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    I agree Swoop. DP needs to do better Play selection this year. There were many times he left me scratching my head. I wasn't the only one too. Sometimes it is OK to be predictable if you have the horses to make the play work. I really think he outsmarted himself a few times last year.... Here is to hoping he does a great job!! Cheers (Drinking a beer down)
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    I don't ever remember having a WR group with this much potential.
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    When I sign in to the Forum link I cannot get back to the News content without using the search feature or View full article option when I chose that option I am no longer signed in to comment on the article? I can only comment from the forum page. Gibson demonstrated in college tremendous ability to track the deep ball well... Hollins did that also. Gibson seemed to have lined up on the left side most of his college career. Now he has to learn the other route trees, in slants the ball is getting to him much quicker from guys with more talented arms. It is waay to early for raised expectations on this rookie class...hahahahha... tooo late, My Expectations are already through the roof ...lol. Agholor's performance in OTA'S echoes loudly the importance of Quality coaching... this coming from someone who hoped that Greg Lewis would succeed. I liked his blue color efforts as an Eagle. There seems to be higher level of confidence in Groh teachings, perhaps because of the demonstrated success he had with Jeffery, Proven Success. and that confidence was on display during the OTA... still a long way to go... next measuring stick, bring on the pads.
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    Like what I am hearing about Hollins. He could be a great 5th round pick up.
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    Agree 100%. I previously stated in another thread when the Eagles drafted Mack Hollins at #12 in the 4th round(our first of two in the 4th, Pumps being the other at 26th) there was a split screen shot of the Cowgirls war room. It might just be me but imo, it appeared they were shocked and dismayed by our Hollins pick and were scrambling around to find another player to draft. It looked like we also stole this other player they intended to pick at 27th when we moved in front of them to grab Pumps at #26 in a trade with the Chiefs. Could not imagine Elliott and Pumps in the Dullass backfield together. Thanks "Big Red" A few cheeseburgers for you!!
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    Persepctive about our WRs. 1. When was the last time we had a #1 like Alshon? I think T.O. 2. When was the last time we had a #3 as good as either Matthews or T. Smith, whichever you consider 2 or 3? IDK, Greg Garrity...LOL Maclin and DeSean were nice, neither a #1, and not much else behind them at all. Neither particularly great in the red zone, although I'll take Maclin with the route running and the hands, he wasn't a guy you always need to double team in the red zone. To me its probably the best 3 by far, throw in Sproles and Ertz, with some decent options behind them, and it has to be the best unit we have had here. Doesn't mean the results will be as good as other years where we were top heavy, but will be fun to see.
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    one thing not discussed in article, is having a solid running game will also help out the WR's. If defenses have to play honest we should be able to do well passing the ball also. Again, allot depends on how much of an improvement we see from Wentz......
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    Refreshing to have this talent in here we have lacked for what seems like an eternity
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    No reason not to be excited about this WR group this year for sure. We have a tough schedule of games and without knowing who could be back next year will make judging this year somewhat difficult. I cant wait to see it though!
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    Great. So how many guys weigh down the 2017 squad because of potential? You are going to need some guys to dress on Sundays. If you don't keep guys with potential,you are one and done ➊ If there's room for Orlosky on the 53,then he should be put on if he shows enough upside,which he should. ➋ Seumalo can play center,his most natural position. ➌ But,you always have 7 Inactives on game day,which is retarded!. ➍ The thing of being allowed to have 53 players on the ACTIVE Roster but you can only have 46 ACTIVE is taking the 'chess' thing into idiotic territory! Maybe we should increase the Active roster also? Allowing another 3-4 players to dress may be a good thing with the mounting injuries we have seen over the past few years. I agree to raise one does not make sense, unless you also raise the other....
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    Great. So how many guys weigh down the 2017 squad because of potential? You are going to need some guys to dress on Sundays. If you don't keep guys with potential,you are one and done ➊ If there's room for Orlosky on the 53,then he should be put on if he shows enough upside,which he should. ➋ Seumalo can play center,his most natural position. ➌ But,you always have 7 Inactives on game day,which is retarded!. ➍ The thing of being allowed to have 53 players on the ACTIVE Roster but you can only have 46 ACTIVE is taking the 'chess' thing into idiotic territory!
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    Pretty amazing isn't it? I don't think we've had this "problem" for at least a few years, where we will have a hard time choosing who to cut. Assuming it goes as I see it, i'm really going to miss a few of these guys who are already here and miss out on the opportunity to see those that are new.
