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  1. HbrgIggLovr

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Can't wait to get down there and meet up with you crazy birds fans once we finally move!!!
  2. HbrgIggLovr

    Houston Eagles fans?

    For you Houston fans... My wife and I found a great deal on a hotel/game/transportation package at the Sheraton in Irving, TX. For $440, you can get 2 tickets (50-yard line seats on the Eagles bench), one night stay at the hotel (nice place, too), free breakfast for both guests, and shuttle transportation to and from the stadium. You can add additional nights on the package for $85. We were shocked to see this price as you would pay well above this amount in Philly. We booked a 2-person package for the Dec 16th game. If anyone is interested, there are still 5 packages available (3 on the Eagles side). Call 972-929-7522 and ask about the Eagles/Cowboys package. I can't wait to tear it up in Cowpuke country!
  3. HbrgIggLovr

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I was looking forward to seeing those two dominate the field. Who's to say that Gaither can't step in and make an impact? It's a team game and there are some outstanding guys on D. Our secondary is top notch, Spikes is an animal, and if the D-line steps up, whoever is the Mike should do just fine.
  4. HbrgIggLovr

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Gotta love the guy's passion for getting himself in better shape this year...I feel bad for him. A lot of the articles around here (Central PA) have been bashing him for his "lateral speed" in pass coverage, which is something that Omar G has. Could be a blessing in disguise, but still sad to see him go.
  5. HbrgIggLovr

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I'll be sure to meet up with you all when the ole lady and I are fully relocated. We're living in between Harrisburg, PA and hotels in Houston until the end of September.
  6. HbrgIggLovr

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Howdy, Wanted to check in with you crazy birds fans. A pure-bread fan here who is relocating to the NW Houston area with the wife. We're looking at buying a home in Bridgeland, Copper Lakes, or Cypress Creek Lakes. Where do you all normally watch the games?
  7. DickBagg checking in...rock on.