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  1. Byron Maxwell Going Back to Seattle - 1 Year Deal

    Seattle plays Atlanta. Remember what Julio Jones did to Byron Maxwell in his first game as an eagle?
  2. Week 8 Schedule

    Thursday, October 26, 2017 Miami @ Baltimore, 8:25 PM Sunday, October 29, 2017 Minnesota vs. Cleveland, 9:30 AM (London) Atlanta @ New York Jets, 1:00 PM Carolina @ Tampa Bay, 1:00 PM Chicago @ New Orleans, 1:00 PM Indianapolis @ Cincinnati, 1:00 PM Los Angeles Chargers @ New England, 1:00 PM Oakland @ Buffalo, 1:00 PM San Francisco @ Philadelphia, 1:00 PM Houston @ Seattle, 4:05 PM Dallas @ Washington, 4:25 PM Pittsburgh @ Detroit, 8:30 PM Monday, October 30, 2017 Denver @ Kansas City, 8:30 PM
  3. Maxwell Cut

    He was beaten like a drum in that game. Right from the start.
  4. The Browns

    Well, that is what those guys in the front office get paid for. Gotta' make the right picks when you have them. The players they got this year in the first seem to be pretty good so far and luckily for them.. they should be in position to draft a QB high this year if they so choose. They just need to make the right choice.
  5. The Browns

    Since 2011, Phil Taylor Trent Richardson Brandon Weeden Barkevious Mingo Justin Gilbert Johnny Manziel Danny Shelton Cam Erving Corey Coleman Not counting this years draft because it is too early to tell. 9 bad first round picks right there
  6. The Browns

    Picks are worthless unless you have guys in the front office who can turn the picks into good players. We've seen the Browns blow many picks over the years. Especially first rounders
  7. The Browns

    In a league where many things change year after year, you know you can expect on thing to remain... The Browns will be the Browns
  8. The Browns

    Pretty sure kizer was benched due to poor play.
  9. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    Wouldn't that be the definition of being "overrated"
  10. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    There are plenty of backs in the league who do those things but they don't go 8th overall in the draft. I think going that high, you need to be THE running back on your team...not a specialist.
  11. Which Quarterback would you want to lead your team?

    Odell gives him a run for his money
  12. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    Well, if he can't handle the role of every down back, why take him that high in the draft? I could see why some people would say he is overrated.
  13. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    I'm not on either side of the argument, but do you think if the Panthers let go of Stewart, Mccaffrey could handle the load as an every down back in the NFL.?
  14. Which Quarterback would you want to lead your team?

    Guess again
  15. Zac sucks blocking

    You're just now realizing that blocking is not the strength of Zach Ertz? Really?