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  1. I wonder if they will do an add on for Directv now. Something like an extra $10 a month gets you sunday ticket.
  2. It was a thread that blew up on here the year the Packers won a Superbowl.
  3. That's why he isn't on trial. For some reason people forget that those rules don't apply to your employer. I mean regardless he put himself in this position. In February, 2016 she reported abuse as well. If he is innocent and a girl does that the first time then wouldn't you stop hanging out with her? He didn't, she reported it again. This puts his employer in a bad position especially after all the previous cases with other players. He is lucky they didn't put him on an exempt list while they investigated anyway. They did with AP.
  4. Could be either but those text messages in no way prove he didn't do it.
  5. I would think it's common for a women who has been beaten to get in fights with other people to take her aggression out. I would think it's common for a women who has been beaten to scream things like I will ruin your career. At some point Zeke probably said no one will believe you because I'm Zeke, and that's where the black/white comment came from. The sex tapes are irrelevant. I also read the texts message where the other girl (who supported zeke in her statement) asked if she wanted her to lie. I think this was a setup. Why would it matter what she said to Zeke's lawyer? Also, she never actually asked her to lie. Her response was huh? Call me. They were together for awhile. She filed a report of abuse in February 2016 as well. She picked him up from the airport. They spent all 5 days together. It doesn't make sense for her to flip like that so fast. I think Zeke, his dad, Jerry, his defense team are trying to make her look worse and worse. If that's truly the case then shame on them, she will always be looked at negatively now.
  6. great article on this situation.
  7. Thank you! Section 115 row 2, should be fun!
  8. I will be traveling to Philly for the 1st time in September with my dad to watch the Eagles vs. Giants game. I bought tickets and they still have the season ticket holders name on them. Is there anything I need to do or am I good to go?
  9. He had 322 rushing attempts for 1631 yards last year. Averaging 5.1 yards with the best offensive line in the league. Where is he gonna average another yard per carry to hit 2000? It's not gonna happen. Edit: I know that was a joke but It's a good chance to annoy those cowboy fans that like to hang out on the Eagles board for whatever reason.
  10. Also, this seems more credible coming from Carter. He isn't a guy that's racing other reporters to break the news. There is no reason for him to make this up.
  11. Same exact thing happened right before the Tom Brady suspension.
  12. Because the person who leaked this info might be friends with Carter..
  13. The snap count isn't always on the offense. Sometimes they are racing against the clock. Either way, we aren't going to agree so oh well.
  14. It's not just about injuries though. There is a long snapper. He is protected because it takes him an exta second to get up. The reason you couldn't launch off of your own player to begin with was because they would launch over long snapper before he had time to react. Now players are athletic enough to jump over long snapper before he can react. There isn't a way for the offense to stop it so it's an unfair advantage.
  15. I would agree if the offensive line didn't have to have a hand on the ground. Because of this there isn't time to stop this strategy. Almost cheap to me. If they jumped over a fully aware standing up man then it would be different. The only way to stop it is to quickly stand up under the player which seems like an unnecessary injury waiting to happen for wither the leaper or the guy willing to put his face in his knee. Also, there were only 3 kicks blocked last year out of around 1000. Youre upset over them banning a .0003 chance of something happening and they have a valid reason.