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  1. vikas83

    Travis Frederick Retires

    Teams would exploit that massively. Restructure salaries into signing bonuses for guys they know are about to retire.
  2. vikas83

    Travis Frederick Retires

    Not sure of the cap implications.
  3. vikas83

    Most hated teams

    1. Dallas 2. Giants 3. Patriots 4. Seahawks 5. Saints The last 2 - I can’t tolerate their coaches and fan bases.
  4. Washington was in 1st place in the NFC East after letting Cousins go before their QBs got hurt and they played Mark freaking Sanchez, so...try and come up with a better example. And Dak is in camp and playing -- no relationship has been fractured. Assuming they offered him something in the Wentz zip code, and he turned it down, you tell him to play out the season. And the whole point is -- you aren't replacing him. You have the tag, so he isn't going anywhere. Not sure why you think I advocated replacing him. Would Dak get $30mm on the open market? No. Would/should Dallas do that deal? Yes. But not $35-$40mm.
  5. Dak has made this easy for the Cowboys -- have him play this year for $2.1mm, and assuming he plays reasonably well, tag him for 2020 (since it is the last year of the CBA, they could also use a transition tag on another player). The non-exclusive QB tag was just under $25mm this year, so let's say it spikes to $27.9mm, meaning you get 2 years for $30mm. After 2020 there will be a new CBA, a new structure, and maybe no more franchise tag. But you keep him through 2020 for $30mm -- that's the smart play. Once again, comparing Dak and Wentz's stats is MEANINGLESS (and misleading since people rely on career stats and ignore recent trajectory). This is all about market value, and Dak Prescott wouldn't get an offer higher than Wentz/Wilson from any other team if he were a free agent. Dallas should just break off negotiations at this point. I hope they don't...I hope they give him Wilson money. But I sure as hell wouldn't.
  6. Again, this is simple -- as a FA after the 2019 season, Dak won't sniff $32-35mm per year. There's a reason every ranking of QBs by front office types pegs him as a Tier 3/above average starter. He'll get Kirk Cousins type money, and that will be fair. The idea that he should be paid more than Wentz, let alone Wilson, is high comedy. You are worth what the market says you're worth. Will Cain and Skip Bayless can talk about his stats vs. Wentz all day (and Wentz is significantly better if you only look at the last 2 years), but it doesn't matter -- the market does. I pray Jerruh is dumb enough to give him Wilson money. No one else in the league will.
  7. vikas83

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    Dallas shouldn't pay Zeke or Prescott what they are asking for. 1. You just don't give a massive second contract to a RB, especially one Dallas has been running into the ground for 3 years. You also don't waste a top 5 pick on a RB, but that ship has sailed. He wants to sit out and not be paid? Let him. The only thing I would consider is an adjustment to this year's salary -- bump it up nicely. But no long term deal with big guaranteed $$$. Let him play out his 5th year option and then use the tag -- which keeps going lower for RBs -- for 2 years if he hasn't broken down. Just look at Gurley for a reason not to give him a big deal. Dallas controls him, he can't walk or play anywhere else. I'd offer the raise for this year so he can save face, no more. If not, well, here's the reason you invested all those picks and $$$ in an OL -- so you can put an average RB behind it and succeed. 2. The Dak thing is just hysterical. No chance in hell I extend him for $30mm plus per year. And this isn't about who is better -- Dak or Wentz. This is about, none of the other 31 teams would dream of giving Dak that kind of money if he became a FA. So let him play it out, see the market is more like $25mm, and then re-sign him. Of course, I hope and pray they are dumb enough to give massive guarantees to both these guys...but they really shouldn't.
  8. vikas83

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    It’s pretty simple. Payton is an arrogant jackarse, and his team adopts that mentality. Never forget - the man lead an organization that had a institutional program to pay money for injuring opponents. The really amazing part? Everyone views him as some genius coach, yet Mike McCarthy had a better record and got fired for it (deservedly). Payton has had a top 10 all-time QB for 13 seasons and has been to one Super Bowl. He is a joke.
  9. vikas83

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    Yeah, we have been over this before. Per usual, you are laughably misguided. It is pretty simple. Mexicans and other Latinos love baseball. They don’t care about basketball. LA is a Dodgers town. What would I know...I just live here.
  10. vikas83

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    Except they haven’t. LA cares about the Lakers only when they are winning. LA loves the Dodgers all the time. And no one here cares about the Rams or the Chargers.
  11. vikas83

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    It. Is. A. Dodgers. Town.
  12. vikas83

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    LA is first and foremost a Dodgers town.
  13. vikas83

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    Can’t wait to hear Payton crying about the non-call after the game. I hope a reporter asks him how that non-call compares to running an organized system to injure opposing players. Which was the greater travesty. HOF, all time QB. And he has been to one Super Bowl. He is Mike McCarthy, except McCarthy isn’t a piece of human garbage.