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    If we do not have this thing under control by fall, lack of an NFL season will be the least of our problems.
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    When I have trouble with anything concerning the computer or my phone, I turn it over to my 5th grade grandson. A man has to know his limitations.
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    I couldn't have said it better " I want a blank canvas, 2 or 3 WRs in the draft, speed and speed , with the return job being back up speed WR not a RB."... the perfect vision of what we should do in the Draft. BG 93 answered what I would have said... Didn't like our failures this year, didn't like losing to Miami, but even with the failures I have to acknowledge and respect the coaching job Doug did. I wanted Groh and the WR coach gone. I didn't like the MASH unit that was Ithis team? Peedy found a way to overcome. A characteristic I valued with my managers and their teams. Doug is perhaps the best coach we've ever had...too early for a verdict. Buddy Ryan and Big Red still top my list of favorite Eagle coaches Maaannn it's a little worrisome reading my thoughts exactly through another's words. I've been reading your blurbs for soooooo long BG93 it's rubbing off on me . SCARY.😳
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    We miraculously got a Peapod delivery scheduled! Been trying for 2 days but they only book 2 weeks out and are full. Signed a petition to close the bridges because even tho they're supposed to be sheltering in place in NY and Conn, they're arriving in droves. They really don't understand you can't run from this thing, just hide. They're just spreading it by increasing the population density here, making it more dangerous for everyone.
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    It is the single biggest issue, then you have to look at why he's going to potentially be on his 4th team in 5 years. The Pats traded a 1st round pick as well as a 3rd round pick for Cooks and a 4th. Why did they dump him after just one season? There has to be more to it than, they just didn't want to pay him. What else is going on with him that we aren't privy to?
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    I would be happy if we held out to make a play for Yannick...The closer we get to the draft the better the leverage to make a play for Yannick. Howie said in his presser that he wasn't done making moves...Its a waiting game, Reports implies that Yannick wants to play here. I would take Yannick over any WR we didn't sign in free agency. Many here would agree That is one of my issues with Cooks too many concussions. We have NOT had great luck with WR health...Already got a Mash unit.
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