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  1. Thanks alot buddy...Now my tax dollars are paying that former cops unemployment benefits. I hope you are happy.

  2. Dear Ryan,

    What's a henway?

    Your pal,


  3. Stop for the red light next time. Save yourself the time and the aggravation of having to deal with d-bag cops. I thought you'd have bigger rims.

  4. Don't let up on that police department until that officer is fired. He doesn't deserve his badge and you and your family didn't deserve the way he treated you.

    good luck this coming football season. Stay healthy.

  5. Uh oh, I just pooped my pants.I

  6. Just another reason Why Dallas Sucks!

    My Prayers are with your family.

  7. Hey Ryan,

    you didn't deserve anything that happened to you despite your inability to play football.


    your wife is hawt

  8. Hey Ryan,

    Sorry to hear about your recent troubles with the PoPo. Those SOB's like to hassle me sometimes too. Keep your chin up.