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  1. pencil face

    Hey Dallas

    Don't be sad Cowboys fans, you gonna have a Cowboy at the SB, Romo is calling it this year..
  2. pencil face

    AFC Divisional: Chargers @ Patriots.

    A beat down...
  3. pencil face

    Head coaching carousel

    McAdoo is a horrible HC, good OC.. 2013 Giants were 28th in scoring(18 points/game) with Killdrive(Gilbride) as OC. 2014 they hired McAdoo, his first time as a OC, went from 28th to 13th with 23 points/ game 2015 Giants were 6th in scoring 26 points/game... 2016 when he was made the HC he tried to be OC at the same time, went from 6th to 26th..
  4. pencil face

    2019 why don't we get games in 4k?

    lol Overrated, it's 4times the resolution of 1080p, 4k is spectacular.....
  5. The Jets, they have a potential franchise QB, need an offensive minded coach, Mike McCarthy would be a nice fit..with the right coach Darnold could go from looking like Goff year 1 to Goff today..
  6. pencil face

    Week 17 Open Discussion.

    The Eagles have it rough, the Bears in Chicago is a very different team, the defense is a touchdown less at home, and in the playoffs that's massive, if the Eagles hope to win they need to force Tribusky into making a ton of errors...
  7. pencil face

    Week 17 Open Discussion.

    Had the Giants won today they would have drafted 12 or 13...with the lost they locked into the 6th spot....
  8. Captain Kirk lol, Twice in 3 seasons this overrated QB had a win and your in and failed, both games at home, in 2016 against the Giants who were locked into the 5th seed, nothing to play for, rested starters and he threw 2 ints...
  9. pencil face

    Week 17 Open Discussion.

    Eli did a lot for the franchise, 2 superbowls, but his final years have been horrible, he needs to retire...
  10. pencil face

    Week 17 Open Discussion.

    Attention **** owner...
  11. pencil face

    Week 17 Open Discussion.

    Final week gonna be a ton of trash teams playing for nothing, some of these players ready for off season...