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    Let's not get ahead of ourselves...but who would I LIKE to play? The Browns.
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    YO Eagles fans! 10-6 was my thinking at the start of the year (without seeing the oh so meaningful preseason games) ...my mindset was winning the division for the first time in what would be a few years in a row as we establish our team going forward. The QB and the DL to me are the positions that can impact the game the most. I liked our situation then, and I like it better now. After the statement game vs AZ, it was obvious the key game of the season is this Washington game coming up... so I looked at Carolina as a bonus. Didn't expect the physica domination that we put on them, even though I thought we had a 50/50 chance of winning because I liked playing at home at 1pm whle they had to travel back from Michigan, I think it gave us an advantage because Monday would have been an easier day for us. Anyhow, the Washington game regardless of the Carolina result is key. Beating them twice gives us the tiebreaker. Also basically forces Dallas to have to sweep us or it's tough for them to catch us. I'm still focused on the division, which means the next game is my focus. If along the way the the bye or the top seed is in play, then great, but I just want the NFC EAST for now. When your team is good, it's fun to focus on the now. One game at a time this year is even better because each game I see something else I like! The LBs stepped up huge. The young CBs struggled, but for the first tiem in years, they actually keep fighting! Give me that anyday, while they actually turn around to look at the ball....lol. Run defense is setting up everything else. The QB seems in control, never more evident than when you see him audible out of a pass play into a run play that works! Unselfish leaders on this team. And the kicker is hot! I love it!
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    Let's see...the 2002 Eagles beat the Bucs in the regular season and trounced them the two previous postseasons before being routed in the NFC Championship at home. The 2003 Eagles beat the Panthers on the road in the regular season before being routed at home in the NFC Championship. The 2008 Eagles DESTROYED the Cardinals in the regular season before losing to them in the NFC Championship. How many of you were calling "SUPERBOWLZZZ" when those matchups presented themselves? You'd think this fanbase would have learned some tact. I get being excited. And I am. But, this team has flaws and it's 6 games into the season. We don't need 8 threads talking about how this team is the Super Bowl favorite when they've beaten the 1 win Giants by 2 points and the 2 win Chargers by 3 points and every game besides one (Arizona) has come down to the final possession. This team is a 61 yard field goal, a Chris Long strip sack, and a Cam Newton bed whetting from being 2-3.
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    KC. Why? Reid will never win a Super Bowl, that's why.
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    This guy took Carolina's 'keep pounding' phrase literally. Unfortunately for him his fellow inmates will be now following that motto.
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    If I'm there with the guy that got hit, the little bish who hit him is getting carried out of there. No one stepped up Just watching this pissed me off to no end, and fandom has zero to do with it.
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    Snyd, the beauty in the contract Howie "got rid of" was how they were written in the first place. Howie... not CHIP like everyone thinks! Written in a way we could unload them,both nt crushing the cap for us, and also not forcing the other team to commit too much either. Deals made sense for every team at the time. Miami stil got a guy who was predicted by many to be the first pick. The big thing for us... which I liked right away, is that there are going to be too many teams looking for a QB. Between the bad teams that you have every year, plus all the teams with aging QBs, it was a great move to go after a guy that they really liked. "You either have a franchise QB or you keep looking for him" It's a lot easier to build a team around one. Best move was keeping Bradford as the starting QB after many fans were "angry" when he missed a few weightlifting sessions after the draft...LOL That along with the Bridgewater injury (and I'm looking at Barnett and the 4th rounder as a bonus here) was huge giving Wentz the opportunity to play 16 games last year. WE now have a VET QB with 22 games under his belt, and it shows. That has sped up the maturization process of this whole team!