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    I look to the PS games to build more chemistry heading into the regular season and to iron out kinks we may have in certain basic sets, nothing more or less. Don't care if we are 4-0 or 0-4, doesn't count and doesn't matter to me. What does matter is a certain smoothness or togetherness with which the plays are run or how the defense looks in certain situations. Combining rookies with the vets to see how they all can blend and shine together, smooth substitutions with the sub packages and fine tuning the timing and communications.
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    The tough call is probably on Shelton Gibson. We need the speed infusion bad. Or at least the option/threat. Tough to put all those eggs in just Torrey Smith's basket. Obviously have to see how Hollins can run at this level. But I think Gibson could be the case of there are more qualified guys to keep but he brings that missing trait that no one else can provide. Basically exactly why he was drafted.
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    A FEW GOOD MEN - The men's thesaurus for women on Father's day' Men don't always say what they mean ladies, please allow me to translate for your future benefit: 1. When a man says "IT WOULD TAKE TOO LONG TO EXPLAIN" He means: I have no idea how it works" 2.When a man says "THAT'S INTERESTING DEAR." , He means: Are you still talking?" 3. When a man says: "IT'S A GUY THING" He means "There is no rational thought pattern connected with this, and you have no chance at all of making it logical" 4. When a man says "UH HUH, SURE HONEY," , or "YES DEAR" He means: Absolutely nothing - It's a conditioned response. 5. When a man says "YOU LOOK TERRIFIC" He means: Oh please don't try on one more outfit, we're late and I'm starving." 6. When a man says, "THAT"S NOT WHAT I MEANT." He means: "If something I said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, I meant the other one. 7. If your husband says, "Honey, WHAT COLOR IS THIS?" He means: All men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. I have no idea what "taupe" is. Hope all you guys have a great "Fathers" Day!
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    I've said this before, as a resident San Diegan, we Eagles fans are going to be very surprised and pleased with Pumphrey! We've seen him for four years here - he didn't just break all of Faulk's records, but did so convincingly and with great flair.
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    WooHoo. It took almost 5 years but I finally got the starter tag
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    Wentz has a high IQ, so I expect he should see what the defense is trying to do and recognize it earlier than last year. Now we will have the options to audible to a play that can succeed against whatever the defense is designed to do. As I probably have mentioned 100 times, Wentz needs to start showing he is the franchise QB we drafted last year. I believe he is and am excited to see how he does with his new toys....
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    Defenses are going to have issues, stack the box because of Blount, and get burnt deep, and visa versa. Jeffrey is an absolute monster, who you can't really cover, and Smith will stretch the field... I think this Mack Hollins, has a chance to be similar to jeffrey, aggressive at the point of reception. Possibly the future no 1 WR in philly. Don't pump the breaks on pumphry, yeah he is classified as a RB, but will probably have a lot of receptions out of the back field.(the future Sproles) I couldn't be much more excited about the future of this team, not just this next year but yrs to come. Yeah this is about the WR, but I can't help but believe that having a solid run game will help those WR a ton. And having reliable receivers will help the running game... Carson is in for a really good season IMO. Can't wait, GO EAGLES!!!
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    This kid has a 'never die,take no prisoners' attitude,as well as Rasul Douglas! Not only that but Hollins had 20.6 yds./catch thru his college career and is a ST's demon. Two Eagles players were heard in OTA practice by media saying how they didn't wanna have to block Hollins. Mack & Torrey are the frontrunners so far for starting gunners. Both Mack & Rasul are big,lengthy,and strong athletes for the usual at their positions,but they are very twitchy and athletic enough that they run like a smaller,stream lined player. I'm excited to see both of these guys & many more! Hey,they have Seumalo as an emoticon. So for anyone that has a ruff (☺) time spelling his name,all they have to do is click- LOL Disclaimer: Don't worry Issac,this is all in good fun 'cause your hair is impressive,I love your play so far,especially for getting a late start last season (no thanks to late graduation rule) and your stellar versatility. Please don't find me and lay the HURT if you don't approve of this! ☺
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    Being a Wide Receivers thread i'm going to take this opportunity to start assembling a Mack Hollins train. I don't know what it is but I am very high on this guy and think by the end of the season I'm going to have a lot of passengers. I picture him replacing Smith when we're in the Red Zone. All aboard!
