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  1. I'm of the opinion that most coaches shouldn't also be GMs. Its just too much and we've seen for a fact that its too much for Reid to handle. Have to see what they do. Dorsey is well respected BUT their cap was a mess from what I understand and the Maclin situation speaks for itself. If Reid gets total say or some guy is installed who is clearly his yes man its a big mistake and a power play by Reid. If they hire a real GM then there were issues about being in that bad cap situation and dumping a fairly well respected and still capable vet when they did.
  2. Depends on what their pass protection looks like honestly. If Cam is on his back it doesn't matter how versatile their RB is.
  3. Well you did just suggest that Vick was a law breaker when he was an Eagle which is just patently false.
  4. With Cox I'm not concerned. Linemen aren't going to get much out of OTAs. Pass catchers its a different story though. They're basically passing camps nowadays. I'd prefer to have all my WRs and CBs in camp. If he just keeps the first week no big deal. If he skips all the voluntary camps it maybe an issue IDK... He's probably talented enough and there won't be any big changes (QB and scheme) this year to make a difference. Honestly if I were a Giants fan I'd only be really worried if this was a precursor to a real holdout because he wants a new contract.
  5. Bradford and Taylor are not entrenched by any means. The Bills were actively looking for a QB in this draft and it wouldn't surprise me if the Vikings would have been if they'd still had a first round pick to play with. Did not know he was 29. Still this is league and the fan base. We're willing to put up with the distraction from a man who punched out a woman (a criminal offense) but not for a guy who knelt during the anthem (which is not a criminal offense). For 2 groups that you see that like to get up on their moral high horses this is a strange stance. Yes Kap's overall crappiness as a QB in recent years is part of it but I still think if not for last year he'd be on some roster somewhere based solely on what he did early in his career. I mean lets not forget he was in the SB not that long ago. No one is willing to take a chance on that?
  6. Partially true but is he really worse than the garbage the Jets have? Or Cleveland? If not for kneeling wouldn't teams like the Bills and the Vikings take a shot on him given their unsettled situations. Even as bad as he's been isn't his upside/potential still better than most back ups in the league but guys who've beat women (not even talking Mixon here) get to stay around but Kap doesn't. Its a realy hypocritical line the NFL and a lot of the fans are walking on.
  7. Police reports, witness reports and even Mixon himself agree that he started the incident and followed them inside continuing to harass those people. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve a second chance but I am pointing out the continued tendency to make excuses for people just because they can play football And what did I not read very well? You said he unlike Rice was attacked verbally and I pointed outnthat story was BS and was reported all over the place that it was bs and the only reason it kept getting repeated was to make excuses for the guy good at football. Want to talk about getting a second chance why isn't Kap getting one? I'm not a fan of his personally but its cool that the guy who knelt during the national anthem can't get a job with the piss poor starting qb situation on a lot of teams and the even worse back up qb situation but Mixon can.
  8. Oh cool his BS story is still out there. She never used a racial slur against him. Mixon himself has even owned up to this. The real story is he started harassing her and her friend using a gay slur toward her friend outside. They went inside and he followed them still harassing them. She finally tried pushing him away and he punches her out. He was the aggressor from the start. Stop making excuses for him.
  9. Ray Rice had a bad year before his incident and was around the age where RBs seriously decline so he was no longer worth making excuses for. Mixon is young and still good at football. That's all the reason some need to make excuses for him. Heck you see some in this thread.
  10. Cleveland 10 cent Beer Night
  11. Yeah the story is and really the only thing that makes sense is another team (Cleaveland?) Was trying to move up to 2 and the 49ers gave the Bears the chance to swap so they only had to move back 1 spot. And really don't boo the kid. He's yours now. You have to hope he's good or that move is even stupider.
  12. I think a lot of you are reading too much Into this RE the draft. The draft is the end of the scouting season so its time to turn over that department. I don't think its a direct reflection on the draft. I suspect there is probably someone they have in mind for the position that their current team wasn't ready to let go of until after the draft. Eagles did the same thing last year in waiting for Douglass. There has been talk of him being phased out recently so its questionable how much input he's had in the draft. I think his biggest issue was there was no clear vision for the future and how to build the team. He just handed out bad contracts and tried for splash moves instead of being patient.
  13. Timing might be a little surprising but not the firing itself. He hasn't had a great track record and it was surprising he wasn't shown the door with Rex. There is a guy frIm Carolina getting mentioned for the job so maybe they wanted him when they signed McDermot but had to wait until after the draft to get him like we did with Douglas last year.
  14. Never meant to suggest otherwise. By saying really drunk and nothing happened I meant there was no sex and literally nothing happened. There is a chance Irvin was just stupid but not a criminal she doesn't know. If they find there was any sex then yes he raped her.
  15. Well she did the right thing she didn't know if something happened or not but suspected and immediately went and got checked out. Maybe he pulled a Cosby or she was just really drunk and nothing happened we'll see but this is great timing after his speexh about how Eliot should behave.