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  1. gibsonplyer

    Cutler looks pretty good!

    You mean a group with Suh and Wake are better than the Cowboys dline? You don't say. Under statement of the century.
  2. gibsonplyer

    Cutler looks pretty good!

    Cutler could always throw the ball. Its his attitude which has always been the question and his decision making at times. Miami does have a heck of a D-line at the very least. Maxwell can drag your secondary down but their line is nothing to laugh at.
  3. gibsonplyer

    Bills Sign Anquan Boldin

    I got it but that was the legitimate talk on twitter and elsewhere which is why Boldin made the statement he made.
  4. gibsonplyer

    Bills Sign Anquan Boldin

    Not really. He decided he couldn't completely focus on football anymore with everything going on in the world. He wants to dedicate himself to helping people.
  5. gibsonplyer

    Jordan Mathews hurt

    Already been ruled out. New GM, new coach and from what I've read 3 potential franchise QBs coming out next year. With two 1st, two 2nd, and two 3rd round picks I think the plan may be to finally get the QB they haven't had since Kelly retired and build around him. They're probably not going to be that good this year other than a really good ground game but are moving expendable pieces (oft injured wr in his fInal year, and a man cover corner on a zone team) to load up for next years draft. Its not a bad plan but makes this season like you said pretty much meh.
  6. gibsonplyer

    Bills Sign Anquan Boldin

    They're collecting slot WRs now. Not sure why. The picks I kinda get. I half suspect they're planning on making a move to the top of the draft to grab a QB next year and with 2 1s 2s and 3s they're in prime position to do so.
  7. gibsonplyer

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Its strange that this is coming from Carter but it wouldn't surprise me that the league is leaking this info to prepare Dallas fans for the incoming blow.
  8. gibsonplyer

    Ryan Tannenhill goes down with what looks like ACL

    Still sounds like he may need season ending surgery. Just the way he pulls up while running without being touched screams its not good. This is the worst time of year. So many players going down before the season starts.
  9. gibsonplyer

    Chargers WR may miss year

    That's what I was going to ask if this was a preexisting issue or was it something that happened since the draft in OTAs.
  10. gibsonplyer

    Reuben Foster

    The more I heard about him the more red flags I heard about. I got the impression from some that he had these great highlight reel hits that would get fans excited but when it came down to Xs and Os coaches didn't like him as much. After the initial hype I ended up feeling there was no way he was worth #14 if he was a MLB that didn't call the defense and had all the off the field/medical flags. I'm no expert and I've been known to be wrong but I'm happy with the way things turned out.
  11. gibsonplyer

    Andy gets extended

    That may just mean final 53 which doesn't mean much IMO
  12. gibsonplyer

    Andy gets extended

    I'm of the opinion that most coaches shouldn't also be GMs. Its just too much and we've seen for a fact that its too much for Reid to handle. Have to see what they do. Dorsey is well respected BUT their cap was a mess from what I understand and the Maclin situation speaks for itself. If Reid gets total say or some guy is installed who is clearly his yes man its a big mistake and a power play by Reid. If they hire a real GM then there were issues about being in that bad cap situation and dumping a fairly well respected and still capable vet when they did.
  13. Depends on what their pass protection looks like honestly. If Cam is on his back it doesn't matter how versatile their RB is.
  14. gibsonplyer

    Nolan Carroll arrested for DWI

    Well you did just suggest that Vick was a law breaker when he was an Eagle which is just patently false.
  15. gibsonplyer

    Odell skipping OTAs to hang with Iggy Azalea

    With Cox I'm not concerned. Linemen aren't going to get much out of OTAs. Pass catchers its a different story though. They're basically passing camps nowadays. I'd prefer to have all my WRs and CBs in camp. If he just keeps the first week no big deal. If he skips all the voluntary camps it maybe an issue IDK... He's probably talented enough and there won't be any big changes (QB and scheme) this year to make a difference. Honestly if I were a Giants fan I'd only be really worried if this was a precursor to a real holdout because he wants a new contract.
  16. gibsonplyer

