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  1. MCoster

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Great deal for the Skins. Brown should be a solid LT for them and Trent can now move to a more natural position at RT. Now hicks will probably start at RG. Their tackles are pretty good this year I would say. Offensive line is actually average now. I wouldn't count on Brown signing a contract extension though. He may just take this year to prove he is actually that good and the Skins may want Trent to be the LT of the future. For skins fans, that would be awful cause Trent is a natural RT and sucks at LT. And yeah upgraded line and and quarterback. I would not say upgraded runningback. It's just the same. Same with the defense. Not because of the 3-4 transition but even if they think its gonna be better, the defense takes a hit if haynesworth doesn't play. Even if he does, i would say its just the same. Still a fairly decent playoff chance though. NFC East will be so interesting this year. Any team can finish last.