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  1. He'd make for a good 4th or 5th WR. Anything more than that is LOL Eagles.
  2. If every player in NFL history was reverted back to their prime and all thrown into a large free agent draft and you had the first pick, who would you take to start a team? One caveat: you don't know who your coach, coordinators, or owner is going to be. All you know is who will be your top pick to start a team. I'm sure most would take Montana, Brady, Taylor, Rice, but I'm taking Aaron Rodgers. He's the most physically talented QB I've ever seen, and having dealt with a mediocre-at-best coach for his entire career, and still is able to carry a team on his back like no one I've ever seen, I'll go Rodgers with coach, coordinators, and owner being an unknown.
  3. Hard to say how good Gus is since he was loaded with amazing defensive talent, and the defense didn't get any worse after they left. In fact, they won the Superbowl after he left. Not saying he isn't good, but impossible to tell.
  4. One thing people seem to overlook about trading up for a QB. A lot of people go "You can't trade up for Goff or Wentz. These guys are solid QB prospects, but they are not Andrew Luck!" Well, if they were Andrew Luck, the teams sitting there at the top wouldn't trade out. No one is going to pass up an Andrew Luck. Hell, if Andrew Luck was cloned and coming out this year, the Titans would take him and trade Mariota probably. And if they did trade out, it would be for a waaaaaaaaaaay steeper price than the Rams paid. Like 4 future first round picks. So, if the Eagles decide one of these guys is a franchise guy in their minds, this is the year to do it. Unless they suck so badly in a year that happens to have a great QB draft class and finish like 3-13. Which I don't see happening.
  5. Don't like sudden death anything in the NFL. Really hurt the end of the game to end like the air came out of the balloon. Both sides of the ball should always have a chance to take the field. It's a team sport. What sense does it make if the entire team can't see the field?
  6. He is talking about the Eagles. He's talking about how Teddy Bridgewater would fit on...... wait for it.....the Eagles
  7. That's precisely what it is
  8. You clearly haven't. Moving on from the discussion is different from letting go of a Superbowl from over 10 years ago. Jealousy causes people to get so nuts sometimes...
  9. Holy **** you sound butthurt. Be a man and more the F on, by Zeus
  10. Nope, he was right and that was Mosher. Mosher has been saying all offseason that Kendricks will be traded.
  11. Franklin apparently turned down an interview with the Redskins. Even though he may be the clear frontrunner for the PSU job, I don't see how you don't at least listen and that you'd turn down the most prestigious football coaching opportunity in the world: to be a head coach in the NFL. Unless you already know that you will be forced to cater to Robert Griffin for 5 years, because Snyder is in love with the guy. As long as Robert Griffin has all the power down there, it will not be an attractive coaching job. No one will take a head coaching job going in, knowing they will have to take **** from a player who is put on a pedestal.
  12. I hope he gets back soon. Even though I think he is overrated, he seems like a real good person. I hope he makes it back for week 1.
  13. 6-8 months for him to start practicing. Unless he is a freak like Peterson, he may not get back to himself until halfway into the season. I'm telling you, QBs that rely on running are going to start to be phased out slowly. They are more prone to injury and without their legs, they lose a big chunk of their effectiveness.
  14. Chris Mortensen ‏@mortreport Redskins QB Robert Griffin III will undergo total reconstruction of knee for complete tear of ACL and LCL. Recovery projection: 6-8 mos.
  15. Griffin has complete tear of ACL and LCL. Out 6-8 months.