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  1. hanz

    Come Monday...................

    not sure how real this is but
  2. hanz

    Playoffs Scenarios (Season Complete)

    i see what you did there, jinx the team so they can win huh
  3. hanz

    Week 15 Open Discussion.

    well, hopefully, rams can draft some good players with their first-round picks...oh wait...
  4. hanz

    Week 15 Open Discussion.

    looking at the short highlights that they just gave for the titans game AJ brown looks like a beast, wished we got him lol...
  5. hanz

    SNF: Patriots @ Texans.

    must be nice to have a defense to do a 3 and out
  6. hanz

    Week 13: Bills @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    https://mobile.twitter.com/NFL_Memes/status/1200199891907207170 😂😂😂
  7. hanz

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    I feel like Alshon playing hurt, but yeah outside of Ertz who is a threat receiving? sanders maybe but his an RB
  8. hanz

    SNF Patriots @ Ravens.

    td ravnes 3 possession game safe 2 say pats lost
  9. if dolphins go 0-16, will their undefeated season go null? 🤔🤔 jk lol
  10. hanz

    Trade Deadline Discussion

    Wow niners got wr sanders and a fifth for a third and fourth pick
  11. hanz

    Week 7 Open Discussion.

    bils return the onside kick lol poor dolphins
  12. hanz

    Week 7 Open Discussion.

    how did we beat the packers? and howd we lose to the falcons? these eagles are something different 😂😂
  13. hanz

    Trade Deadline Discussion

    rams trade Marcus Peters to the ravens... damn why couldn't the eagle get him lol https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/15/nfl-rams-ravens-marcus-peters-trade/?fbclid=IwAR0iCUXHljKg-l9-ecFyDMzLV_SLwReDHhPSEMVz7HHkes_PjyLIuXg6Nac