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  1. pdmkob

    Patriots at it again

    Those type of questions can only be answered by the guy hired by the owners to protect the shield At all costs
  2. pdmkob

    Patriots at it again

    It has no actual advantage or bearing on the games. That's exactly why they have been repeatedly doing it for almost 2 decades and when Josh McDaniels went to the Broncos he got busted for doing it there too. No difference whatsoever
  3. Torrey Smith couldn't catch a damn cold throughout 2017 If he didn't make the most epic catch in the NFCCG (I think he dropped a wide open first down earlier in the game too) he would be roasted by Eagles fans for eternity.
  4. pdmkob

    Over rated Head Coaches ?

    Ignore all of the other parts of his entire career, the fact that he was happily paid his entire salary to stay home despite the Redskins being in turmoil, the fact that he hasnt been hired by another team in the pros or in college for the past 5 years, everything listed in my comment, the way he mishandled RGIII after he produced the greatest statistical season a rookie QB has ever achieved, and purely focus in the joke part about the techmo bowl. After Elway and TD left the Broncos he won only one single playoff game for the rest of his career. The NFCW was notoriously weak during his entire tenure with the Broncos throughout the 2000's and he was aswildly mediocre as Jeff Fischer. If he isn't over rated, then what makes him special? Riding the coat tails of the greatest wide receiver and unanimous greatest player in NFL history in Jerry Rice? Riding the coat tails of 2 of the greatest QBs IN NFL history in Young (who has his best stat season and one of the best superbowl passing performances ever, with Kubiak as QB coach) and Elway(3 Superbowl appearances before Shany arrival) ? Riding the coat tails of 2 of the most dominant season performances by a running back in NFL history in Terrell Davis? (guess who was calling the lines blocking scheme? Kubiak) Riding the coat tails of one of the most under rated coaches in history in Kubiak? (whose scheme has created 1000 yd running backs wherever he personally takes it and whoever runs in it, 5+ different RBs in Denver, one in Houston, one in Baltimore)won a Superbowl as head coach without Shany Riding the coat tails of one of the most talented and greatest TE in NFL history in Sharpe (also won a Superbowl in Baltimore) ? All of these guys did just fine before and after life with Shannahan yet he can't do anything without them. McNabb did just fine before him Hell even Jake Plummer won a single playoff game with Arizona, just as many as he won in Denver with Shanny Jay Cutler had more playoff success without him than with him His winning percentage with Denver and Washington are.616 and.395 Steve Mariuchi with San Fran and Detroit are . 594 and . 349 You only see the rings
  5. pdmkob

    Over rated Head Coaches ?

    Mike Shanahan all day Track his entire career between success and failure and it all depends on weather or not GARY Kubiak was on his coaching staff Also, without some of the most historic performances in NFL history, by some of the greatest players to ever play, he is average at best With Cutler he is average With Elway, Shannon Sharpe, and Terrell Davis, during Terrell Davis remarkable seasons he wins Superbowls(with Kubiak on his staff) With the Redskins he needed the best rookie QB season in league history, to make the playoffs at all, then all mediocrity afterwards to the point that the organization paid him his $4Mil salary to go away. As a OC in San Fran he had the combination of Jerry Rice and Steve Young with a historic year to make his name (also Kubiak on his staff) In Oakland, mediocre players leads to mediocre results Do you really think you wouldn't know the names Elway, TD, Shannon Sharpe, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, if they weren't "blessed" with Mike Shanahan? What about Howie Long, Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen? Dude couldn't win with Bo and Marcus Allen TOGETHER!! LITERALLY EVERY KID UNDER 10 IN THE USA WON THE TECHMOBOWL WITH THAT TEAM!!! Shannahan couldn't win outside of his own putrid division at the time. He doesn't raise player up to great achievements, he rides the coat tales of great players outstanding performances and Gary Kubiaks scheme. Kubiaks scheme won a Superbowl in Denver without Shanny, made Shanny a name in San Fran, made the Ravens the #1 rushing attack, made Arian Foster a household name from complete obscurity, and created a 1000 yd back every year in Denver for over half a decade despite what the name on the jersey said. Also Brian Billick! If I have to hear this guy referred to as a "genius" again my eyes will roll out of my head Wow, the offensive "genius" who couldn't generate an offense during his entire stint in Baltimore, and won almost all of his games on the back of his defense. The ONE outlier being Jamal Lewis blasted out of his brain on cocaine This guy was able to generate offense with Randall, Chris Carter and Randy Moss...... No CRAP!!! Those guys were all losers without being blessed by the Genius of Brian Billick?
  6. pdmkob

    How does Dez not have a team?

