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  1. Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Oh, I understand why the clock originally was stopped. But since there was not a TD, by allowing the clock to remain stopped (no loss of time) on what should have been a live in-bounds play, with a clock still running, the Officials would be giving the offensive team an unfair advantage over the defensive team, which is perfectly acceptable IMO. Hell, even in the Chip Kelly blitz offense where they wanted to "GO GO GO GO!!!!" as quick as possible, they weren't lining up and getting a snap off in in under 10 seconds when the previous play ran was spiking the clock and the whole offense was already at the line of scrimmage. Let alone getting the entire offense 30 yards up field and re-set in their offensive formation to legally get a snap off.
  2. Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Similar to what I just said. It wasn’t actually a scoring play so the clock should never have stopped.
  3. Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    They stopped the clock due to a &quot;touchdown” being called on the field. Since the play wound up being a completion in bounds, it technically would be an &quot;illegal” stoppage of the clock, meaning that if it was ruled a completion and down at the 1 originally, the clock would have kept running and Oakland would have had to get back to the line and get set before they could snap it. Similar to offensive penalties late in the game, they use 10 seconds as a &quot;typical” timeframe it would take the players to get back to the line, set, and snap the ball. Me personally, I’d rather have the 5 mins to settle down and compose myself and the rest of my O, take the 10 seconds, and run a play. Way better than having everyone run to the line panicked and risk guys not recognizing the play call, false start, illegal formation, etc.
  4. Rams helmets

    The old sheety padding was just this foam-like blocks wrapped in some kind of waterproof vinyl material that had metal snap-on buttons on the back (like a chin strap) that could snap in and out of the shell no problem. The last helmet I bought (which I still have somewhere) was purchased in 2007ish and the internal "padding" was like a series of air-filled tubes, where I had two locations on the helmet I could inset a nozzle (like pumping up a football or bike tire) to add or release air to different channels of the inner padding... I have no idea if that is designed to "un-snap" like the old style but don't recall every trying to remove it or looking for a way of doing so.
  5. Week 2: Lions @ Giants

    Won't count but that touchdown dance was fire
  6. Week 1: Saints @ Vikings

    Diggs is on that PCP
  7. Week 1: Saints @ Vikings

    Diggs is bout that life
  8. Concerning DirecTV

    Nobody told you to play "let's pretend I live in the 1600s!" except for you. There are plenty of underdeveloped and uncivilized countries around the world if that's the type of living environment you want to be in brah!
  9. Concerning DirecTV

    And Virginia gets the Eagles on over the air FOX tomorrow anyways
  10. Concerning DirecTV

    No. But some ****ot cried about not being able to watch Survivor.
  11. Concerning DirecTV

    Have people never heard of digital antennas that they've been selling for like a decade now? As long as you don't live in some awful valley, $30-100 (based on quality/device preference) will but you an device with the footprint of a tablet and the thickness of a coaster to hang up on your wall (usually near a window) and get all your CBS/FOX/ABC/NBC and other over the air broadcasts for no monthly charge.
  12. Thursday Night Football: Pats vs KC

    You could tell his legs were shot as he ran up that left sideline So many guys cramping up last night, but it makes sense since none of them have pushed themselves for 4 quarters since last winter.
  13. Thursday Night Football: Pats vs KC

    Kareem Hunt is the truth.
  14. Bucs-Dolphins Postponed to Week 11

    Mass and acceleration are the two key factors. I'd say most NFL players (from skill to line) are probably 25 to 50 pounds heavier than 30+ years ago. Compound that with how much faster and more explosive today's players are, and you get a significant increase in force. Add in practice reps (tho they recently cut back full contact practices), and these guys absorb twice the cumulative force over the course of a season, easily.