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  1. Chris Spielman is one of the better analyst imo.
  2. PopsG

    Week 6: Steelers @ Chargers

    What a terrible outting by the chargers. I know they have a slew of injuries but my god they look dreadful.
  3. PopsG

    Week 6: Steelers @ Chargers

    Might be time for them to move on from Rivers after this season.
  4. PopsG

    Week 5: Colts @ Chiefs

    Mahomes needs better recievers and the chiefs Oline and Dline looked terrible tonight.
  5. PopsG

    Week 5: Rams @ Seahawks

    Imagine Metcalf catching passes from Wentz *sigh
  6. PopsG

    Week 4 Open Discussion.

    Minshew is a fun player to watch Jacksonville's got a QB controversy on the rise.
  7. PopsG

    Week 3: Bears @ Redskins

    Awful game. blowouts are only fun when its your favorite team doing it.
  8. PopsG

    SNF: Steelers @ Patriots.

    And I foolishly thought this game might be competitive
  9. PopsG

    SNF: Steelers @ Patriots.

    It all seems shady as hell its too bad nothing will come of it. Personally I think its bad look for the league to have the same team in the SB year in and year out.
  10. PopsG

    SNF: Steelers @ Patriots.

    Yea they make it look so damn easy and they dont even have AB yet
  11. PopsG

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    surprised they didn't throw a flag on donald for tossing the golden boy
  12. PopsG

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    I kinda figured the pats were gonna win anyways but I genuinely feel bad for Andy Reid his team was so damn close to slaying the dragon. It really is a shame.
  13. PopsG

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    NE with that sneaky good defense that rarely gets talked about.
  14. PopsG

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    We all know that BB and Brady own big red I think they win this game easily. Hope I'm wrong though.
  15. PopsG

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    also remember when ints weren't immediately followed by the entire defense running into the end zone to celebrate.