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    Wow, Rodgers broken collarbone - get better soon. At least they were kind enough to beat the cowpies
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    Yes 20MM for shooting down drones over my swamp ! :)
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    Wait wait wait...i lived in baltimore during the riots. These werent talking points. The city had a curfew and whites were being targeted and attacked because they were white. These arent talking points. They are what happened. While the freddy gay death was a tragedy it doesnt explain why white was linked with cop. All victims of police brutality suffer the same no matter the color of their skin. Im not ignoring anything. Freddy gay was the tipping point as well as something i personally lived through, the national rise of blavk lives matter(a hate group) and was a big part of kapernicks protest. Im not ignoring anything. Again as a non black i myself was victim of police brutality in miami. Im not pro police violence but i am anti racist rants and against the jargen that blacks are oppressed in modern day america. Im also against the white privledge crap and all the other racism that goes along with it. If blacks arent committing more crimes how do you explain the numbers. Again its easy to pull the race card but black on black homicide rates being so much higher than every other part of the human race family speaks for itself. These arent the fault of whites, the system, sociographic economics, or of people lacking opportunities. They are a direct choice being made by people who choose to think killing another person is ok. Some then proceed to glorify this behavior on records. Why is it you believe that social injustice and racism Only applies to minorities? Its a media driven, new age lie. Anyone who prejudges, hates, or takes violent actions towards someone based on the color of their skin is practicing racism. Believing blacks cant be racist or that white lives always matter is in fact racist.
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    Goodluck GB, hope that when your surgery is over you get another 61 years out of that eye.
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    Welp,have a detached retina.Surgery Thurs AM.May not be on for a few days cause there is alot of work involved and will be hurtin some.So you guys hold the board up for me k????
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    I already knew from last season how great a player Bradham was. It's about time he gets some recognition. At Carolina Thur. night he was playing like a man on a mission and was so valuable to the D that I nearly went breathless when he went down with (I thought a neck stinger) that shoulder stinger. I thought to myself, IDK if this D can afford to be without Hicks and Bradham at the same time and I DON'T wanna find out! Keep it up Nigel and go wreak havoc against those 4skins on Mon. night!
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    Deserves a lot of the credit, a lot of stepping up this yr
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    Some of us predicted 10 wins. Others even went to 11. But that was all they were; predictions. I was at 9-7. Reason was I had my doubts about Doug. I was unsure about our CB's and needed to see how much Wentz improved. All logical reasons to predict 9 wins. I have to admit Doug has my apology. I did not feel he was going to handle the coaching job nearly as well as he has. Heck, who out there can honestly say Doug was a very solid coach before the year started? NO ONE here has said it, but we all are on the band wagon now. We are not predicting 10 or 11 wins. More like 12 or more now..... Heck 13-3 is a definite possibility!
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    Peak? It's not even 1/2 way through the season lol.Get me a decent record,with most players healthy coming off our bye,then we can peak.Not sure we can peak with key players not playing yet
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    I’d like to worry about the Redskins game thank you very much instead of who we would play in some hypothetical, yet guaranteed SB game.
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    Soooo, since the attention ho quit the job he had giving up millions of dollars for this year, he's now going to use the American judicial system which is part of the "system" that he started the kneeling mess over....lol....ok
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    Not only do we know that we need to improve... But we know that we can and that's exciting!!! Jeffrey I'm still convinced is going to break out. And that's not to say he's not doing his bit but I think he's still going to break out. That deep ball is still coming along. It is starting to show but there's room for that to improve. And we are winning these games still missing key players. Darby is still due to come back. Jones could come in to give us a huge boost. Hicks went down at the weekend. Cox missed two games. Johnson missed all of Thursday and half of the Cards game. We are picking up these wins without key players. And all the while... We've played 4 on the road! And only 2 at home where we have been so strong.
