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  1. When you run six times on a drive and pound it down their throats and then your best back fumbles inside the 5... I'll admit that drive came later than it should have but we were on a roll and Ajayi COMPLETELY took the air out.

  2. Just now, ilikepargo said:

    I never said that TATErs aren't morons.

    Absurd overreaction is normal around here.  We see it all the time - to wins, to losses, to draft picks and FA decisions...  I'm just saying that it doesn't come from a bad place.

    I think absurd overreaction is moronic and laughable. I don't care if it comes from a good place. It's stupid.

  3. Just now, ilikepargo said:

    I made none of those statements.

    But, to be fair, those are more expressions of frustration than they are actual analysis.  They are expressions of exasperated emotion.

    Pffft.. I never said you made any of those statements.

    I said this thread's "hatred for the defending SB champions is laughable." Then I provided evidence. What are your qualms here? TATErs are morons. You disagree?

  4. 9 minutes ago, ilikepargo said:

    We're pizzed because we just watched the Eagles get beat by an inferior team.  We truly believe that these Eagles are capable of playing far better than they did.  This wasn't because the Titans were better.  It was because the Eagles, who should be better, played badly.  And in a league with only 16 games, a league in which winning the home field advantage for the playoffs matters, this game counted - in a very negative way - toward the future outcome of the season.

    We're actual fans.  We care.  It matters to us.

    Statements seen in this thread: "Jim Schwartz should be fired." "Foles should be starting over Carson." "DP sucks at calling plays." "Frank Reich was the genius behind the offense." "Ertz sucks." "Our defense sucks." Etc, etc, etc.

    This is called "caring." Good job, fam. Way to "care." :rolleyes: