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  1. krash

    Week 1: Jets @ Lions

    Hiring Patricia was a mistake. He'll last one season. AR disciples do much better than Belichick disciples.
  2. krash

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    Reading between the lines, I'd say Alshon is further away than we think...
  3. krash


    All those rings were won last century. They might not win another Super Bowl in the 21st century.
  4. krash

    Week 1: Bears @ Packers

    Talk about a quick trip from the penthouse to the outhouse... At the end of the first half, the Bears were a Super Bowl contender. Now they look like a 8-8 team at best.
  5. krash

    Week 1: Bears @ Packers

    That's why it's so amazing what the Eagles achieved last year...
  6. krash

    Week 1: Bears @ Packers

    The INT TD by Mack was really more of a product of Kizer just pulling a Bubby Brister move, but he does look like a monster out there...
  7. krash

    Week 1: Bears @ Packers

    It looked worse than that.
  8. krash


    Their defense looks pretty good, but I see 6 or 7 wins at the most for them, and quite possibly as little as 4 or 5.
  9. krash

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    Patrick Mahomes: 14 for 25, 255 yards, 4 TDs, 130.8 QB rating.
  10. krash

    Falcons board Gameday Thread

    Their board is actually pretty good. A lot of the posters are pretty reasonable.
  11. krash

    Will the Cowboys be a threat this year?

    I think the Cowboys will be better than people think.
  12. krash

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    Eagles vs KC in the Superbowl. Doug beats his mentor. AR has serious clock management problems in the 4th QTR. With time running out, the offense lackadaisically consumes 20 seconds in the huddle before getting set to snap the ball. This happens every play for the entire 4th QTR with KC trailing by 14pts.
  13. krash

    Saquon Barkley rookie season prediction

    I'm not sure if he'll have the same degree of success that Elliot had with the Cowboys. He's more talented, no doubt, but that might not translate with the Giants. He'll probably rush for 1,000 yards, but it could be a soft 1,000 yards.