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  1. xzmattzx

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    That estimation for the UK was revised from 500,000 to 20,000. Link
  2. xzmattzx

    Divisional realignment?

    Does anyone ever see any time in the future where divisions get realigned, even if it's just two teams? Obviously, the league tried to keep rivalries intact for the good of the league. The most prominent example was keeping the Cowboys in the NFC East. So, have the divisions been ingrained into the system enough that they can never be changed? For instance, the Colts got shafted by being put in the AFC South. Are they rivals with their other three divisional teams now that they can't be moved? Would some time in the near future, like the next few years, be a good time to move the Colts to the AFC North, the Ravens to the AFC East, and the Dolphins to the AFC South? And what happens if a team moves? The last three moves have been convenient, because the moves still made geographical sense: Rams could stay in the NFC West when moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles; the Chargers could stay in the AFC West when moving from San Diego to Los Angeles; and the Raiders could stay in the AFC West when moving from Oakland to Las Vegas. But what if the Jaguars move to London? Do they stay in the AFC South? Or, should they try to move to the AFC East, where a New York and Boston team play and a more natural Transatlantic rivalry can be developed (paging Wallyhorse)?
  3. Anyone else think that he is doing this so that he forces Kraft's hand to pay him? If Brady made any mention of coming back to the Patriots, then Kraft could use that as leverage and give him slightly less money. Brady needs to make Kraft and the organization poop their pants about this in order to get what he wants.
  4. xzmattzx

    Jaguars to play 2 games in London now

    No, the games would be later at night, in the coveted 11 PM slot, because Millennials watch WHAT sports they want WHEN they want.
  5. xzmattzx

    Jaguars to play 2 games in London now

    Would the coronavirus affect the ability to open up the season on the Wednesday after Labor Day? The benefit would be that two teams could then play on the next Tuesday and have the first of two bye weeks after that.
  6. xzmattzx

    CBA discussion thread

    All of that makes sense, but the owners can't make more money that way, so the opposite of everything you said will likely happen.
  7. xzmattzx

    Jaguars to play 2 games in London now

    Would the NFL cancel the entire season due to the Coronavirus outbreak?
  8. xzmattzx

    Flex Scheduling for MNF being considered

  9. xzmattzx

    CBA discussion thread

    This is a nice way to ensure that the #1 seeds in each conference make the Super Bowl. I think it will inevitably lead to a more predictable conference championship weekend every year.
  10. xzmattzx

    Flex Scheduling for MNF being considered

    If they played games on Fridays, there would be no conflict with 60 Minutes. You wouldn't have to have a double singleheader so that fans in Chicago could watch both DAL-NE and GB-SEA and watch the Bears versus the Giants, complimenting the double singleheader with the Jets, who would open up as the Chiefs opponent so that the NFL gets the coveted New York market on opening night AND get the Jets' primetime game out of the way. Of course, you would then have to move the second game of the double singleheader to 4:45 and have the regional games start at 4:25 so that each game does not finish at the same time, AND the prime game starts after the 1:00 game finishes, with regional games finishing before the prime game finishes. With an extra Jaguars' game in London, you would have a 10:00 AM EST start time, further staggering games and having less competition in the 4:00 spot, even though some games would have to start at 4:15 and some at 4:25, with the prime game starting at 4:45 to allow the coveted New York market to tune in. You could further stagger games by having the Rams play in the coveted 10:00 PM spot on Sunday night, but the game would be on CBS, allowing 60 Minutes to begin at 7:00. NBC would relinquish control of the Sunday night spot in this case, and would have exclusive control over the Sunday night of the Oscars in return. This 10:00 game would be hosted by the Rams because it would be a great chance to have celebrities at the game on national TV, since they go to game to see and be seen. This 10:00 PM spot would further be coveted because Millennials increasingly watch TV on THEIR time, and late games have drawn in big ratings, as evidenced by the 2002 World Series and 2003 World Series. That would give you two West Coast prime time games at different times, which would pull in the coveted West coast markets. But don't forget, a double singleheader on the Wednesday after Labor Day to open up the season, then having two of the teams play the next Tuesday, and get TWO bye weeks after that, would possibly open up the chance for each team to get TWO primetime games per season under this scenario. That would let the NFL showcase the Jets and corner the coveted New York market even more.
  11. xzmattzx

    Flex Scheduling for MNF being considered

    I initially didn't like the Thursday night games, but I could live with one to start the weekend off early. I am becoming more and more disinterested in football on Monday nights, though. I'm not really up for pretending that the weekend is one day longer after going in to work to start a work week.
  12. xzmattzx

    Flex Scheduling for MNF being considered

    How about permanently flexing all Monday night games to Sunday?
  13. What is it with you always saying the Jets will be in the big season opener? You said that last year for the Patriots, and they played the Steelers; the Jets played the then-lowly Bills to open the season.
  14. Cue the London Jaguars speculation. Notes from the article: The games would be in back-to-back weeks Home games against Pittsburgh and Chicago are blocked to keep them in Jacksonville The two games will likely be around when the World's Largest Cocktail Party is held in Jacksonville 11% of the Jaguars' local revenue is generated from their London game The Jaguars have territorial rights to the United Kingdom https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28633920/jaguars-play-two-london-games-2020-boost-revenue