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    Wow we signed Sproles....not shocked he is back more shocked it is this early....not a good sign for the fridge guys
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    This is probably more overrated then anything remember in 1993 Emmitt held out and Dallas started 0-2 ? they still won the super bowl not saying this Dallas team will win SB but him holding out isn’t going to have that big of an impact on us
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    Just read they’re proposing 18 games but limiting the players to 16 games each meaning each player would have to miss 2 games dumbest Fing thing I’ve ever heard of even worse then shocker and eaglephan1966’s threads
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    There’s plenty of evidence against Zeke. Many cameras captured the half shirt he wore on draft day. His suspension was justified.
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    Players union ... all the prior suspensions where there were complaints. Due process... if a guy isnt absolutely proven to have done somethign wrong ...etc. He said she said etc. Can the NFL do anything legally here with Hill? Ray Rice was caught on video ... easy decision there. I'm sure their hands are tied with this one until absolute proof is there. D. Smith will make sure the dictator Goodell won't do anything until then. But it's just camp now ... more time, more investigating, I'm sure Hill isn't out of the woods yet. Of course that is a little sarcastic ... but that's the situation ... regardless of what the league does ... its the wrong decision. Always Goodell's fault. He is either the dictator or the guy who lets everything go. IDK, how about you let the guy play .... Mahomes throws a ball slightly high and then he gets drilled. ???? Old school style.
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