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  1. xzmattzx

    Who Opens 2019 against the Super Bowl Winner?

    ??? Why would they save Saints at Rams to avoid a stadium conflict? Neither the Rams nor Saints share a stadium with a baseball team. I don't see any reason for not playing that in September.
  2. xzmattzx

    Conf. Championship games

    And then won in Los Angeles. So that idea makes no sense. But it doesn't matter now anyway.
  3. I heard the Dolphins will hire Brian Flores of the Patriots
  4. xzmattzx

    Conf. Championship games

    Did the Eagles stay in Dallas or head straight to Los Angeles to play the Rams back in December?
  5. xzmattzx

    Conf. Championship games

    The AFCCG would be in the soccer stadium. I don't see why it wouldn't be. It already needed a special waiver from the league to be used in the first place, and the Chargers got it. So why would there be an exception to the waiver, for one game, on such short notice?
  6. xzmattzx

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    Tanking in 2018 for a 2021 draft pick? Who are the Flyers tanking for in 2021 then?
  7. I think it's more than just a "McVay model". The McVay model is a quarterback-minded model. I think you can also include coaches like Pederson, Reich, and maybe Nagy or Shanahan.
  8. xzmattzx

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    Reigning Super Bowl champions?
  9. xzmattzx

    AFC Wildcard: LA Chargers @ Baltimore.

    Chargers were actually 7-1 on the road this season
  10. xzmattzx

    Hall of Fame reveals finalists for Class of 2019

    Did Boselli really play for just 6 years (plus 1 year on injured reserve)?
  11. xzmattzx

    Hall of Fame reveals finalists for Class of 2019

    Gonzalez, Reed, Bailey, and maybe Bruce and/or Seymour
  12. Nothing confuses me. I see an article where the writer is concerned about coaches who didn't produce getting fired. I agree with you that this is cyclical. So then why the concern? This is how the league is nowadays. More context can be found right at the beginning of the article: I understand that the article then moves forward discussing possible future head coaches. But putting focus on coaches that should have been fired (with the exception of Bowles, in my opinion) detracts from the argument. If Anthony Lynn was fired after a playoff loss later this month, that would be troubling. But I don't think it's troubling to see, for example, a coach with 0 playoff wins in 16 years step down from the job. You may want to look farther back in the thread, where I predicted an article like this as the firings were taking place. I anticipated an article alluding to discontent about these coaches getting fired, even though everyone generally agrees that they should have been fired.
  13. Packers and Broncos seem the best to me, long term. Both have better ownership groups, front offices, and/or team culture than just about all of the others. Working for the Packers would be better than working for, say, Mike Brown and the Bengals, or in the unstable coaching environment in Cleveland.
  14. The article that I read seemed to be someone wanting to have their cake and eat it too. Each firing was spelled out as justified, but then the firings were troubling because of a "commitment to diversity". In the case of mediocre Black head coaches, either you get justified firings or you get sustained diversity. The writer made statements himself for justified firings. So does he want mediocre coaches kept around for the sake of diversity? I did not say that the article said there should be more Black head coaches. On that subject, I think all candidates should be looked at equally without regard to race. If no new head coaches hired are Black, I'm fine with that. If all of the new head coaches hired are Black, I'm fine with that too. Each team will hire the person that they deem fit for the job with its unique conditions. This is the article I read: https://theundefeated.com/features/future-of-black-nfl-coaches-a-concern-after-round-of-firings/
  15. My take was that the writer wanted to ignore the negatives, which he listed and admitted to, but was still disturbed by the firings. I thought all the firings were fine and expected, with possibly the exception of Bowles. I thought there would be a little more leeway for him, with a franchise quarterback in his rookie season, and being in the same division as Brady. Otherwise, the firings/retirements of Joseph, Wilkes, Lewis, and Jackson seemed appropriate, without regard for race. Did the writer see them as justified or unjustified?