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    No. Their fan base is a bunch of whiny bishes who thought they were going to be cute and "take over" Philly when all they really did was poke the bear then cried because it mauled them. F the Vikings and their fan base.
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    Are we seriously supposed to respect THIS??? C'mon, man!!!
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    His body may be on the football field, but his mind is back home on Endor.
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    Bruce Allen is the real issue there and he is still there.
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    I only have 1 word for this.. FOLES ๐Ÿ‘ FOLES ๐Ÿ‘ FOLES ๐Ÿ‘
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    This right here. Their team hasn't done enough to earn our hatred. And we don't respect their fanbase enough for them to be rivals.
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    They hate us and have every right to after we ruined their "fairy taleโ€ season in their own house. F โ€˜em. I hope they hate us even more after this week.
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    I always thought of Jay Gruden as a pretty good coach. He never had much to work with while there and his guys seemed to play for him. But their personnel decisions have been terrible and they tend to add little from the draft as well. I think he should be happy he got fired mid-season. Let's him relax the rest of this season instead of dying with a sinking ship. I thought the Dolphins might go winless this season, but coming off a by against a team who were equally terrible and just fired their head coach... it's possible they get a win.
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    So is Dan Snyder, and heโ€™s young enough still to be there a long long time. Hope he stays in good health.
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    I don't normally have nice things to say about divisional opponents, but for 30 minutes you saw a team fighting for Gruden. That first half was nowhere near the blowout many expected. That guy seems well respected by those players, it's a part of the biz but he will find work as an OC somewhere.
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    I feel we celebrate as much when Dallas loses as we do when we win. I'm definitely guilty there.
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    Doesn't matter... the Eagles own a Modern Championship
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    Been busy lately. Trying to catch up. Some thoughts after reading posts from the past few weeks: Careful those of you who said Cousins is not good. It was Cousins with this Vikings team that beat the Eagles in PHILLY just last year. Cousins has been streaky good in his career. Give him some credit. GBFL - mentioned Brett Rypien as a desired backup QB. Hmmm. I'm here in Boise and I saw a LOT of Rypien. He is a statue that made some boneheaded throws under pressure without a really strong arm. I like him better than Thorson whom the Eagles drafted, but that's not saying much. Sunday's game vs the Jets....yielded TWO posts during the game. I found that kind of funny actually. EagleTD123 - your video of the little kid falling flat on his face on the couch "related to watching soccer" was hilarious! I mean hilarious! This Monday morning my boss asked me how my weekend was. My response, "it was freaking awesome! Eagles won. Cowpies, Midgets, and Deadskins all lost." Pretty sad when you measure your weekend off of that I know. But I love the Eagles! Joemas - why do you continue to berate AR? He is a hell of a coach in this league. Let it go dude. Berate the idiot Chip Kelly. He single-handedly dismantled a good Eagles team. So glad he is long gone. So glad! Those of you who last year wanted Jason Peters to retire....come on now. He is not the same player he was 5 years ago clearly, but is still a top 10 LT in the league. And he can be a HUGE asset to the next LT for this team RIGHT NOW. There were also some here saying that Jenkins was losing it some too. No way! That dude is the man of this defense period! Regarding the schedule: so much can happen between now and when the Eagles play this team or that team and when the Cowpies play them. What if the Eagles play the Pats with full health and when the Cowpies play them there is no Brady? Too many variables to worry about week 12-16 now. Let's see the Eagles beat the Vikings, play well on all three phases, and come out of it healthy. That's all that matters right now. Why argue about who called what? More than 1/2 the time we are all wrong with our opinions anyway. So you liked one out of ten college guys that turned out to be good. Congrats. Who cares. The Eagles are decimated with injuries in the secondary. That is a worry. Teams will go after the untested guys. So the Eagles better prepare them well. And hey, these guys get a chance to see if they belong or not. Step up! Show the world you belong. Or see ya later.
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