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  1. Man, I love going on away game trips. Our fans are the best. Green Legion, PhillyTailgate. All of them. These clips were from the Green Legion trip. Was an awesome time. Just got back at 3 this morning.
  2. No backup team, but I find myself watching individual players and hoping they succeed. I find them fun to watch. Hope they do well. Don't really care though. Marcus Mariota, Russell Wilson, Teddy Bridgewater
  3. Anybody who thought otherwise was just an idiot... You gave up a 2nd round pick to take a shot on Bradford (a one time #1 pick) It was, and still is, the right move. Even though it didn't work out.
  4. You didn't get the memo? Completing 64% of your passes for 9 Tds to 5 Ints as a rookie now makes you a bust. Chip is the GM. He would trade himself for a box of crayons in return lol
  5. Yup. Those Pittsburgh RBs typically are. That McCoy guy was a bust.
  6. BUST!!!! He didn't get in the endzone on that final run of the game. This guy is terrible! I want Knowshon Moreno
  7. Article I wrote before the game
  8. Knowshon Moreno: 4.22 Yards Per Touch Shady McCoy: 4.78 Yards Per Touch 'nuff said
  9. I've watched Knowshon only 4 times this season... one being his best game (vs Washington)... and I was very impressed. He is going to be one hell of a running back. But there is no way I can say he is performing better than McCoy. It's tough to compare the two... Knowshon is in a position on a team where he is expected to consistently produce. And he does. He picks up a solid 4 yards just about every carry. McCoy is in a position on a team where he is expected to be explosive. Sure he has some losses... but he also can break off a huge play at any time... something Knowshon has failed to do all season. They have looked equally impressive thus far.
  10. Yeah... he obviously can't break a tackle to save his life...
  11. I've watched Moreno play plenty... and I'm not backing down from my statement. They are basically equal. Knowshon just gets more opportunity. Just pointing the misspelling out... for somebody who knows oh so much about him and watches his every play the fact that you misspelled his name was a tad puzzling
  12. From a guy that wants to talk like you know s*** and roll your eyes... at least know his name. It's Knowshon Moreno Obviously he is going to have 2 more TDs, more first downs, more yards per game... did you not read what I posted... he carries the ball many more times a game than McCoy. I think he has about 80 more carries this season. McCoy is greatly improving his pass blocking... and how about the fact that McCoy is a much better receiver than Knowshon? He has over 100 yards more receiving. Not to mention Knowshon has fumbled the ball 4 times this season to McCoy's 2. It means nothing though... because again, Knowshon has had the ball in his hands a lot more. They have had equally good seasons if you ask me. Knowshon's stats show more because he has had more opportunity, but when it comes down to it their overall performances are just about equal.
  13. They are averaging the same YPC... Moreno just gets a lot more carries...
  14. Moreno? Not sure who he was referring to... this is just my assumption.