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  1. 1 minute ago, judunno said:

    He made that catch on the side line today that was extremely impressive. Gotta give rookies reps and a QB that can actually put passes in the right spot to be effective. Wentz has been off and the coaching staff for whatever reason has been putting their hopes on Jordan Fn Matthews and Agholor.

    Based on that catch, he should be starting. He did a fantastic job securing the ball and getting his feet down knowing he was about to get popped.

    Agholor and Matthew's are history end of season.

  2. 1 minute ago, EazyEaglez said:

    The problem is the fanboys ignore all the bad throws, but their extremely highlight the drops by the players. Agholor' drop in the end zone absolves Wentz in their minds despite the fact he had to completely twist his body to catch it, because Agholor sucks at tracking deep passes. 

    I like Wentz, but he blew the end of the game. How do you miss 3 straight easy passes?

    Too much nut hugging.