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  1. I agree, I too like and wanted Foster. But knowing where he ended up, it would've been a reach to take him at 14.
  2. The interesting thing about this is that people really don't want teams to reach. If the Eagles drafted him at 14, since we have the benefit of hindsight, wouldn't it be a reach since he went at 31?
  3. Just checking this thread. King loves old stories. This was an article from March 22nd.
  4. I didn't read the list of names too closely and see he wrote David instead of Derek. I don't think I have any idication that this list is an accurate representation of a true top 100. It's just a list of what players believe to be the top 100, knowing full well that players will vote however they want, even if it's not who they really feel is the best or not. Depending on how many votes there are (I'm not sure if 53 players times 32 teams vote or if it's more or less), the odd outliers on a single voting card don't matter as much. The players list will represent, in the end, closely to where they feel they should be.
  5. My guess is that was a Steelers player filling it out. He can fill it out however he wants to, which includes moving guys up on the list, or down on the list depending on anything. Think about the All-Star Ballots filled out by fans. Many fans vote for who they like rather than the best player.
  6. Everything is anti-competitive. Some teams play more teams coming off byes/long breaks than others. Some teams travel further. Some teams play teams who are more healthy. The international games likely bring in quite a bit of money for the NFL, which helps teams being able to spend more money a year. It's good the way it is, I don't think it needs to be fixed. They normally don't have a marquee matchup in those games.
  7. The way to fix it is to schedule a team there who's not selling out their home games. This is pretty much what they do already. Problem fixed.
  8. It's not based only on the 2016 season, as you said. It's based on how players think they'll do the following year. In doing that, players look to the historical information, not just the last year.
  9. It's a list on where players think they players will be in 2017.
  10. The last time Dallas played in a prime time game against a division rival, it was on the road. December 11th.
  11. Joe Horn pulling out a cell phone was a bit ridiculous and could've lead to extra props being involved.
  12. She did show them.
  13. I use to be a season ticket holder of the Soul. It was super cheap and halfway interesting. The problem is that they made it really loud in there with the constant music blasting way too loud and things going on the entire game. I felt like they made it designed for someone with ADHD. Arena football reminds me of basketball where the game comes down to the last couple minutes that seem to take forever. Having a 21 pt lead with 2 minutes left is like having a 10 point lead with a quarter left in the NFL.
  14. This was also their largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl.
  15. The real solution is that someone is always going to think that the rule is unfair. Following college rules is unfair as the offense already starts in scoring position. Also, the last team to have the ball is in a distinct advantage to knowing what they need to win the game. In football, as in life, things aren't fair. Some teams play more teams coming off a bye or an extended break than other teams. Some teams get tougher schedules than others. Some teams have free agents that don't want to go there. Welcome to the world, where everything isn't fair.