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    EF YOU!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Always root for Andy unless hes playing the eagles.
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    Saints fans. Please dispose of your whistles in the provided trash receptacles on the way out. Thank you
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    Couldn’t happen to a bigger, more arrogant scumbag. Eff you Sean Payton. You get what you deserve.
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    If we put everything into this context, then Steve McNair is the greatest QB of all time. Imagine if he had someone OTHER than Fisher during his prime years!
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    Eat a giant D, Payton,kamara, and those piece of ish fans
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    Why do people doubt the GOAT? 3 for 3 on 3rd downs in OT. Clutch as they come. Makes our SB that much more impressive.
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    Saints lost in the most poetic way possible. If that was the Eagles, I would've broken something
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    I can't get enough
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    Yes!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!! GO BIG RED!!!!
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    Yeah those 5 nfccg and a super bowl appearance were the worst eff that fat guy for making the eagles one of the most sucessful franchises in the 2000's😒
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    Last season, two of his former QB's (Nick Foles and Case Keenum) faced off in the NFC Title game, with Nick Foles going on to win the Super Bowl. This year, the Los Angeles Rams go to the Super Bowl 2 years after he was fired and his 1st round draft pick, Goff will play (of course). If the Rams go on to win it in 2 weeks, that just triples down on how much Fisher sucked as a HC.
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    As Eagles fan between terrible Patriots, cocky McVay, and the Saints who for whatever reason have some type of complex towards us. Feels like rooting for Reid to finally get one is sensible thing to do.
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    Andy is snake bitten, man. This sucks.
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    If Alshon hadn't missed that pass, the Eagles may very well have ended it. They ran their damn mouths even at last year's Eagles team talking how they would have massacred them if they had beaten the Vikings. Now they barely beat a watered down version of the 2017 Eagles in the divisional playoffs on an Alshon Jeffery missed pass, lose to the Rams on a 57 year FG and go home this year empty handed, not even a George Halas. Congratulations you mouthy punks! 😂
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    I wanted them to lose for those damn whistles alone.
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    I'm now rooting for Chiefs to beat the Cheatriots and then beat Rams in SB.
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    Glad the Saints lost....classless organisation
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    Indeed! Go Big Red! "Time's Yours"
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    I’m still absolutely loving that no call 😂
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