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    Stine, I was thinking the opposite via run and pass. My thoughts were finally we have WRs to where the defense needs to focus on them and it could open up the running game. Especially in the red zone. As GSXR said, Alshon is someone they need to worry about, should open up Ertz and Matthews for lesser talented cover guys ... somewhere there Blount gets less bodies on him ... or should I say less defenders for the OL to focus on. Or it could mean lots of 1 on 1 where we have the matchup advantage in the pass game (when has that happened in the red zone... not since T.O.)
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    You can always count on me to drink to that! I found myself scratching my head at times too last year. I tried justifying it, new coach, limited resources, aggressiveness/gambling.. But this year? I sincerely hope he spent the last 6+ months reviewing/perfecting his playcalls on a daily basis.
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    Being better in the red zone and coming away with the needed TD will be better also, because it should open Ertz and Matthews up more with having Jeffery's big body down there knowing the D will focus on him first.
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    A friend told me the Duce Stanley has said the Eagles plan to pound the rock more this season. I think it is a great idea and will take much pressure off of the Defense and Wentz. Of course, it is a rumor and we all know that these rumors rarely come to fruition. Still, I do like the idea of pounding the ball down some teams throat. With all of these defenses gearing up to rush the QB, it may just be the right thing to do....
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    I seem to remember the Eagles having a farm team in Pottsville, PA years ago. I think their name was Firebirds...? Was a great idea, but never took off. I wouldn't mind them trying again. I feel there is plenty enough talent to sustain another league in the US, as long as it is in other cities that do not already have football close by.
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    I hear ya there dude. It was a pretty big surprise that he wasn't drafted after those stats came out. I don't argue the potential whatsoever. But right now we have like 3 guys that can play center. Unless Orlosky has some other versatility I don't know if we can squeeze him on though. -ninja edit: * Unless we make a trade of one of those other potential centers that we have. Orlosky's age would give him an advantage in that analysis. Well he still needs to earn it,but we need to give him the chance to earn it(catch 22)If we cut him, suspect he would be snapped up fairly fast.So we shall see.Just seems to me to be a future BEAST at the position and someone we could have here for a decade if he earns his spot There is also the possibility we trade Kelce. That would also relieve them of Cap space.
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    Just so happens I came across an article discussing this. It's here if you're interested: http://www.bgnradio.com/theshows/2017/6/19/no-more-phantom-ir-the-nfl-needs-adopt-red-shirting-players The author's proposed point #3 really made me wiggle.
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    On behaf of drunks everwhere, iam offenderred! And for probably the only time in my life, I am happy the Skins got a win. Let it be their only one this year!
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    Pretty stupid way to spend our tax dollars. The court should make whomever sued to have it changed pay for the costs. This way, we would have much less frivolous law suits.... Like the Drunk last weekend who jumped out of the ambulance and is now suing for damages. How stupid can people get?
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    Swoopin, I meant the DB's as a unit, not the whole defense.... We had better be much better than average as a whole!
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    I am in the minority that believe the back 4/5 are not that weak. I feel we have added players that make the unit Average at worst. I have yet to see them play so I could be wrong, but I like what I have heard to date.
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    It's almost like Kaep has thrown in the towel as far as getting a job is concerned. Comparing the police to slave patrols ( even though the first amendment allows you to express that you feel that way ) can't help your efforts in playing this season. Although I can understand his anger in the wake of the Philando Castile verdict.
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    Going to be fascinating to see Wentz throw down the field more. It was ridiculously dink and dunk last season. How much will he thrive with this? His arm was worn out last season. Let's see how it holds up having to actually throw deep more often. We should learn a bunch about our franchise signal caller this season.
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    Can't agree. Record in the Preseason doesn't mean much. And you can't win the preseason. But we need to see the talent assembled actually playing. Sure it might be very simplistic defenses and play calling. But we need to see many of these players show they can at least thrive in that watered down version of the NFL game. I believe how the preseason plays out determines what trades we need to make. Obviously injury plays into this also(just being realistic). I also believe this year getting off to a quick start is crucial. Two divisional games in the first 3 weeks means we need to hit the season in quality form to have a chance at much. Winning those doesn't get you to the postseason but losing both nearly buries you. So preseason is crucial for honing those skills and adding to chemistry.
