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  1. Eagles @ Rams

    I'll be there. This game is becoming a hot item, for Eagles fans and locals alike. The cheapest ticket on StubHub was $185 today. Glad I bought my ticket earlier!
  2. Tyrod Taylor benched

    It seems like the wheels are falling off the circled wagons in Buffalo again. http://buffalonews.com/2017/11/16/bucky-gleason-with-questions-at-quarterback-bills-look-to-peterman-for-answers/
  3. Chargers back to San Diego?

    Everyone knows that they show celebrities. This is nothing new, and it doesn't just happen in Los Angeles for Lakers games. They're always showing celebrities like Jessica Simpson, George W. Bush, and others at Cowboys games. They show people like Bill Murray at Cubs games. The Cubs, incidentally, usually have a celebrity lead "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", which is much more than a 10-second clip of a movie star sitting in a chair. But people don't tune into Cubs games to see who will sing during the 7th inning stretch. No one is tuning into Cowboys games, Giants games, Dolphins games, and I would bet even Lakers games, just to see who attended the game. I think the network executives are most concerned about their core viewers: men ages 18-54. They were interested in increasing the female viewership about 10 years ago, and the league thinks they have maximized female viewership already. The league is now trying to maximize global viewership. No one is concentrating on viewership of a fringe group, like women who don't like football.
  4. Chargers back to San Diego?

    Done what? Shown celebrities? Who cares? They do it for Cowboys games too. How many women do you know who watch Lakers games for 10-second snippets of Jack Nicholson or the Kardashians at a basketball game?
  5. Chargers back to San Diego?

    Aren't there celebrities at NFL games already, such as when one of the NYC teams hosts a game, or at Cowboys games? What kind of increase in female viewership would there be if there's a few celebrities at a football game? As has been pointed out, the NFL thinks that the return-on-investment for trying to get women to watch has matured. They got any fickle women watching by having the players wear pink gear. If women would watch a game just to wait for celebrity shots, why can't they just get that with TMZ, which specializes in that? I think you're seeing way too much into this. The number of women - or men - who would watch something that they are not interested in for a few hours, just for 20-30 seconds of a shot of a celebrity in between plays, is probably close to 0. No one wastes their time like that.
  6. Chargers back to San Diego?

    Chargers might not be going back to San Diego after all... https://www.sbnation.com/2017/9/22/16352428/chargers-los-angeles-san-diego-relocation-rumor
  7. Chargers back to San Diego?

    LA was/is a lucrative place to move because of the TV market, but it's not because of getting women to watch so they can look for celebrities during the game. If that was the case, playing in a little soccer stadium wouldn't be an option. Why aren't there celebrity cameos and at games in NYC and Miami already, which have celebrities too, and never lost their teams? Besides, women already watch the NFL now. Did you notice that the pink gear has been subsiding in 2016, and even 2015? Speculation is because the NFL has already maximized the female viewing audience, and so pushing pink gear ad nauseam is no longer a good way to bring in more female viewers. It was all really a money-grab from the start (which was obvious when it was revealed several years ago that only 4% of revenue from pink NFL gear was going to breast cancer research). Since they pushed for more female viewers already, why would they think a team in LA would be some magic bullet?
  8. Chargers back to San Diego?

    Welp, that didn't take long! Nothing says "success" like not being able to sell out a football stadium the size of 1-AA Delaware's. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/nfl-considering-moving-chargers-back-to-san-diego/bpzskbsytng1nwioug3s995z
  9. Maybe Howie should have grabbed Kareem Hunt

    We always miss, except when we draft players like DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, etc
  10. Eagles Fans in Phoenix?

    Rockbar in Scottsdale is an Eagles bar. I've been there a couple times when I've been in Arizona to visit a friend, and that's where we watch the game.
  11. Seattle Seahawks Get Unfair Advantage

    I thought flex scheduling doesn't come into effect until week 8? How can Week 3 be changed?
  12. Will the browns finally turn it around

    Orange is closer to brown. White is about as far away from brown as you can possibly get.
  13. Will the browns finally turn it around

    Rumor is the Browns are considering switching to white helmets. Because nothing says brown like white!
  14. For the 2019 season, before they move, the sites being thrown around for the Raiders to play in when their two one-year leases expire, is Levi's Stadium, Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, and AT&T Stadium in San Francisco. The Raiders haven't expressly said it, but they do not want to play in Sam Boyd Stadium before moving into their new home.
  15. I guess I'm the only one who thought that the blue and gold was kind of nice. It was certainly a little more unique than blue and white, or some form of blue with yellow.