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    Get over it already. Is Foles awesome? No. Is he as terrible as some want to make him out to be? Probably not. Sure Foles had some luck to have that amazing year. News flash same is true of every player who has had record setting years. At some point you face bad competition and rack up some stats. My thing with Foles is could he have actually improved and become a really good QB if he had had a competent coach. He definitely had issues he needed to work on. The question was were they too ingrained for him to break or could he fix them and take the next step and become a franchise QB. He didn't take the next step. Now was that his fault or Chip's? Don't quote me stats about Chip's offense being top of the league year two. I watched that offense and it was hard to watch. It wasn't good. With Chip you have to be careful because the sheer number of snaps blow the stats out of whack. It got stupidly simplistic fast. And for F's sake don't sit there and make fun of someone's screen name then get upset someone made fun of yours.
  17. gibsonplyer

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    Again: more snaps = better stats NOT better play. I don't believe Sanchez actually played any better for Kelly. Hismstats just looked better because the ball was in his hands more per game.
  18. gibsonplyer

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    You call that decent play? Yeah he had a statistical up tick but a lot of that probably had to do more with the sheer volume of snaps than with anything resembling actual QB play. The more I think back the more Kelly benefited year 1 from having McCoy and Jackson at skill positions, the sheer number of plays he ran increasing the stats, and teams briefly not knowing what they were dealing with. Once he started dumping talent and teams realized he was a one trick wonder he was done.
  19. And the 49ers seem intent on sucking...good to know.
  20. Well he did beat Coughlin pretty consistently so it could have been his idea. I really don't know how you even interview him at this point. He's been fired 2 years in a row. How could you sell that to your fan base. He needs to rehabilitate his image before he gets another HC opportunity in the NFL whether its a stint as an OC or a move back to college but it boggles the mind a team even giving him an interview at this moment. And no I wouldn't say he won't be a NFL head coach again. Not because I think he'll one day be a good NFL coach but just the simple fact that coaches have gotten multiple chances again and again once they've gotten to that level.
  21. Chip has a history of claiming he liked a player in the draft after they've had success. Not sure if I buy it. He likes his excuses. Look its not my fault. I needed a qb and the bad man wouldn't let me have one.
  22. He is friends with Belichick. That's the only job I see him getting though. I can't think of any other coach that would be willing to tie his career to a guy whose offense has floundered badly in recent years as bad as Chip's has. Yeah he's not picked great DCs and hasn't picked good players but his offense's struggles are just as much a part of the problem (and potentially a big part of the reason why his DCs have struggled).
  23. Wow to have Cole come out and bash him like that tells you just how bad he was. Its one thing for the more showboaty players like LeSean and DeSean vocally having a problem with him but to have Trent come out is damning. He got worse each year. Year one was exciting and some what inventive. It definitely felt like a good foundation to build from. Year two despite being 10-6 the team didn't feel like it progressed like you expected and seemed like more of a step back. Year three was a complete disaster. It was littered with blow outs and the team just giving up. 49ers were just awful this year. From what I saw of them it wasn't like they were in the game and lost like the Eagles were several times this year. They were just consistently out matched week in and week out.
  24. gibsonplyer

    Who Most Likely to End a Playoffs Drought

    News of Rex's job being on the line came a week before and the team responded with their worst performance of the year. Beating the Browns by 20 points doesn't mean anything especially at this point. Its abundantly clear that Rex has lost the team and the fact that the defense has been worse under his leadership is plenty of justification to fire him. Firing him will not be a mistake hiring him in the first place was. The man is a joke. As for the he could deliver back to back winning seasons. He 1 promised play offs not winning seasons and last year he provided an 8-8 season which was a step back from 9-7 which was carried by Shwartz's defense. Last year they went 8-8 thanks to the offense being good and the defense terrible. He also fired his oc at the begining of this season. You start scapegoating your subordinates you a** is on the line soon.
  25. Ah that first season positivity. I remember it well. Chip knew what he was doing...he had more plays and ideas up his sleeves it would just take time to implement everything...there would be so many new plays and wrinkles we'd be on the cutting edge of offense and defenses wouldn't know what hit them. It still baffles me that some how he was his most creative in the first year and got more and more simple and basic every year. The most backward coach I've ever seen. Makes his offense simplier every year and gets rid of talent instead of accumulating it.