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  1. Thank you for reading my article.


  2. Thanks for posting the link. Interesting...
  3. if someone rear-ended me i probably would be pissed too (and unfortunately it has happened in the middle of the night on Roosevelt Blvd). sounds like Smith got out of the car and said something to the other driver. that dude pulled out a gun and shot him (and also hit his wife) fortunately in this country we have access to guns, so when we do something stupid like rear-ending someone we can also shoot them dead for getting in our way.
  4. Bob Griffing the Third, amirite?
  5. what school?
  6. wow, that is surprising. a few thoughts: 1) Boston is in New England. The Patriots are from New England. Therefore most football fans in Boston root for the New England Patriots. 2) The Patriots won the Super Bowl last year and have won 4 total since 2000. You tend to get less front-runners when the local team is actually good. 3) Most people move AWAY from New England, not the other way around. congrats on being one of about five people who thought it was a good idea...
  7. hahaha
  8. they should let all three teams move. put them all in the same division with the Niners. the new NFC West would be the 4 california teams. put the Seahawks back in the AFC where they were for 25 years. move the Cardinals to the AFC West too. NFC West, Chargers, Raiders, 49ers, Rams (California division) AFC West, Cardinals, Seahawks, Broncos, Chiefs
  9. Warren Moon played his best football after 40...
  10. I remember when you only posted in "Ask Dave"
  11. giants went 9-7 and reagan is the devil.
  12. are we sure Tim Tebow was the best person to calm Hernandez down...?
  13. the three lowest priorities of the philadelphia eagles safeties linebackers . . . . . . a message board that works