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    Honolulu Hawaii Eagles Bars?

    I'm in Honolulu Hawaii on vacation and trying to find a Eagles following here. We are near Alia Manu. Anyone know of good spots here for Eagles fans? I know for a fact we fans have bars in every state!!! Thank you.
  2. Chris Steuber is mine you SOB

    1. .Dizzle


      He wasn't yours last Thronsday when he took me from the backside. :wub:

  3. This new board is slowing down faster than McFlabb

    1. hukdonfoniks


      slower than molasses on a polar bear's nuts.

  4. I wonder what AR had for second breakfast today?

  5. Put the f-ing puck on net

  6. Can you say Fap over here?

    1. .Dizzle


      Best Answer: Apparently, yes you can.

    2. TheAL76


      i've been saying it (and doing it) all fappin day

  7. Happy B-Day!!!!

    Have some crabs:)

  8. You suck...That is all:)

  9. Happy Easter Bast!!!!

  10. I've got crabs and a hard-on. :)

  11. You suck just like the rest of your bandwagon Tampa arsehats. Go Rays!!!! Oh wait.......

  12. You suck BF. That is all:)