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  1. Mat

    Gronk Retires

  2. Mat

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    I actually feel bad for Gruden. For all the talk of how bad tight our cap is, the Skins is worse You can tell which of those teams are really poorly manged. Bucs, Skins and Dolphins haven't sniffed playoffs and still have no cap room. Also looking at that, how the hell do the Jags afford Foles? I saw they are interviewing Bridgwater. Probably because they have no money
  3. Mat

    Adam Gase

    Was it the Dolphins that fired an assistant because he got busted snorting lines?
  4. Mat

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    He and Talib seem like a couple of d-bags.
  5. Mat

    REPORT: Raiders set to hire Mike Mayock as GM

    It's probably not a bad move. He's pretty well respected as a draft analyst and with all the first round picks they have coming through they need to make them count.
  6. Mat

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    Apart from the Jags possibly having not enough cap space to sign him, I don't know if they have enough firepower through the air to be an attractive destination for a FA QB. Same goes for Washington. Of the teams on that list I think it has to be Tampa. They will have a new coach and a ton of firepower on offense with Evans, Godwin, Humphries, Howard and Brate. They also went RB early last year. If the line holds up they will be an ideal candidate. This was the other team I was thinking of. I think they move on from Dalton in the next couple of seasons. They are drafting someone either this year or next. The team is pretty stacked, injuries and poor coaching killed them.
  7. My own fault thinking that bum wasn't going to play like a bum. Sad thing is I would have won in spite of him sucking big floppy donkey d had I played either of the other two teams. You had a really good week, congrats on the win and please don't let Agent win
  8. He can suck a D. Cost me moving on in my fantasy football league
  9. Mat

    Is it possible?

    For some reason I thought Dallas were unbeaten in the division. I didn't realize that they dropped one to Washington. I still think that regardless of the result that Philly are missing the playoffs. We just aren't a good team this year.
  10. Wasn't the original plan for Jackson to take over the job from Lewis if he didn't get a HC job in 2016? To be fair, it's probably not a bad hire. Dalton had his best season ever with Hue as the OC. They were 12-4 that season with AJ McCarron having to lead them at the end of the year and into a playoff game they lost through Marvin Lewis incompetence. Dalton turned into a giant potato after that. I think Jackson might be one of those guys who is just a good coordinator but a terrible HC. Kind of like Wade Phillips
  11. Mat

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    58 for the Titans is a beast. I actually feel bad for Zeke, he put his body on the line to help out and Collins did jack and let him straight through
  12. Did he pull a rabbit out of his head?
  13. Mat

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    Really nice play. I hope Doug steals that one. It would be funny if they ran it against Dallas next week
  14. Mat

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Didn't they just draft Jackson in the first?