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  1. Don't forget that starting this season, there will be a woman doing the games as well.
  2. We didn't have rack numbers but we damn sure had to memorize the serial number. God help you if you were asked to recite it by your drill instructor and you didn't know it.
  3. No. I hate the way those 2 sports do it (the Flyers got hosed in 2007 when they had the worst record in the league yet were awarded the #2 pick, missing out on Patrick Kayne). Talking about ping pong balls is one of the most annoying sports topics out there when it comes to their drafts. Leave it as is.
  4. I LOATHE the targeting call in college and now they are gonna put it in the NFL? It is such a subjective rule even when it goes under review. It's efen football- if you have the ball, yeah, I'm gonna target your a**. Defense is being neutered more and more each year and it is becoming laughable.
  5. And what a fine job he's doing.
  6. Wonder what is going through the minds of DGB and Ugholor.
  7. Just heard on Sirius/XM that the Niners just signed Pierre Garcon. He gets 16 mill for the first year- yikes. Wonder if Kirk tries to force his way out there even more now.
  8. I believe Dallas gave up 2 first rounders when they signed joey Galloway from Seattle. I think that was like 2000?
  9. Here's an idea. How about the Falcons defense actually step up and make a play and at worst holding them to a FG, where they can then get the ball and score a TD.
  10. You would have to say this was worse because this was the Super Bowl.
  11. un efen believable. wow.
  12. I thought in the playoffs the o/t went back to sudden death.
  13. Julio Jones is efen amazing.