    This Look at Blount He was instrumental in 3 of the last 4 Superbowl wins and the seasons for teams leading up to those wins, yet he is signing for peanuts compared to top tier RBs who put up garbage fantasy stats throughout the league, that equate to nothing in terms of wins and losses. Garbage Jonathan Stewart is getting more than a guy who lead the league in touchdowns a year or 2 ago, and won 3 of the last 4 Superbowls
  7. pdmkob

    Best NFC ever?

    The way these QBs are protected today is crazy too. Randall took a lot of beatings partly due to a bad O line but also due to a Defense who literally held the philosophy of getting to know the back up QB. Some of the reason the infamous "House of Pain" game was so bad on the Oilers offense was because their defense was talking too much, so the Gang Green took it out on their boys to show them who was boss. Eric Allen said they were shouting over to the Oilers defense saying "You did this, you brought this on your guys!" and Seth Joyner yelled to the Oilers bench "Y'all are getting you people killed out here!" If you look at the Giants game that year, they knocked out both Kemp AND McMahon. I remember they had to call a used car salesman in from his house to warm up as a QB. I am sure there was a competitive drive between LT and Reggie. Kemp went out on a stretcher. Buddy's mouth made a lot of teams hate our Offense and a lot of teams Defenses tried to get back at us for what we were doing to their boys. Maybe I am too biased, but Simeon Rice, Warren Sapp, John Lynch, and Derrick Brooks shutting down Jake Delhomme, Kerry Collins, Aaron Brooks, Or Ray Lewis and Co. shutting down Cordell Stewart, Tommy Maddox, Tim Couch and Akili Smith, John Kitna is not on par with Aikman, Montana, Marino, Kelley, Simms, Young, Moon, or even Rypien.
  8. pdmkob

    Best NFC ever?

    Even the Pat's during the Belichick/Brady era have it easy when placed into context. Their division has been garbage throughout their reign, and the Steelers and Colts were pretty much locks every year with their weak divisions as well. The AFC West has been a muddled garbage pile since Marty Ball left San Diego until Mannings Broncos which underachieved The Ravens may have popped up occasionally in the never ending quest for a serviceable QB The Titans rode a defense once But it was pretty much Manning preying on Jeff Fischer mediocrity, the always expansion Texans and Jags The Steelers preying on the lowly Browns and Marvin Lewis decades of medicrity while Baltimore crosses their fingers hoping not to waste that defenses career And then the West trying as hard as they can to win a division with a losing record and back into the playoffs at 7-9, producing such formidable legends as Jake Plummer, Tim Tebow, Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, Trent Green and then there was the lowly Raiders
  9. pdmkob

    Best NFC ever?

    Looking back at those days just make me weep for my heros like Reggie and Randall. The teams they competed against and actually beat pretty regularly in the NFCE were so DAMN dominant throughout the league. If you put that same Eagles team on the field in the sorry arse late 90's and early 2000's when guys like Trent Green, Kerry Collins, Steve McNair, and Drew Bledsoe were the top tier QBs and Dilfer and Brad Johnson are hoisting Lombardis it would be a slaughter. Look at what Randall and Carter were doing in Minny with just fumes in their tanks.
  10. pdmkob

    Best NFC ever?

    I was just off with the final W/L totals. I was referring to 1990 when they both faced off against each other at 11-1 and again in the playoffs It stands out because they were both powerhouses and the Giants were undefeated walking into the Eagles game the week before The Birds won which is why they were 11-1
  11. pdmkob

    Best NFC ever?

