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  1. HazletonEagle

    Major issue!!

    @downundermike recently took over as commish of the EMB fantasy basketball league. Yesterday afternoon he got banned when a flat earther reported him for something. Now our basketball league has a commish that cant even communicate with us on the EMB making it significantly harder us all to conduct league business. The whole thing is a convoluted mess. What would you do in this scenario Dave? Do we abandon the league? Do we begin impeachment proceedings on the Commish? Do we get @downundermike re-instated by the mods? Also, while mod5 is banning league commisioners do you think he can ban Goodell to siginificantly restrict his access to the NFL? That would be much more appreciated.
  2. Ive not parked there but I usually walk over from the phillies lot before a game and take the shuttle back. Arrive to the lot around 10:30. Walk over to Chickie and Petes by 11. Eat and back to the stadium by 12. Plenty of time to check out the activities in headhouse plaza and then get to the seats to check out warmups and pre-game stuff.
  3. HazletonEagle

    How come Brady's receivers never drop passes

    Rumor has it N'Keal Harry dropped a pass this off-season. Hes on IR now. Does that answer the question?
  4. Im sure it wouldnt have been good for a guy with a steelers jersey.
  5. his kids are no younger than 28 bros.
  6. ^^^ This guy sounds legit. ^^^ This guy is a Steelers fan. Dont listen to him.
  7. https://boards.philadelphiaeagles.com/forum/5-what39s-up/
  8. I was the first to respond. In all seriousness, you should ask this question in the "Whats Up" section of the boards. Theyre likely to be more helpful than I am.
  9. HazletonEagle

    draft party

    F you guys. I got none cause Im not a season ticket holder. They were gone in seconds.
  10. HazletonEagle

    draft party

    Regular tickets were free. VIP tickets were 200.
  11. HazletonEagle

    draft party

    I got notified a week prior on my celly from the eagles. Im not even a season ticket holder. But it wasnt well advertised at all. The day before, and day of I was checking the site and couldnt find anything about it. Luckily I had already known from the 1 notification I got about it. They were available Tuesday at 12pm. I got in right at 12 and got stuck waiting for 15 minutes only to get rejected. They sold out as quickly as season tickets do. First time I was ever unable to get tickets to this event. It used to be so easy.
  12. HazletonEagle

    Pre-paid parking at games?

    Thanks. Thats what I thought, but was hoping I stumbled upon something awesome that I just never knew about.
  13. I am taking Mrs. HE to the Ed Sheeran concert at the Linc, and today got an email from them about parking. Since there is a stupid hockey game the same night parking will be limited and they sent options for VIP parking, or general parking in K lot. So I ordered a general parking pass for K lot through this company called ParkMobile- I suppose you locals will be familiar with them.... Question is- is this an option available for eagles games that I have never known about? I typically get there for when the Phillies lot opens for eagles games and park there, but Id prefer K lot if I can reserve guaranteed space like this for games too. I know you used to be able to park there, and now it seems private. I assumed it was for season ticket holders or something. But maybe they reserve those spots online like this? Anyone know?