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  1. The national anthem at sporting events actually started at baseball games during World War I. I don't remember the specifics, but someone heard the anthem playing down the street or something, and stood at attention. Military men stood at attention, while civilians put their hats over their hearts. They kept it going after that. They discuss it in Ken Burns' "Baseball". It's been traced back to a single game. It may have been in Cincinnati or Chicago.
  2. Rockbar in Scottsdale is an Eagles bar. I've been there a couple times when I've been in Arizona to visit a friend, and that's where we watch the game.
  3. I thought flex scheduling doesn't come into effect until week 8? How can Week 3 be changed?
  4. Orange is closer to brown. White is about as far away from brown as you can possibly get.
  5. Rumor is the Browns are considering switching to white helmets. Because nothing says brown like white!
  6. For the 2019 season, before they move, the sites being thrown around for the Raiders to play in when their two one-year leases expire, is Levi's Stadium, Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, and AT&T Stadium in San Francisco. The Raiders haven't expressly said it, but they do not want to play in Sam Boyd Stadium before moving into their new home.
  7. I guess I'm the only one who thought that the blue and gold was kind of nice. It was certainly a little more unique than blue and white, or some form of blue with yellow.
  8. If it were up to them, it would, but those events don't. The East Coast has the population and also has the money. The Super Bowl, the pinnacle of sports, should tell anyone anything they need to know about who is most important. It always starts at 6:30 PM EST. No advertiser wants to lose the East Coast because the game goes so late and people are going to bed.
  9. Population by time zone: Eastern.......................47.0% Central........................32.9% Mountain.......................5.4% Pacific.........................14.1% Alaska and Hawaii........0.6 % Moving games later and later to cater to 15% of the national population is a little ridiculous. 47% of the population lives here and we have games that end at midnight.
  10. Looks like Marrone really wanted tat Jacksonville job. Remember when he left as head coach of the Bills two years ago to take the assistant head coach at Jacksonville? Gus Bradley was his seat warmer.
  11. The veteran journeyman isn't working, either. The difference is that Prescott is making peanuts trying to prove himself, and Fitzpatrick is commanding a lot more money. If you don't have a franchise quarterback who has the ability to take you deep into the playoffs or to the Super Bowl, you might as well go for a younger, cheaper guy whom you don't know the ceiling for.
  12. I don't know. If you can't win with someone in their prime, then why get in an arms race? I'd rather try to find a Dak Prescott every few years, and end it after the rookie contract if it doesn't work out, instead of pay money for a guy who has played on 5 teams.
  13. Don't be ridiculous. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to fill my freezer with my own blood.

  14. The case could go to the Supreme Court if it isn't reviewed en banc? Hard to believe that a suspension over knowing over deflated footballs could make it to the highest court in the land, alongside cases about gay marriage, religious freedom in purchasing health insurance, eminent domain, Presidential elections, etc.
  15. The football stadium would be right off the Strip. It would basically be a casino attraction.