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  1. Maybe so, maybe not. Wentz takes hits. A lot. We all need to just chill. The NFC is up for grabs after the Rodgers injury, but it's a long season. Can we just focus on MNF?
  2. This fanbase needs to calm down. This team is good. It isn't great yet. It may become great in the weeks to come, but to call it great now is just emotional hyperbole. We aren't even into November yet. Let it breathe B.
  3. His "Colin"
  4. I'm still annoyed by the fact that Houston decided to forego the "Oilers". I get the fact that when they moved to Nashville they brought the team colors with them, but still, I miss the old Oilers. I wasn't even a fan of the franchise per se, but I just miss them from a "fan of the NFL" standpoint. Thoughts?
  5. I'm Buzzin, dirty dozen naughty rotten rhymer, cursin at you players worse than Marty Schottenheimer. ~Legacy.
  6. Excellent observations.
  7. Let me count the Fs I give..... Yup, zero Fs given.
  8. A $750 million dollar stadium would have to be built out of refrigerator boxes and duct tape.
  9. Billy McMullen.
  10. Kinda looks like a vajayjay. Meh. Hulk smash.
  11. Where ya been bro? Hope everything's well.

  12. Dear Prime,

    You are the sole reason we lost to the brokeback cowboys last night. I hate you! Never start a game day thread again.


  13. Yo man I hope your butt feels better soon ahahahahah

  14. Happy Birthday Noc!!!