    I believe there was a year in that time period where both the Giants and the 49ers won 14 games in the same season. In the ten years between 86-95 the only team to win a Superbowl that wasn't in the NFCE was the 49ers. Realistically it should have continued with the NFC onto another Packers dynasty with Favre and Reggie but they just got complacent Its kind of that experience that makes me think Doug will be on these guys after this Superbowl. The Packers GM was later quoted as knowing they would lose the minute they started casually strolling down the tunnel before the game. Even more fuel to Doug's fire is the repeated quotes from Shanny to his players who beat Doug's Pack, that if you want to be really special, you got to do it twice, in which they did.
  12. pdmkob

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    Which ones will show up? In 2017 1200 citizens were killed by police That's 100 month Roughly 3 per day In 3 years at that rate that is a higher death toll than the twin towers on 9/11 Just look up the sub reddit "bad cop, no donut" for a your DAILY list of atrocities conducted by law enforcement throughout the country. "Don't break the law" Cute But we as a nation of citizens are trying and successfully CHANGING the law, because there is no harm in it (even my children know that) But I listed those who actually OPPOSE THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE to protect their profits. Police unions being one of the top 5, amongst prison guards and private prisons. If you regard yourself as such a hero, stop standing in the way of those who are trying to make positive changes in what is admittedly WRONG! AND set your personal bias aside. Ask your family how the inner workings of the "good guys" law enforcement agencies divert resources AWAY from actual dangerous crime and into minor drug enforcement, simply for profit and to justify budget hikes based on falsely bloated crime stats. They don't even try to hide it! They literally target users with minor possesions and avoid dealers because it's more lucrative. They do real estate assessments prior to raids to asses asset value for auction and profit. I have 8 seperate former co workers who now work for local law enforcement. They were far from special at their old job and they joke about how unspecial they are now. They try to recruit me weekly and thhhge Police are always hiring in my area. If I take a job to place my life on the line, I will. Since it is what I described, I DONT! And DONT pretend for a second that your brother's never pulled a favor for your family when they blatantly broke the law. Nobody is that naive AND ANOTHER THING, I am not down, nobody is keeping me anything Your family members are actively engaged in systematically oppressing, and persecuting, civilians of the USA for profit. Despite the will of the people, and despite the good they may do. You are actively against proactive solutions for he betterment of this situation. End of story.
  13. pdmkob

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    The silence of the good ones makes them complicit with the bad ones. Your relationship with relatives and friends in law enforcement doesn't erase the list of facts from my original statement concerning the war on drugs. It is what it is. We have 40 years of FACTS and PROOF Good people wouldn't be active participants in this blatant tyranny towards a nation's citizens. Definatively NOT for $35-50,000 a year plus govt benefits. But if the revolutionary second amendment types actually believe for a second that their "friends and family" in law enforcement and the military will somehow risk ANYTHING AT ALL to start a revolution, we already have a clear example of 40 years worth of history that they indeed WILL NOT! Their conscience has been bought with a Ford Crown Victoria/Chevy Caprice, a teachers salary, and a few perks like a pension. And your personal public opinion towards the activists, literally exercising their rights to try to make a change, has been easily manipulated by the simplest of propaganda. You guys are not the ones who would be fighting off the oppresors, your the ones goose stepping. Obtw. Don't forget Smoking a plant...... that's the "bad guys". Ruining peoples lives, is your version of the " good guys", because they pulled a few strings to get you out of a speeding violation, putting innocent people's lives in danger, that you were clearly guilty of. (Just a typical example) And guess what else, doing GOOD things for citizens is LITERALLY THEIR JOB!!
  14. pdmkob

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    Yes. My cousin was actually murdered by a police officer who she was dating and even a layman could analyze the basic info from a newspaper article and know it was shady, but he got off Scott free. I grew up in an area where police routinely exploited their power and blatantly broke the law and abused their power. I have had repeated run ins with law enforcement who have overstepped their authority. So 100 % YES!
  15. pdmkob

    Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    Sick of cops admitting to crime openly in court and everything listed above, yet being made out to be holier than thou. Also, I have had cops arrive late to the scene after fending off attackers, and was reluctant to allow them to linger on my property because they begin looking for reasons to bust people. If your so in love with police, feel free to "open up" to them, and cconfess to things because they are your buddies, and are going to "help you" in court.