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  1. Agent23

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Patriots.

    I would take it simply because the football gods hate Andy Reid.
  2. Juice is on team AB!
  3. Agent23

    Concerning DirecTV

  4. Agent23

    Concerning DirecTV

    I had three going today with the ‘free preview’. I’m probably going to come up out of pocket even if they don’t offer me a deal tomorrow. The convenience and reliability factor is far too great
  5. Didn’t Brady have both of his baby moms pregnant simultaneously too?
  6. Agent23

    Concerning DirecTV

    But will all 5 have to share the same ‘location’ ?
  7. Agent23

    Concerning DirecTV

    I’ll have eagles on main tv, red zone on the second tv, and usually bring out a 3rd tv for any other ‘marquee’ game on at the same time. Definitely always 2 tho. And I don’t just stop watching football after the eagles game (or when they play at night r on a bye week) so having access to multiple games, from multiple channels (or ‘cities’ in the VPN case), all going at once is the circumstances I’m looking to have, which sounds like it may only be doable through dtv. I spoke to them today and they indicated any promotions wouldn’t become available until after the week 1 free preview they do each year so I will call back on Monday
  8. Agent23

    Concerning DirecTV

    Can I watch 3 different games all at once on separate TVs?
  9. Agent23

    Is Goff really worth that money?

    Was a response to Mike (not quoted) above saying he hopes the Giants run him into the ground soon. That is a horrible mindset!
  10. Agent23

    Concerning DirecTV

    I still need to call and at least try my hand at it. I do NOT want to spend the $300 or $400, but I know that my alternative is going out to bars to watch the non-local games (at least 10 of them would be my guess) where I'll likely drop $30 for each one, so now I'm already forking over the same amount of money only doing so in crowded bars with obnoxious people where the game sound definitely won't be on and where a good seating location/viewing angle won't always be guaranteed.
  11. Agent23

    Is Goff really worth that money?

    I dislike comments like 'hope you run Barkley into the ground'. Barkey is a standup guy from anything I've ever seen an heard, a PHENOMENAL talent, and puts in the work to maintain that (isn't some cocky F being lazy and taking his abilities for granted). Someone like that, especially in this day and age of entitlement and me-me-me, deserves to have a long and prosperous career that every one of us can sit back and enjoy. Do you know who was EXCEPTIONAL in that mold? LaDanian Tomlinson. Do you know what he never did? Stop/prevent the Eagles from winning a Super Bowl or steal one from them. Meaning Barkley, even as a division rival, can have a HOF career and the Eagles franchise can still be Division winners and Super Bowl contenders every year of that dude's career.
  12. Agent23

    Andrew Luck

    I would recommend you do not draft him. Also I would not select him as a keeper
  13. The Ringer had a great piece on this: To summarize. AB had a helmet made prior to 2010, making it not allowable by NFL rules. NFL issued a list of BANNED helmets, of which they had to put out ONE year prior to banning helmets (aka, giving players a 1 year grace period to transition). The Model of helmet AB has/wears is NOT on the banned list; it was just older than 2010. AB gets the same Model helmet, that is NOT on the banned list, and is newer than 2010. NFL then FAST TRACKS (aka, overnights) a version of that helmet to their test facility, fails the helmet, and then adds it to the BANNED list telling him he can't wear it. So they Banned his 'new-to-him' helmet after he found one that was newer than 2010 and not on the list. Every other player in the NFL that wore a now-banned helmet (also, helmets that weren't randomly tested and banned overnight this week) were awarded a grace period of a year. So he should at a minimum be given a year to get the same UNIONIZED treatment as every other NFL player, and the NFL overnight testing and banning a helmet (the part that has been LEFT OUT of the mainstream media this whole time) to continue the narrative of 'AB keeps fighting to wear 10+ year old helmet that isn't certified' that is false and misleading.
  14. Agent23

    Concerning DirecTV

    Last year was my first crash and burn. Get the $60 a month or so bill credits but was my first year after 5ish years of DTV service that I got billed for Sunday Ticket. I have already been ''charged'' my first month of 6, so I will call in one of these days in the next 2ish weeks to ''cancel'' and hope they offer me some kind of discount or promotion.
  15. Agent23

    2019 why don't we get games in 4k?

    One of my first HD experiences was a MNF football game featuring Chad Johnson. During the game they cut to a clip of some pre-game interview. Compared to SD tube TVs, it looked lik Ochocinco was literally sitting in the room talking to us with a frame hung around his head.
  16. Agent23

    Concerning DirecTV

    I failed for the first time ever to get free Sunday Ticket but did get the "plus" that includes steaming and Red Zone channel for the base (lesser) Sunday Ticket Price.
  17. Agent23

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    What’s crazy is rams can shut our saints in second half and double their score and they still lose ?
  18. Agent23

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    That Kamara too nice.
  19. Agent23

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    That was a great pick but the saints LB
  20. Agent23

    Week 8: Dolphins @ Texans

    The phantom offensive PI is going to take last nights catch away from Hopkins’ career highlight reel. Such a damn shame.
  21. Agent23

    SNF Patriots @ Lions.

    Lost their RB and now looks like QB. If I was them I would just look to evaluate roster talent for next season and snag a solid draft position.