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    Don't agree. Adding a bunch of names. Have a lot of age in there as well. I think now is the time that the best value is there in free agency, but I don't necessarily want players who are on the decline. I haven't studied all of these players, but I've read up on all of them. You're falling in love with names.
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    You’re wasting your time. Facts and logic don’t resonate with the pro-Kaepernick crowd.
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    IDK... Agholor has made some clutch catches for us. Going back to the Rams game when Foles first appeared in 2017 .. nice clutch catch to end the game, not an easy one either. Made the play vs the Giants last year on 4th down. I think with Ertz, Alshon and Goedert ... the better compliment is Agholor. I'm looking forward to seeing him along side DJax too. We've seen Agholor play his best when the opponent needs to put their fastest CB on another guy. There will also have to be a good cover guy on both Alshon and Ertz. It's really set up for Agholor do to well again ... especially with a full offseason of work with his QB. And cap space doesn't seem to be an issue here ... I think the Eagles are just targeting players that they want. They could have paid the $$ for either Ingrim or Coleman and didn't. I think they want Agholor on the one year deal regardless of $$ and cap space. If they trade him, there will be compensation they want in return. Looking at the whole puzzle.... I'm very satisfied with our TE/WR combo. Other areas to work on for sure.
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    Not a bad little stat line for Darby and our secondary almost 2 tds ahead of the league avg.
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    I will say,before the server fries,I have really enjoyed this board and the people on here
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    As the father of a 3 year old boy, this is beyond sickening
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    Good insurance for when Mariota inevitably misses a few games.
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