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  1. ManchesterEagle

    Here in London

    My hotel is all Eagles fans
  2. ManchesterEagle

    Here in London

    I’ve travelled down from Manchester. Huge Eagle fan presence. Not seen any Jags fans. It’s going to be like a home game. Hopefully Eagles respond. Excited come what may. Wearing the Foles jersey tomorrow. Wentz is the guy, but this might be Foles’s last year as an Eagle, so Foles was the choice.
  3. ManchesterEagle

    Anyone else going to London?

    My first Eagles game, so I’m excited no matter what. You will have a great time in London. Good excuse for a trip over and I hope we are all as hospitable to you as the people in the US have been to me when I’ve visited.
  4. ManchesterEagle

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Yeah Brady will be back. I agree - I'm calling it a Dynasty. Since Brady started a game for Belichick, in 16 years, New England have been to 8 Super Bowls and won 5 of them. They have also been to 7 straight championship games. In a game which is completely tailored towards parity - that is incredible. The dynasty will be over when Brady retires/starts declining in all likelihood. Too early to say that at the moment.
  5. ManchesterEagle

    Who would you wanna face in the SB?

    Honestly, until the Pats are eliminated they are still really dangerous. The D doesn't look good right now, but had a good game against the Bucs. But with Belichick and Brady, they always have a chance, particularly if Gronk was healthy. I would like to face the Steelers or the Chiefs. (of realistic teams who could get there) I would like to beat the Patriots. I still think they might have cheated in our last SB. The D was playing really well in the first half, but in the second, it seemed that Brady knew exactly what was coming.