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  1. The spectacle of the Astros cheating scandal has been unprecedented this generation in pro sports. Even the national media, who is supposed to be unbiased and impartial, have been very upset. Players and coaches of all teams are coming out publicly and just trashing and shaming the Astros. And they've been applauded for doing so. How come this didn't happen with the Patriots? Let's recap: The Astros cheated for 3 years. The Patriots cheated for at least 16 years, and just got caught cheating again in 2019. The Astros stole signs, the Patriots stole signs. The Astros used buzzers. The Patriots deflated footballs and have been accused of screwing with the comms systems of opposing coaches(like John Harbaugh). The Astros apologized half-assed and fired their manager and GM. The Patriots never showed remorse, and didn't fire anyone, except maybe a scout who got caught spying. Yet, when McNabb and others came out and criticized the Patriots, the response was "Oh shut up, stop blaming other teams, you lost. Accept it!" When the Dodgers, Yankees, and other teams go after the Astros it's "Good, let those cheaters have it. They deserve it, those frauds!" When AJ Hinch the manager, and players like Altuve and Springer and others perform great while cheating, it's "Damn, now we have to question everything about them and how good they actually were..." With Belichick and Brady it's "WHO CARES, THEY'RE THE GOATs!!" Double standard much? The Patriots cheated more. They cheated longer. They showed less remorse. Yet the outrage compared to the Astros is not even comparable.
  2. Sack that QB

    Your top 3 worst Super Bowls since 2000

    SB50 was such an odd game. The Panthers played their worst game of the year. Lots of horrible errors. That game was there for the taking, Denver wasn't all that special in that game either. The thing that was cool about it though was I think starting the game when it's light out is a cool little thing that we don't get often. You really only get that in California SBs, so we usually only get that like once a decade or so.
  3. Sack that QB

    Your top 3 worst Super Bowls since 2000

    I had a couple typos in mine I corrected the numbers oops.
  4. Since 2000, what are your top 3 worst Super Bowls? 1. Colts vs Bears SB41 - a rainy sloppy game without a whole lot of action and not really a close game all the way through. Nothing memorable about it at all other than Hester returning the opening kickoff for a TD. 2. Seahawks vs Broncos SB48 - just an utter blowout from beginning to end. Nothing redeemable about it at all. 3. Patriots vs Rams SB53 - one of the worst games ever, but at least it was close for 90% of the game, which is why it isn't #1. I was going to put SB35 in there(Ravens/Giants) but at least we got to see the Giants get crushed. I was also going to put SB39 in there, but really I'm talking generally, not with Eagles fan colored glasses and talking about the actual quality of the games themselves.
  5. Sack that QB

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I know someone very close to Ron Rivera. I was told by them tonight he will NOT be taking the Redskins head coaching job and is using them for leverage. Rock solid source.
  6. I feel because they've had a down couple years people kinda forgot about the greatness of Aaron Rodgers. I haven't heard anyone talking about the Packers this offseason. It's all Eagles, Saints, Rams, Cowboys, Bears. I still can't count out Rodgers. He's the most physically gifted QB I've ever seen and I know this isn't close to the best group that's been around him, but we've seen him will teams to deep playoff runs before who were lacking in talent in key areas. Do you think the Packers have a resurgent year or do you think the days of Rodgers carrying the team to deep playoff runs is over?
  7. Sack that QB

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    I don’t know if the injury rate would increase by that much. I think people just assume that, but I’m not sure if studies were done it would show that in any kind of results. I mean, players can get hurt on any play.
  8. Sack that QB

    Should teams be able to challenge penalties or non calls?

    Of course. As long as you don’t increase the amount of challenges I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with it. There’s no difference in challenging pass interference or challenging of the ball hit the ground in a catch fundamentally. It will take the same amount of time roughly. No one will even notice a difference. these are game changing plays, it should absolutely be a rule with how incompetent the officials are.
  9. Sack that QB

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    That’s what it felt,like you were getting at. Because you never framed it in a way of that you like the product better that way, at least that’s how it came off from reading the post. So just to specify.. say the Chiefs got the ball back and drove all the way down. Then pick your outcome. They score and win the game by going for 2. Or they turn the ball over in the red zone and the patriots win anyway. Your opinion would be that the game would have been more entertaining had the game just ended when the Patriots scored initially?
  10. Sack that QB

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    I get that, but again, I'm asking you for a minute to take the morality cap off and just answer from an entertainment POV. Don't you think from a pure entertainment/fun factor perspective, it would have been a more fun and entertaining game had the Chiefs gotten the ball back? Hell, they didn't even need to win. They could have driven back down to the red zone and Mahomes could throw an INT. Or they could have scored and went for 2 and not gotten it. But don't you think the game would have been more exciting that way? You wouldn't have been more entertained in that scenario?
  11. Sack that QB

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    When you say you "like it” do you mean from a fairness standpoint or entertainment standpoint. Because in scenario one you have the patriots drive down to the 35, kick a FG and win. Scenario two, say the Pats score a TD, Chiefs get the ball back, drive down, score a TD then go for 2 and win. from an entertainment standpoint I don’t see how anyone could think scenario one would be more fun to watch then scenario two. Scenario two would be talked about for ages. I just want the more fun product to watch as possible and I don’t think enough people are looking at it from an entertainment perspective. People are looking at it from some odd mortality angle it feels like. "If you don’t wanna lose via coin toss, then stop them!” And that’s all well and good, but it doesn’t make for a better product. i don’t think anyone would argue yesterday’s game would have been worse if the Chiefs got the ball back. None of you would have watched that game and went "man... the Chiefs getting the ball back here just ruined this game... and I was having a blast watching it, what a shame.”
  12. Sack that QB

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    Sudden death can be fun... in the right circumstance. But don’t you think the game would have been more entertaining if the Chiefs got the ball back? There were a million points scored in the 4th quarter and OT and for it to end just like that to me ruined the game. I wanted it to keep going. Part of the fun of sports is watching heavyweights lunch and counter punch and see who staggers first and no one was staggering so last night was like them "calling the fight” while two boxers are trading blows and no one has went down. It was a kick in the balls.
  13. Sack that QB

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    Good points, but also I think as the league favors offense more and more with rule changes and whatnot, it just becomes harder and harder for the team that loses the coin toss to win. And it will only get worse as they continue to add more rules and the refs toss flags around like candy. I believe in the last 8 playoff games, the team that won the coin toss won 7 of those times, and the only time they didn't was the Rams yesterday. So it's easy to say "stop them" when you have a league where no one plays defense anymore and the league doesn't want you to play defense.
  14. Sack that QB

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    Some teams build more toward one side of the ball and the Chiefs who decided to build their team offensively suffer when their best side of the ball doesn’t get to see the field. Literally, the best player on your team in Mahomes doesn’t get his turn to even the score. and yeah, the longer the game the more chances for injury, but in the grand scheme of things it’s a couple extra shortened quarters so you play 64+ in a season and maybe you play one or two more overall. It’s really not that big of a deal IMO. but at least admit from an entertainment perspective it would be more fun to watch that game continue last night.
  15. Sack that QB

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    I’m asking you to forget about the "deserving” part of it, that is entirely subjective. If the Chiefs got the ball back and scored and that insane game kept going, would you have not enjoyed watching it continue on?