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  1. Dave - This is a follow up to an earlier thread where I asked if the 94.1 broadcast would be played in real time and not in delay while in the stadium. Well, I confirmed during the Cleveland game that the in stadium radio broadcast is roughly 10 seconds behind. This makes the broadcast unlistenable. I am not sure the sponsors want to hear this but it doesn't work for me and probably many others so bringing my radio with me is a thing of the past. It is a shame to not get the other in game details that Merrill and Mike provide that I am use to and very much enjoy. I am not sure of the technical reasons or the decision to broadcast it this way but I will let you pass it along that it stinks for the customer who has paid to see the game. While I have your ear, I remember a few years back the Eagles and LFF were very pleased that they were installing new scoreboards. I never had a problem with the old ones (5 yrs?) but technology changes so it sounded like a nice advancement. They also talked about installing ribbon boards that go around the mid decks and how they would improve the game day experience. Again, it sounded like a nice improvement. However, once they were installed I realized the larger scoreboard and ribbon boards are just wild flickering and digital advertising signage. The ribbon boards flash advert after advert to the point where the down and distance (the essence of the game) is barely on long enough to even find it. Couldn't that be left static at the 50 yard line on both sidelines? I like Acme and Herr's chips as much as the next guy but holy cow...relentless. You would think the bigger scoreboard would be nice... again only 2/3 is used so last 1/3 can give us more advertising. Rarely is the full screen used...There could be an amazing 90 yd run and what you would see is Miller Lite and WaWa around highlight - really??? The picture is amazing clear but why not have some plays shown "edge to edge" to give the fan the experience that they claimed? I am not naïve to think advertising isn't a big part of pro sports today but the flashing of ads in LFF is very distracting and does not "enhance the fan experience" as Don Smolenski claimed but rather detracts from it. Despite these two "complaints" the Eagles and LFF do a nice job on game day but in these two areas they have forgotten why the fans are really there and have given in to the almighty dollar. I hope you are able to pass this along to those who make those decisions. Thanks for listening.