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  1. The snap count isn't always on the offense. Sometimes they are racing against the clock. Either way, we aren't going to agree so oh well.
  2. It's not just about injuries though. There is a long snapper. He is protected because it takes him an exta second to get up. The reason you couldn't launch off of your own player to begin with was because they would launch over long snapper before he had time to react. Now players are athletic enough to jump over long snapper before he can react. There isn't a way for the offense to stop it so it's an unfair advantage.
  3. I would agree if the offensive line didn't have to have a hand on the ground. Because of this there isn't time to stop this strategy. Almost cheap to me. If they jumped over a fully aware standing up man then it would be different. The only way to stop it is to quickly stand up under the player which seems like an unnecessary injury waiting to happen for wither the leaper or the guy willing to put his face in his knee. Also, there were only 3 kicks blocked last year out of around 1000. Youre upset over them banning a .0003 chance of something happening and they have a valid reason.
  4. I lived in Charleston, WV for awhile. I can tell you that there is no way an NFL team would ever relocate there.
  5. So no more onside kicks then?
  6. If the cowboys lose we have a chance to bury them in a few weeks. Especially if they lose to the giants and lose again next week. They won't come back from 2-6.
  7. That belongs to the steelers. 6 superbowl rings and one if the classiest ownerships in the NFL. Your 4 superbowl rings are tainted and no one respects the patriots or their fans who say cheating is okay. Congrats.
  8. I think you mean buys a real title. Funny how Dallas hasn't done anywhere close to Philadelphia once a salary car was put in place. Too bad jerry can't just pay everyone now.