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  1. Two wrongs don't make a right. But, two lefts do. 

  2. Imagine what a beautiful swirl baby we'd create

  3. It tells me you're a total d00she, why?

  4. I'm stopping by to thank you. I had a problem this morning. I awoke and I had no wood. Now, a normal morning this would not be a problem, but for some reason it was. Now, luckily for me I still had that picture you had sent me of your wart infected snatch. All it took was a glance and things were back to normal.

  5. Did you get all of your homemade videos burned to DVD yet? I've run out of fapping material and need to restock. Kthnxbi

  6. I just realized something... You're a total d00she.

  7. I tried to change my password to p*nis, but it said my password was too short :(

  8. I have to poop, but I don't feel like getting up.

  9. RIP Sheppard#1. I never met you, but you'll always be a friend to me...

  10. Yeah, why? Are you afraid of stretch marks and cesarean scars?

  11. Hey ****, wanna hit up some nudie bars this summer?

  12. It didn't take long :P

  13. F you, Basthole.

  14. Hello beautiful...

  15. BF53 just became the official spokeboy for NAMBLA.

  16. Don't feel bad Hukd, alot of people don't have any talent.

  17. I'll get naked too if it makes you feel better.

  18. I'll fight you for her.

  19. No way. I light that oil on fire first! I'm borderline badass

  20. So are you going to get naked or what? We've all been waiting.

  21. BF53 likes long walks on the beach with older men. Preferebly 50+.

  22. I want to run my tongue along your naked body.

    How do you feel about that? Huh?