon enough for me Ham! I'm STARVING for Eagles' football.
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    Being anxious and anticipation doesn't come close to describing how ready I am to see this O/team. With all of these weapons on the O I feel it's gonna be a great experience for JJAW and Lt. Col. Sanders. This O should be able to impose their will on D's.
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    I think anything is possible as far as cutting players, but I don't quite understand the mania over compensatory draft picks. If Sendejo provides valuable depth, you keep him. Plain and simple. If he helps you this season, you keep him. If you see that he's not playing well in the summer, you consider all options. Same with Fort. I don't think the Eagles are in the business of cutting players just to gain a later compensatory draft pick. Of the three RBs you mention, Smallwood is the leader. He's the team's leading ground gainer the last two seasons. He's done a pretty good job with the touches he's gotten. Adams has to get healthy and show he has more than the bounce-outside move. He has to run lower. Big kid, great kid, lots of talent, but a tall target. Scott is an interesting player to watch as a return man and as a third-down option. Will the Eagles even keep four RBs? Let's see how it plays out in Training Camp and in the preseason.
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    POS person on a POS team. match made in heaven , if you're an eagles fan.
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    I only saw the video clip once. I don't know if that will get him suspended or not, but it's definitely not a good 'look' for him. One idiotic moment, though, can negate 5 years worth of 'good works' in an instant. What I saw on the video though, my impression is that he's walking into this security guard in a way as to intimidate him and then shoves him with his forearm which causes him to lose balance and fall. Is that as bad as punching him in the face? No. But why would he be trying to intimidate some rent-a-cop and be walking up on him so closely and making physical contact to the point where the guy falls to the ground? He definitely gives off a 'sleaze-ball' vibe. Now I get it, you're a Cowboys fan, so you may be a little slower to 'anger' over something of this sort (and I use the word 'anger' loosely). We Eagles fans were the same way with McCoy, when he was here (some still are). But looking back and looking at his history, he's a slime-ball. I wouldn't want him back in Midnight Green, if I had any say-so over it. Elliott gives off that same 'stench'.
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