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    I think Darby is a good CB with elite speed.....If I had to rate him would say low end #1 CB or a high end #2 CB which if Sidney Jones can become the shut-down guy I think he can be would be the perfect compliment.....Then we have Robinson(who I think we should try and re-sign) can hopefully start to work Mills into the slot(where I think he will be better suited) and still have Douglas who has been coming along nicely
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    I know everyone is afraid to say it... but Right now... at this moment, the Eagles are the best team in the NFL. #1 in OFF 3rd down conversions #3 in DEF 3rd down conversions #1 in Rush D #3 in total offense #6 in points All of this while having 5.5 games no Darby, 2.5 games no Cox, 2 Games no Hicks, 1 game no Lane. I know it's early and it can all change. But our only deficiency is passing D and we have reinforcements on the way. Who would have thought that 8-1 going into the Bye was possible. The team needs to take things 1 game at a time, but I'm allowed to look ahead right? Denver D is solid, but don't think their O can move the ball against great D. Now I'm sure ASG will smack me when I get to his house for jinxing it all
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    On another note, Colts win tonight and I will the local football pool... ($1,170!!) Go Colts!!!!
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    Just terrible reading the Column at NFL.com about Brady becoming all time leader with wins, and all you see is them applauding Rogers getting injured for the remainder of the season. Look, I realize it helps our chances, but I never want to see a star go down for the season, especially a class act like Rogers. NE fans are the worst in football. Not even close.
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    Yesterday changed a lot of things. Of course Rodgers. Thought Denver was as good as their record and would be the toughest game out of the next 3 - skins are. NY off the schneid but still not good - just their D. Still going to come down to dullass, they have an easy schedule and the last game of the reg season could actually mean something like a wildcard for them, which would be so nice to deny them.
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    We are in a great position. But if we lose this week, it all is for nothing. Washington is a huge game. Beat them this week, we can most likely go into the bye week with 7-8 wins..... That would set us up for a divisional crown and the play-offs. Lose and we will be fighting the rest of the season. We have the ammo, but things can change just like that. You only need to look at GB to see that. Possibly a SB season down the drain, the moment Rogers goes down. I like this team. I feel it can make a real play-off push. I just want to see these guys kick Washington's butt before I can relax a bit.... Where is John Reaves? Remember all of the negative posts about Wentz? I kept telling him to give the dude a chance but he would not have it. Kept telling all Wentz could not make the throws needed to win at the end of games.... Where is he now?
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    Colin, before we go to trial, is there anything I should know about your behavior? I sat and then knelt for the anthem. I know that, lots of others did that and are still playing. Is there anything they can use against you to show cause for not wanting to hire you? Well, I hate America as evidenced by my twitter tantrums. My girlfriend called Steve Biscotti a racist and Ray Lewis a house ____ and I did nothing to disavow myself of her tweets. I went on a 10 minute rant about how great Cuba is while disparaging America. I visited the modern slave continent of Africa and pretended I had some righteous indignation about the 1800s in 2017. I am a role model for not voting. I insulted all NFL owners who donated to the Republican Presidential candidate. I ignorantly called the Star Spangled Banner a racist song because I knew nothing about Great Britain hiring slaves to fight against America. I wore pig socks signifying that I hate all police. I wore a Castro shirt to a press conference with Miami media I associate closely with BLM who held a rally in Dallas in which police were assassinated. I stole my current girlfriend from a teammate and NFL QB is a leadership position. Almost every liberal media outlet, journalist, talk show host, and blogger has called the NFL a bunch of racists for not hiring me I can't win football games anymore as evidenced by my 4-20 record in my last 24 starts. I am the only NFL circus to actually eclipse Tebowmania. I am a literal human distraction. STOP! I have heard enough. Let's file immediately. It will go nowhere but we will both get our names out there for liberal likes on social media!
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    If the Eagles take the skins "Lightly" shame on them! They haven't exactly beat them on a consistent basis for awhile. Got to beat them twice in one year to get in their heads for the future.
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    Sucks to see any player go down to injury, especially a great player like that. Love watching Rodgers play. Oh well, like you said, it just opens up the NFC for the Eagles. Hopefully they can take advantage.
