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  1. TenOfSwords

    Aaaaand another one!

    But with all these defections and suspensions (if all or most of the latter do happen), especially on defense, seeing them drop from 13-3 to, say, 10-5-1 (remember that up to half the teams in the league will have a tie on their record with the new overtime rules) is hardly too much to ask.
  2. TenOfSwords

    International Games Are Unfair - And How To Fix Them

    The owners want the Presidents Day weekend Super Bowl even more than they want more regular-season games - and the Sean Gilbert faction of the NFLPA is perfectly willing to give the owners more regular-season games if the owners abolish the Thursday night games (except, presumably, the one in Week 1 hosted by the Super Bowl champion and the now three Thanksgiving Day games, the latter providing those six teams all get a bye the week before, which is quite doable with a second bye week for each team). And it appears as if the owners are very open to "lightening the load" on the players - witness the new shortened overtime - so long as, of course, the owners get something in return.
  3. TenOfSwords

    Kaepernick still no job

    Kaepernick did manage to stay ahead of Christian Ponder on SF's depth chart - and Ponder is certainly better than Stanton, and maybe better than Gabbert too.
  4. TenOfSwords

    Troy Polamalu has some resentment toward Steelers.

    But can 50,000 "butthurts" all be wrong? Terry Bradshaw and even Chuck Noll felt bitter about the way this organization treated them.
  5. TenOfSwords

    International Games Are Unfair - And How To Fix Them

    But back to having the extra game being Giants-Jets, Rams-Chargers, etc. What would you do in the years when those divisions play each other? Have the Giants and Jets etc. play each other twice? That's why it's unworkable. Plus having the new games be position-based would bring the NFL very close to its ideal strength-of-schedule model of 1995 through 2001 which saw two teams go from finishing last in their division one year to winning the Super Bowl the following year - the 1998-to-'99 Rams and the 2000-'01 Patriots. Only one other time in NFL history has this happened - the 2008-to-'09 Saints (and the '08 Saints were 8-8, compared to the '00 Patriots at 5-11 and the '98 Rams at 4-12).
  6. TenOfSwords

    Dak Prescott defrauding autograph seekers!

    If Prescott ever gets a part in Hamilton, it won't be John Hancock!
  7. TenOfSwords

    Kaepernick still no job

    But why not Arizona? Blaine Gabbert and Drew Stanton both suck like vacuum cleaners. All those old white season-ticket holders probably wouldn't like it though.
  8. TenOfSwords

    Aaaaand another one!

    But if this happened in a blue state does he get arrested?
  9. TenOfSwords

    International Games Are Unfair - And How To Fix Them

    You would have 16 neutral-site games to schedule. They would not necessarily have to be the new inter-conference games; some could be the inter-conference games that already exist, or even non-division games within the same conference. But the principle of 8-8-1 - eight home games, and eight away games, and one neutral-site game - would need to be rigidly adhered to. It's only fair.
  10. TenOfSwords

    International Games Are Unfair - And How To Fix Them

    But that's anti-competitive balance - since it takes a home game away from a weak team (not always, maybe - just almost always).
  11. TenOfSwords

    International Games Are Unfair - And How To Fix Them

    But if you apportion the 17th games on a positional basis you foster more competitive balance, and have some teams in different conferences play each other every other year, just like it's possible now for teams in different divisions of the same conference to play each other every year if they keep winning their respective divisions, etc.
  12. TenOfSwords

    Another cowboy suspended

    Eagles: 10-5-1 Cowboys: 10-5-1 Giants: 9-7 Redskins: 8-8 Eagles win NFC East for beating Cowboys once and tying them once (last two Eagles at Dallas games have gone into OT)
  13. TenOfSwords

    Strength Of Schedule: 2016 vs. 2017

    BTW, the team taking the biggest jump in strength of schedule from 2015 to 2016 was the Jets - and they plunged from 10-6 in 2015 to 5-11 in 2016.
  14. Why should one team lose a home game while the other team avoids the disadvantage of a "pure" road game every time a game is played in England, Mexico, etc.? Short of having every team play two international games a year, the only way out is a 17-game schedule, with the 17th game being an international or other neutral-site game. Most of them would be in England, and most of the rest would be in Mexico - but other sites can by employed as well, maybe Hawaii, or Puerto Rico if it becomes the 51st state. And what would the "17th game" be? An interconference game matching up teams in divisions that played each other two years ago in the rotation, and allocated on the basis of the previous year's division finish. This means that, if this was in effect this year, the 17th games for the NFC East would be Cowboys vs. Steelers, Giants vs. Ravens, Redskins vs. Bengals, and Eagles vs. Browns. And the two conferences would take turns getting all the 17th games at home, so that no teams in direct competition for playoff spots or playoff seeds play a different number of home games. Furthermore, if an additional bye week is added to each team's schedule, the Super Bowl can be played on the President's Day weekend - a long-term goal of the owners. And it goes without saying that the exhibition season - oops, I mean the preseason - would be shortened by one game; not only that, but the Hall Of Fame Game would be the first game in Week 1 of preseason, not the week before Week 1, meaning that the teams playing in it will not be burdened with an extra exhibition game.
  15. Let me guess: These popinjays also think that Cody Kessler and not Wentz was the second best rookie QB last year.