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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if the Chiefs cut Foles, let him shop around for a bit, and then re-sign him at a lower price. That would be a total Reid move.
  2. Damn, I thought he'd still be there in the second round
  3. Im on the big red

    Put simply, hell yeah I'm rooting for Reid and I've always hoped for good things for the guy. He was and is a class act, always has taken the high road, put up with a lot of crap and reacted with maturity, shielded his players from the blame game, fostered loyalty and cut back on the type of "leaks" we've seen since this team has been in the gutter... lots to like about the guy. It was definitely time for him to go and I think it was a move in the best interest of both parties. I don't think Reid could have found redemption without a clean slate. Not to make excuses but Reid faced a lot of flukish type bad luck as well. Football is a game of inches. One or two things in a game separate the champion from the second place losers. It's still fair to criticize Reid for not winning the big one because he had many chances. I think it's also fair to recognize some of the outside factors. Starting in 2005 some crazy things happened to this team. - other teams started poaching our coaches (that's normal but still hurts) - crazy flukish injuries: Shawn Andrews broken leg then his back and mental problems, McDougal's string of bad luck injuries, JR Reid jumping over a fence, we went through fullbacks like kleenex (Ritchie, Tapeh and Weaver all had career ending injuries) - we draft a dude who would rather be a fireman (kind of hard to "scout" that) - every fan ever complains about injuries, but the injuries we sustained in 2005 and 2012 were unreal (Kelly's teams were relatively lucky in comparison)
  4. una pregunta los guerreros indios que fueron de mexico, fue aztecas o mayas o algun gente. Tuvieron guerreros elites (no se como decir) es como especiales y mas fuerte. Y se llaman guerreros aguilas (eagle warriors). Es verdad o falso? Como el emperor sin vestido, yo se solo lo que existe en internet (y video games)
  5. No se que significa polvoroso pero este post me hace reir out loud. Donde son to-dos mis hermanos aguilas ? Que pasa con LA chica unica? Porque no visito esto threado Como antes? Porque mi fono trate que hacerme decir "parquet no don't tease que governed decor "? Estos son las preguntas del dia. Espero que to-dos ten un kickass time en 2016. Esperando a las aguilas sequir kicking to-dos culos
  6. the address for extremeskins changed, the link should be updated to
  7. That is a compelling argument.
  8. I think Brady has more to do with it. No stats to back that up just my impression. Patriots instantly became a different team when Brady stepped in. I also think it goes both ways though. The two are perfect for each other.
  9. favorite NFL game you remember?

    A few others: - not a specific game but I remember when we had a run with Jim McMahon at quarterback and it seemed like there was a new excitement around the team - "the whip" upset over San Francisco with Koy Detmer at QB - 44-6 shellacking of the cowboys. The "merry Christmas" game. - 2004 vs the packers, McNabb completes 14 passes in a row and it was downright comical how bad things were for the packers - 2004 NFCCG win probably my favorite if I had to pick one. The whole team came together to win in the playoffs that year without Owens.
  10. favorite NFL game you remember?

    This is the game that got me passionate about the Eagles again, and one of my favorite playoff wins.
  11. favorite NFL game you remember?

    I started watching the Eagles in the late 80s but I don't remember many games specifically because I was young, and I was more of a basketball fan at the time. I specifically remember Cunningham's highlight against the Bills (bomb to Fred Barnett) because I'd never seen anything like it. I don't remember the rest of the game though.
  12. favorite NFL game you remember?

    I remember that game.
  13. NFL reveals YouTube games

    I'd like to see another vote by major sports writers and coaches, pick the top 60 games or so and add them to the list. That won't happen though.
  14. How the hell is this thread still going after 4 years