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    did u guys know u can watch pretty much any game on youtube by just typing in the two teams playing + "Live" very decent quality too
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    Rumor has it that they're considering moving the Giants@Broncos over to Comedy Central tonight Its gonna be so bad for the Giants that it'll be comical
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    One thing about this team and its players that stand out to me is the TD celebrations. The whole damn team makes an appearance in the end zone to celebrate They're genuinely happy for whomever scored. Compare Nelson's TD when he gave it to Kelce and they all simulated spiking the ball as their Center slammed it down to Newton's; when he literally pushed his two players out of the way of the camera so he could let everyone know how white his teeth are and just how super special and handsome he is. What a selfish clown.
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    Suspect you can't blame the entire crew.As head official Morrelli has the option to override any one of his crew which he chose not to do.Understood you need to trsut your crew,but if Morrelli had any integrity,he would know who is making those bad calls and replace them.if he cannot do HIS job,then HE needs replaced
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    Re-The Morelli debacle.When this t4eam of "pros" is scheduled to take the field.BOTH TEAMS should REFUSE to play the game.This is a protest I could back.NFL needs to know they should be a bout "sportsmanship".Maybe they forgot WHO built their empires.It was the FANS. A few "Sorry Charlie" games and the NFL would have no choice but to replace this crew of losers.Goodeel is the head idiot/loser
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    Def didn't think 5-1. We get a little extra rest and Darby back. We need to take it to WAS and go 3-0 in the division.
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    $10 says the girlfriend was the instigator.
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    Ok after seeing this evidence I change my stance. Cam is definitely a big baby.
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    Glad to see this kind of game. Reminded me a lot of yesteryear when the Birds could hang on to a lead. But 100% satisfied with our defense and along with the offense getting better with the running game that will tremendously help out Carson Wentz and good special teams play especially from Kenjon Barner filling in for Sproles, not to forget about our kicker Elliot (Kudos) This has been the best start I've ever seen in my time. Great job, Go Birds! PS: BTW- Who were those guys officiating ?......10 penalties to 1 ? WTF !! Again our Eagles beat them too !! These kind of officials need to be fired !
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    Wow, 37 pass block attempts through JP - 0 pressures!
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    And we're still getting a draft pick for him next year.
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    Carollina game,he played like his jock was on fire.he was EVERYWHERE.Loved to "NO QUIT on a play" attitude
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    Because despite eerily similar stats compared to Kaepernick, and the Heisman trophy winning 2012 OROY son of military parents, we know damn well his attitude and fragility just isn't worth having him as a backup. People either get it or they don't. It's like when T.O. was at the end and got cut from Seattle. The talking heads went on and on about how Owens was still good enough to at least be a 3rd or 4th receiver in the NFL. The truth was, it didn't matter. If TO had a drama free history, he would have probably had another 2 years in the league. Instead, no team felt a diva who was guaranteed to drag a media circus with him with potential to divide the locker room who was at the end of his career. Simply not worth it. Teams would much prefer the lesser talented guy you never heard fighting for his job and willing to go all out on special teams. This isn't complicated
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    Disagree on everything. We could win against any team in the league at any location. And the Packers D is terrible.
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    Looking at Jake Elliott dude has been pretty special for us this year....Not even counting the 61 yarder(which was amazing) he has been making 50+ yard kicks look fairly easy as well....He has to be the kicker I have had the most faith in since Akers
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    I love this team. I love this QB. I have to eat some crow on Doug. He's doing a very good job since that KC game. Much better balance.
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    Felt that way too. In the end, not doing anything is the smart thing to do. Dudebro has already been identified and is about to be arrested. Having this video where he goes ballistic and everyone else around stayed calm makes for an easy prosecution. He can't say he was defending himself if nobody else was fighting. He looks like the only guilty party and a complete ****er. He about to get boned.
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    I made a lot of mental notes last night thinking that i'd bring them here. Then I caught a shot at one point of Dave Fipp that nearly left me sleepless. If that guy ever comes looking for me I would throw my 8 yr old daughter out in front of me rather than take on his glare. Edit - I will have to go back and get the exact game time, but did anyone else happen to see it? The camera was zooming in on DP but Fipp was photobombing the hell out of it. I was uncomfortable.