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  1. Wentz was an All-Pro QB, something Dak will never be, not even close. And by the time his "new money" actually kicks in, Wentz won't even be top 9 in salary, if not lower, while Dak without Zeke is Blake Bortles without the big arm.
  2. Dak without Zeke is Blake Bortles-esque, but keep that on the hush-hush, don't want Jerry to figure that out before he gives him that fat contract.
  3. In all seriousness this could back fire, if Dak insists on getting 35-40m, Cowboys might come to their senses and realize he's no where near worth that and move on from him. The last thing we need is them weaseling their way into drafting a top talent QB, especially considering how stacked that position is in the next 2 drafts.
  4. 40M for a dink and dunk game manag.... I mean the greatest Quarterback who ever lived, yes, yes. He should absolutely get 40M, and not a penny less. Get yours Dak!
  5. Atta boi Dak, you are the best QB in the NFL and should be paid like it!!! Minimum 37m a year.
  6. D-Shiznit

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    This dude has a noodle for an arm, can't stop laughing at this. Hope Gettelman stays your GM for a decade.
  7. D-Shiznit

    Your top guys at each position.

    - Brady over Joe, enuff said - "Mean" Joe Green has to be the starting DT on any all-time NFL list, has to be. - "Night Train" Lane > any CB ever.
  8. Dal and R-Words fans don't actually use that for most part because of how long its been for them, they know our comeback for that is much more hurtful. Giants fans could, but we've owned them into obedient submission these past couple of years.
  9. In their defense that was literally the only thing they had on us, and they knew it. Now that's its gone, they don't know what to do.
  10. What can you say, Giants fans have been reduced to vicariously rooting for the Cowboys, their own football franchise is so terrible it couldn't compete in the AAF. As for Lawrence, he's a non-factor against us, always has been:
  11. $21 mil a year for a non-DPOY contender is ridiculous, way to go Dallas. Now please pay Dak 30m+, and Cooper 18m+.
  12. D-Shiznit

    Gronk Retires

    The most dominant TE in NFL history imo.
  13. D-Shiznit

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    If you guys are gonna tank, I'd rather you guys do it this year, rather than next. The 2020 QB class is very good, but I don't want you guys getting your paws on Trevor Lawrence in 2021. Matter of fact just trade up and get Haskins, you have the capital.
  14. D-Shiznit

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    I think you mean 20.
  15. D-Shiznit

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    Honestly I would trade him too, his value right now would be astronomical. They are just gonna waste his prime years and not really go anywhere, might as well trade him for a ransom and then use all those picks to build a team from scratch - Oline, Dline, QB.
  16. D-Shiznit

    Giants agree to trade WR Odell Beckham Jr to Browns

    Losing elite talent is never good, but the Giants don't have a team constructed that can take full advantage of him. I thought they would get a little more, but hey, you take what you get.
  17. D-Shiznit

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    Apparently the police have video of him receiving "Sexual Acts" from the prostitute, hopefully for his sake it's a BJ and not something more kinky.
  18. D-Shiznit

    All Time Winning Percentages for All Teams.

    Might wanna change your avatar now
  19. D-Shiznit

    Rams chances of contending in 2019

    The book is out on Goff, all you gotta do is send in 2 defensive calls and shift to the 2nd one once he breaks the huddle, that's it. Unless and until he learns how to read defenses at a slightly above high school level, he's gonna be an anchor around the Rams neck.
  20. D-Shiznit

    Anyone watching the AAF this weekend?

    AAF beat the NBA in head to head TV ratings. So much for NBA taking over as America's #1 sport. It just got its a** kicked by a bootleg football league. https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/tv-ratings-saturday-february-10-2019/