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  1. Mat

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Patriots.

    This is f'ing brilliant
  2. He is officially coach now. They are expecting him to name Del Rio as his DC. The Redskins are going to have a really, really good defense next year.
  3. Doug Marrone is somehow keeping his job.
  4. I was originally surprised they didn't keep him considering how well they played in the back end with Hue Jackson gone. However the players, coaches, just about everyone HATED him because he is such a d-bag.
  5. Am I the only one that th ought Shurmur is a little stiff to get fired? Most thought Jones was a reach and a bad pick and he had him looking pretty good in his offense. Add in the defensive side of the ball is awful. I'd probably give him another season unless I knew I was 100% getting Ron Rivera (which they aren't).
  6. I wouldn't entirely say they were founded on racism but a hell of a lot were founded on a combination of bloodshed, genocide, slavery and oppression. Those were the fundamentals of most of the great conquerors and empires
  7. I wouldn't even call it a kick. He is using his right foot to try and push him off and get his leverage back.
  8. Any coach that loses to a Dolphins team that should have probably gone 0-16 is not going to last long. Gase is pretty much gone. Terrible coach and a terrible hire in the first place by the Jets. Nagy probably gets 1 more season, but after the kicker shenanigans that went on all pre-season the Bears higher ups have to be questioning if he is the right guy. The coach can't be constantly harping on a past event, it's his responsibility for the team to move on and play for this season. Quinn is gone, Kitchens was hired for Mayfields development and with the weapons on offense he has to be on a short leash
  9. He was and he also became the Bears OC when Cutler had that run of him being not completely Jay Cutler
  10. Gase is down to his third string QB but he is also an awful coach. I wonder if he will be one and done with the Jets
  11. Mat

    Week 2: Browns @ Jets

    The Jets have a whopping negative 12 passing yards when taking sacks into account after a little over a half. They have completed 6 passes for 20 yards. Crazy
  12. How quickly can he sign with someone?
  13. It is his own doing going after the GM, but I also don't blame him for not wanting to suit up with 0 guaranteed dollars on the season