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    Im going to go one step further with the defensive predictions... having upgraded Connor Barwin, and Bennie Logan, with Chris long and Tim Jernigan, as well as adding Derreck Barnett, this pass rush WILL be more dominant... injuries put aside... I project an EASY 3.0 team sacks pg avg for a basement floor of 48 total... My gut tells me they will get 3.5 team sacks pg avg for an expected 56 total... I DO NOT exclude a 4.0 team sacks pg avg for a potential 64 total... NOW let me be clear that last year that 48 led the league, but even that was not and is not looked upon as an elite number by any standard... simply put 48 is what a team with a really good pass rush can generate... teams with GREAT pass rushes do much more... Our pass rush this year will be at worst good, more than likely great, and even possibly elite
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    In the point differential discussion I would like to toss this out.Even if,say our defense remained the same,is not this offense capable of scoring ONE additional TD per game? Disregarding the XP,there is your 6 point differential and I KNOW our D is better(on paper for the moment).Even if we fail to score an additional TD per game,we can get close enough for 2 FG's IMO,therefore I see ZERO reason we can't make up 6 points per game(and I really dont care against whom)
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    Man do these dolts really know how to pull the strings on the over-reactionary masses or what? This garbage ends when people stop googling, clicking and viewing.
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    Those teams will have to face OUR much improved defense as well,lets not forget that!!!
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    So then HOW MUCH BETTER does the Eagles defense need to be to get the defense ppg down 3 points last year (that would be 48 points less scored against the birds), it might look like this... Week 5 against the Lions, just dont fumble in FG range, so this is an offense improvement that immediately has benefit to the defense(+3pts)...Week 6 against Washington, play up to the competition and only allow 24 instead of 27(+3pts)...Week 8 in Dallas, win the OT session(+6pts)... Week 9 against the NYG, get real pressure on Eli who sucks when gets hit alot, this turns 4TDs into 2TD and 2FG (+8pts)...Week 11 Sea play up to competition and hold them to 22 instead of 26 (I'm split between 23&21) (+4pts)...Week 12 Packers, show up and get the job against a great QB with NO WRs to throw to drop this from 27 down to 20 against a wounded team (+7pts)... Week 13 with Cincinnati dont play down to the 4-7-1 teams ability, so drop the 32 down to 21(+11pts)... Week 14 against Washington, again they must play up to the competition and drop that 27 down to 24 (+3pts)... Finally week 15 against the Ravens if they just play up to the competition they can bring that 27 down to 24 (+3pts)................. SO I ask, is there reason to be excited for this defense if they can do JUST THAT MUCH by being more consistant?... Just that much last year would have made them the #2 scoring defense. Needless to say because THIS year we have 2 things a PASS RUSH and at least a decent secondary.These 2 things alone(forget the O for a minute) should yield more and a 3 point differential from last season.On the O side we now have our :banger" the guy that can move the chains while draining the 4th 1/4 clock.I just don't see us getting burned by "comebacks" much this year since we now have the capability of the "put the game away RB drain"
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    Wins losses do not matter, but how players perform do. If you see Wentz throw 4-5 errant passes, you will ignore that? If Matthews loses a step because of injuries and doe not get the separation, won't that matter? There are lost of things to look for in PS other than wins/losses......
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    Stine, Obviously injuries come into play... that changes everything, figured that was obvious???? As for Wentz, what sophomore jinx? He wasn't all that great last year to where a "jinx" comes into play. He had no help from the WRs like he should have this year... the OL is deeper and more experienced. Dak should be the one worried about a sophomore jinx, everything that could right last year for him did... thats not very common. Wentz did fair with no help. Not sure there is anything that could be jinxed other than injury? That said, with the schedule I would be dissapointed if they win less than 9 games.
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    Also want to say that I'm really intrigued with Hollins. Watching him develop in the next couple years is going to be interesting. As opposed to an immediate starter (Barnett) I think Hollins fits the mold in what we all desire when we say we want to develop in-house talent. edit - same with Gerry.
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    I hope Nelson makes the final roster and somehow blows us all away with stellar play in 2017. We've seen enough 'glimpses' to know he's got it in him, but the time is almost up to show he's a good NFL WR. All the praise in the spring won't mean a thing if he doesn't become the guy drafted at #1 to play like a #1 draft pick. That said, I hope to see an improved offense with #11 getting a full offseason/preseason with first team snaps and building chemistry with some potentially highly potent weapons up front and in the backfield. I don't set expectations over 8 or 9 wins, but if the team can gel and tune up some of last year's glitches, then they may just get into the postseason. Go Eagles!
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    Good health going into Training Camp for the most part is great news. Pumphrey has been successful at this size throughout his playing career. This kid broke all Marshall Faulk's records in college...this kid is a player. I can't wait for the pads to come on, the truth will display itself when the hitting begins.