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    Butt-Fumble retires from NFL for high-profile ESPN job

    All of these college shows seem to be the who's-who of college stars from 2005 or 2008 that fizzled out in the NFL.
  2. xzmattzx

    Goodell reiterates desire to shorten 4-game preseason

    The first month of the regular season acts as a live-action preseason already. If you change two games from preseason to regular season, you're looking at a third of the games being befre a good team hits their stride.
  3. What was the singleheader rule?
  4. What kind of a nickname is "Booger", anyway?
  5. xzmattzx

    League reveals slate for "NFL100 Game of the Week"

    The Steelers play the Browns every year. They couldn't do anything to schedule one of these NFL100 games for the Steelers against absolutely anyone? The only opponent they could fine to give the Browns a second game in this series was against the Bengals? The Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers all have at least 2 games, and the Broncos have none. They couldn't make even one of these divisional games part of the NFL100 to include Denver? They couldn't include Cowboys vs Redskins, which is one of the biggest rivalries in the league? None of these, but Saints vs Falcons and Bengals vs Browns is part of this?
  6. xzmattzx

    League reveals slate for "NFL100 Game of the Week"

    Lot of Raiders games... EDIT: This schedule is skewed heavily towards some favorites. I understand the Packers being in three games. But there's two games for the Saints, three games for the Raiders, two for the Chargers, two for the Browns, etc. No games for the Steelers? No games for the Redskins? No games for the Broncos? One game for the Cowboys (bias aside)? One game for the Bears? One game for the 49ers? One game for the Eagles (possibly fair, considering)? Something is fishy about this. Obviously making up a narrative is fine - look at the reasoning for the Bengals-Browns game. So they couldn't fluff up a narrative that incorporates the Steelers or Broncos?
  7. xzmattzx

    Jets new uniforms

    Horrendous. They would be fine for a D-III team, though.
  8. xzmattzx

    NFL Win Totals

    I would take the Patriots over 11. They will go 5-1 or 6-0 in their division. They only need 6 wins after that. I would also take the Chiefs over 10.5. If Mahomes is for real, then losing those key pieces won't be as big of a deal.
  9. You aren't going to get the entire Premier League to move to a random Wednesday night (because they do not celebrate Thanksgiving) just to accommodate one game for a league without a team in the country, and without a huge following.
  10. What about playing the game on December 31 at 9:00 PM, so that the game can end at midnight to ring in the new year?
  11. Why not? It's a historic NFL franchise. My dad is from that area, so seeing a jersey reimagined almost 100 years later would be cool.
  12. A Pottsville Maroons jersey would be cool to see.
  13. xzmattzx

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    That's possible, but remember, there was a lot of pressure on him going into the playoffs two seasons ago. He was not the greatest finishing the regular season. Some people wanted Sudfeld to start against Atlanta. He certainly overcame all of that.
  14. Wasn't that what analysts thought of him coming out of college?
  15. Don't turn Kirk Cousins into the next Sam Bradford.
  16. I'd love to see the Eagles bring back the 1960 throwbacks, like they did in 2010. Around the league, I would like to see the Bills go back to the Kelly/Thomas/Reed/Smith uniforms, complete with the red helmets. I'd also like to see the Jaguars go back to their late 1990s teal uniforms. Those never should have left. Finally, I like when the Redskins mimicked the leather helmets that one time, and would like to see that back. It was bizarre, in a cool way.
  17. xzmattzx

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    It's 6 tweets from 4 people. None of those tweets have any retweets or likes. The rest are from Super Bowl 52 last year. I think this proves this is all pointless dribble. It's a few random nobodies who may or may not be entirely serious about their comments saying this stuff. No one with any credibility really believes the game was fixed. Your bettor friends who think the game was fixed are just paranoid loons. Maybe you should ask them who ordered Oswald to shoot JFK, so we can get to the bottom of that.
  18. xzmattzx

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    I've been on Facebook and Twitter and seen nothing of the sort. Can you post a link of some people that think this?
  19. xzmattzx

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Do you have any articles to go along with this? If more than 100 people think the game was fixed, then it should have generated some reporting.
  20. xzmattzx

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Exactly how many people think the game was fixed? 100 people? 50 people?
  21. xzmattzx

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Who are these people making the bets?
  22. xzmattzx

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Who exactly thinks the Super Bowl was fixed?
  23. xzmattzx

    Jeff Fisher Sucks

    I saw that clip too, but in fairness, Foles asked to be released. But then that may have been because of what was going on with Fisher, so maybe Fisher gets the blame anyway for Foles leaving.
  24. xzmattzx

    Should the NFL go to a draft lottery?

    No. It's hard to tank when there are only 16 games in a season. You can be 3-5 halfway through the season and you're only 2 games out from a playoff spot. The Eagles were 4-6 this year and made the playoffs.
  25. It started June 14, from what I read, but that's also a week earlier than when it normally starts.