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  1. He and I were at the same basketball game a week and a half ago. I took a pic
  2. No your divisions brah! Nola is in a dome too and on the yearly schedule.
  3. In fairness to GB tho (where you and I met), the drive from Milwaukee. Madison, etc. etc. is under 2 hours (same with drives from Rochester, Syracuse, etc. to Buffalo... mainly because these are the only two states I'm familiar with), so you get a ton of people that go from the region. I don't think once you get 10 miles outside of Vegas in any direciton, you have a population density greater than 1.
  4. And is the only city on that list that people willingly visit
  5. Oakland is not only gentrifying to a certain extent, but you have San Francisco, San Jose, and all of Silicon Valley all at arms reach and with public transportation running directly to your Stadium's entrance. It's also 70° and low humidity the majority of the football season, versus the epic heat of Vegas and the poor local population. If cost/stadium/etc. wasn't an issue, I think all owners would choose Oakland > LV.
  6. YES!!! Had Kelce VS ware in fantasy. Wares run up the left on the next to last chiefs drive put me down by half a point. That Kelce catch on the final drive got me back to the W!!!!! ANDY REID!!!!
  7. What Luke hurt so bad that he damn near in tears?
  8. I got $35/mo for a year and free Sunday ticket. I was beyond happy with that. But I pulled that off 2 months ago.
  9. I spoke with a guy from the Philippines on Thursday or Friday while at work. His English was flawless and we had an awesome conversation on politics for a while instead of me waiting on hold for 5+ mins it was fun hearing and outsiders perspective on our election craziness (since a lot of how world follows our political news even tho us Americans pay little to no attention to the worlds local issues). He's of the belief that Trump is "racist and hates black people" but I guess they have some kind of election craziness there too it sounded like. Anyways, speaking to the Phillipean dude was more awesome than speaking to an American
  10. I always thought it was super weird that Missouri of all places had TWO NFL teams.
  11. Given that Vikings were under the radar (to the masses) good last year and a sleeper pick for super bowl aspirations this season... would this year's Vikings team (at the start of the season) be the first good team Sam has played on in his entire NFL career?
  12. False. The only thing that has changed (I'm driving so I'm too lazy to look up specifics) is that because NBC can essentially steal matchups from both CBS and FOX, they made some kind of agreement where a very small number of games can be traded between FOX and CBS to offset that. Which was first instituted during the 2015 season I think
  13. The away team determines the network. So Ravens have 14 games (ignoring Monday/Sunday night) on CBS because they only host an NFC team 2 games a year.
  14. Isn't that about what the city makes on a single Sunday's worth of football gambling profit?