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  1. Nice to hear! Enjoy
  2. Raiders can be thrown into the mix right ? aldon smith, ralondo mcclain, Gareon Conley to name a few
  3. Was he on Santa's naughty list last year? Seriously though, if Dak was drafted by the Browns... he would not had have nearly the same success that he did. Where a player is drafted is the most underrated and overlooked thing when it comes to the draft. Stop trying to kick Mayock when hes down. He isn't perfect.
  4. Keep pressing search again or try stub hub
  5. Which site are you using?
  6. Did it work?
  7. Just keep refreshing the page and some should pop up eventually Edit: Keep pressing the "search again" button
  8. In my opinion, there isn't a bad seat in the building. Hope you enjoy.
  9. There have always been athletes that are sensitive . Its just easier to express it and put it out there nowadays with social media.
  10. Jerry Rice on the Seahawks
  11. And to think, I used to like Mayock. Nice knowin' ya!
  12. Right... which we've seen them do countless times.
  13. Offense : Brady Defense : Reggie White
  14. Ehh, I wouldn't call Smallwood "top flight" just yet... give him some more time
  15. Same. Didn't mind the gold/blue ones either though. The old yellow/blue ones were pretty ugly though, in my opinion.